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  1. Good question. If we are to offer any kind of attacking threat we need then we probably do need to revert to 4 2 3 1. Otherwise we are playing defence versus their attack and it’s all over as soon as a goal goes in. We will not get enough goalless draws to earn respectability let alone survive. Serious question as I don’t know the answer but do we have to play our full backs so high. Can the wingers we have bought not give us the width. With so little attacking threat the opposition probably feel they do not need to cover them and push players on anyway. I would play Normann in the 2 but recognise that he is not a defensive midfielder. The only player who could take on the Skipp role is probably Sorensen who is untried at this level but probably worth a go. If we are playing both Raschica and Tzolis then we need somebody who can get on the end of their crosses and also a target when the long ball from defence is necessary. We do not really have this type of player! So, and I know this will be unpopular, but possibly Kenny. He may even become popular if he is being compared to Sargent!
  2. Is their strategy that mad? If there is such a thing as new manager bounce, then getting a third to half a season out of reinvigorating the existing squad, then changing manager may make more financial sense than spending money on new players.
  3. The only enjoyment I got when we played Watford was listening to the Watford supporters on the train up trying to list their managers. They decided the game was too bl**dy hard and gave up. Game just got harder.
  4. Just watched this mainly to see if he was injured - apparently not. But given the situation we are in probably the best interview I have watched from any Norwich player, let alone one on loan. Head not dropping, confident we will turn it round, pleased to be at Norwich, believes in the project. Sounds like a great guy to have in the dressing room, and maybe the leader we need. Certainly lifted the doom and gloom for me.
  5. I believe the source of that rumour was Lansbury!
  6. This is a very good question. But first a few observations. 1. Watford’s goals yesterday came from first Kabak and then Hanley allowing their man to come across and in front of them. The third from an horrendous miscue. No midfield formation or combination is going to stop that, save for a midfielder not skying a clearance! 2. Last year we considered ourselves more solid defensively, largely because we conceded less goals than two years before. But we still did concede, actually quite regularly, but this was disguised by scoring more than the opposition. There is no way that we are going to suddenly become that team that is impossible to break down and churns out clean sheet after clean sheet. We need to balance up the likelihood that we will concede at least one, by having more attacking threat. 3. We have sold a diamond in Buendía and bought semi precious stones. No critiscism of that it reflects where the club is financially. It also means we are not suddenly going to be severely weakened by injuries. However we are not going remain in this division with semi precious stones. So do we have any potential diamonds that can be polished? I would suggest Cantrell and although early days Tzolis, with judgment reserved on Normann. So a way needs to be found of playing these as starters, much like Lambert found a system to get the best out of Wes. 4. 4-3-3 has yet to work and more worrying has shown no indication that it may work. As suggested above a formation needs to be found to allow our best players to start. Stubbornly sticking to a preconceived system that is not working is not going to cut it, even if your recruitment has been with this in mind. So to answer the question posed: For me 4-2-3-1 is a better system for getting our best players on the pitch and providing a greater attacking threat. So a top 4 ( the 3-1) from Pukki, Sargent, Cantwell, Tzolis, Raschica with Idah and Dowell as back up. The 2. Well Normann although I accept too early to really know and then one off Lees-Melou, McClean, Gilmour, Rupp. Possibly also Sorensen, although he is one of those players whose ability and reputation seem to have improved by not playing.
  7. I have used the buy back scheme in the past with no issues. However this season despite the plus of receiving cash instead of credit I would not expect too much from it. Although the official attendance looks like a sell out, that reflects number of tickets sold not backsides on seats. For the first two games there were quite a few gaps around. Possibly supporters who have elected to defer, whose seats would be sold ahead of buy backs, or a larger than normal number of buy backs. Sales may pick up if we start getting some results but at the moment putting your seat on buyback is by no means a guaranteed sale.
  8. Mine is also 24 Sept, as is my wife’s. Vaccinated at different times. 24 Sept is pretty much exactly a month away so maybe it does roll forward a month at a time. Worth checking in a week or so.
  9. After much deliberation I have decided to go. Putting my trust in the vaccine and getting on with life. However like Pete I can not face potentially rammed unventilated trains. So driving and stopping over. Will be an expensive season if I need to repeat that every game! First time back to Norwich since the Leicester game. Looking forward to it. OTBC
  10. You must rate Goran Maric and Michael Theoklitos then if you are going back to Koroma. And they were inept when we were in league one!
  11. Still unsure on this. No issues with going to Carrow Rd, it’s the potentially packed unventilated trains that bothers me.
  12. Yep can only agree you are not normal, probably for anywhere. Just what sort of person wishes that sort of ill on any footballer, let alone one that has given so much to NCFC and its supporters. Put simply it is in Norwich’s interests for him to succeed as it will trigger add ons and sell ons. So wishing ill on Emi you are wishing ill on the club you claim to support. I think most supporters knew he would be sold. It is a necessary part of our financial model. Develop, sell at a profit ( in this case huge), and reinvest with the aim of getting stronger. OK you may not like Villa, but acknowledge what he has done for Norwich and yes that does mean wishing him well whilst hoping he has developed a little green and yellow blood during his time here.
  13. Suggett is a good call. Key player in that team and overlooked. Great that you have never lost your allegiance but Norwich does that to you.l!
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