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  1. Awful news for him and NCFC. Might sound controversial but I thought he looked our best midfielder when made the team briefly last year. Hard to come back from such an extended layoff. Hopefully he will be able to.
  2. Martin''s main problem in recent years has been lack of pace. No one can doubt his commitment or professionalism. He got moved from right back to centre half as in his later years at right back he has no option but to back off his winger about 5 yards for fear of getting beating for pace. The problem is he backs off to the edge of the 18 yard box and further which also allows the winger to get space to cross, inviting pressure. He isn''t a natural centre half and also finds himself dropping off the play to try and compensate for a lack of pace against through balls and balls over the top. Throw in the odd clanger at the back when on the ball and ultimately you have problems on both fronts which effects the confidence of those around you. Good Club man but ultimately the years have been catching up with him for a while.
  3. Due to an argument with a ladder that fresh air and the ground won I have 4 tickets for sale for the concert on Friday night for face value. Happy to sell all 4 together or two pairs. 2 seated in the Barclay at £65 each 2 standing at £59 each Due to the late nature of this I am happy to discuss pickup/drop-off in or around City area. We live 4 miles South of Norwich but can arrange something today or tomorrow. Contact me and will DM arrangements. No touts.
  4. In purely footballing terms the main problem he has at full back and to a lesser extent at centre half is his lack of pace now. He knows that one on one he is likely to get done for pace and so constantly backs off keeping 5-10yds and therefore allows the attacker to make much more ground either down the wing or towards goal than they should. There was a scenario on Friday where the striker was between the 18 and 6 yard box and he still wouldn''t get tight to him for the fear of getting skinned. Ultimately whatever kind of leader/pro he is his time is up. And he''s not the only one in that team. Lack of pace throughout the side is a massive issue.
  5. Fair report Ricardo and most depressing all round. Impossible to pick a MOTM out of that team today but there have been very few games where we have dominated the midfield and possession and today was another example. I think we have probably overrated plenty of players on paper this year when the reality is very different. Thought Fulham''s no 10 was very impressive today as was the bald headed guy for Huddersfield both home and away. Sense we will need to change things up next year in all areas but Tettey is perhaps past his best and I think hopefully Louis Thompson might fill his boots next year but perhaps with more drive and energy, as he showed from his brief run in the team.
  6. The other example of a more quantitative based club are Brighton. Both Brentford and Brighton are owned by Chairman who head up highly successful football gambling syndicates, Tony Bloom and Matthew Benham. Both have staff of around 100 people analysing games across the world and both quantifying teams and players. In the same way as they look for ''value'' in gambling (e.g. something that is better value than the market perceives) they do the same in the transfer market and don''t pay what they think is too much for a player. Where Brighton are slightly different as they rely a little more on scouting than Brentford still and also have a bigger budget to work with. Whichever way you dress it up though if you compare the resources that the likes of Bloom as to work with at Brighton when it comes to player recruitment, compared to the 5 or so analysts who sit at Norwich you can see why they are likely to overpay for a player (they still might not be a success), and why this is a solid long term business plan/football club model.
  7. Won''t be anything to do with the game at Stoke last year but whilst we are on the subject of betting something in my mind still stinks about Gary O''Neils sending off at Stoke last year. The value in odds terms of getting sent off in a game are huge and there was no reason to tackle someone as the ball was running off the pitch unless you had a reason to do so.
  8. Good luck to Jez I hope he proves me wrong in a number of areas. 
  9. His latest move at Wolves by the way has been to put a £1.50 booking fee on each ticket which has gone down particularly badly with the fans there.
  10. Nuff - Just feel very strongly about it. This a critical time for the club in my opinion. We need to appoint someone who is hungry, with ambition. If we don''t return to the Premier League in the next 3 years the parachute payments stop and life becomes much harder again. I know a number of people in and around the club at Wolves and none of them have a good word to say about him other than that "nothing sticks to him, and his best skill is his own self preservation" I felt this was a real opportunity to plan for the future and think outside the box a little bit. I hope to be proved wrong but I couldn''t be more underwhelmed.
  11. It''s a rehash of the EDP article but it is happening.
  12. See the previous thread on my thoughts on this matter but its a terrible appointment by the board that supposedly had brilliant recruitment consultants on the case and we have ended up with someone who is hated by the staff at Wolves, has overseen 15 years of mediocrity, loves taking the credit but not the flak, and unfortunately has been appointed as Delia and Michael are friends with the Wolves Chairman. From Delia and Michael''s point of view it makes sense for them as he has just overseen/got lucky with a massive overseas buyout and purely due to the age they are Delia/Michael will surely be looking to sell in the next 10 years. For the Club and more importantly the staff its a shocking appointment though.
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