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  1. With that speed of turnover in post it would have been more appropriate for Truss to have come out as a Watford supporter.
  2. Agree. Sunderland out in the previous round, no midweek game, can totally concentrate on Saturday’s game.
  3. The problem with Lungi being out is that he was talked of as cover for several positions - DM, LB, CB We are exposed in all three positions at the moment. Fortunately Gibbs has stepped up so let’s hope he can keep performing and keep fit. If somebody is to be brought in, then a utility player that can cover all these spots is really what’s needed. Sara did not make the bench on Saturday I have not read any commentary as to why. Carrying a knock, still not fit? Anybody know?
  4. Or if I remember correctly Connor Wickham’s late equaliser for Palace, initially given as offside before VAR decided that the ball had brushed Zimmerman’s stud when he was at full stretch.
  5. Have you checked your account? The refund does not get automatically applied against your season ticket, you can elect to do that of course, ask for the cash or buy away tickets. The club leave it up to you. So check you may find you have credit on your account. I always ask my neighbour if the seat was occupied and then check my account online. Has worked well for me.
  6. From a commercial perspective it is not hard to see that the club will wish to sell the seats it already has ahead of those that it will be buying back from season ticket holders. A couple of days before the game is a little early to judge whether a game will sell out, a lot of tickets I believe get sold on game day hence the queues outside the ticket office. My seat sold for the Chelsea game so the game must have sold out at some point. However good on you for getting you seat used by letting a colleague have it.
  7. I think comments on here are a bit negative about the scheme. Shocker for this forum. I normally make most games but last season for a host of reasons I missed a few. My seat in the south stand only failed to sell once. Last season the system changed so you could ask for the money to be refunded to your credit card, a big step up from only being able to use for club purchases and maybe even only tickets. So a positive experience of this scheme last season. Will seats sell this season? Probably will depend on our form. In the premier league seats will sell because casuals will want to see a top tier game. In the Championship when away allocations are not fully taken and there are more casual seats available, then I think resales will depend on whether or not the team are pushing for promotion.
  8. Not received anything yet. But postal service maybe disrupted by the heat.
  9. Investment, or put another way throwing money into a club, is not always the answer. Everton have thrown circa £500m at the playing squad in recent years. Are the fans happy? No, protest against rich owner organised for tonight’s game. Fans leaving their seats in the 27th minute to mark 27 years of not winning anything. Alex Iwobi for £35m v Josh Sargeant for £8m. You can still spend unwisely, the difference is the sums are bigger. Not having a big pot of money is definitely a handicap, but just having it is not the answer on its own.
  10. Also must not forget Mike Walker, although that can not really be described as a relegation scrap!!!
  11. Should there be a question mark after that TJ?
  12. Hmmm, buying a car that was not your original target. Probably best to resign from this board with your reputation in tact before posters on here are demanding you be banned.
  13. His record has been one of being loyal. Never less than 3 years in a managers post. Villa was presumeably his dream job as a Villa fan so can see why he left Brentford for that. So no evidence to suggest he will jump ship, but only time will tell.
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