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  1. It has been a long time since I have posted but there is much on here with which I agree. GMD - totally agree, football without the fans simply is not football at all. In fact true of most sport. Quite simply I have stopped watching sport. Ricardo - I too can see fans not returning. A reduced capacity stadium is better than an empty one but it will not be the same experience . The atmosphere of a sold out Carrow Rd is a vital element of our matchday experience. BYG and Aggy - I feel the season has to start for the lower league clubs. If the transfer market and fees are diminished this will be a blow for clubs that need to sell to survive. To then take away match day revenue is likely to threaten the existence of clubs unless owners are prepared to altruistically throw money at the problem. The better news is that reduced capacity could also be of less impact if they are closer to their average attendance.
  2. I am disappointed with how it has gone this season. But not because we have not spent. It was always going to be hard in this division but I am disappointed because injuries have prevented us from giving it our best shot. We just do not know how close to the pace we might have been had we have been able to field something resembling our first choice team. The plan looks to have been give it a go with what we have. The lesson of the horrendous financial situation we found ourselves in from the last venture into the premiership having been learned. That has meant accepting relegation as more likely than not but being in good financial order to bounce straight back up. It’s not a bad plan and probably the only realistic option we had given the financial difficulties we have been through. However there is a huge downside to such a plan. It makes for a dour season for loyal supporters when the team are struggling to compete. There is bound to be dissatisfaction and the unity that characterised last season stretched to breaking point. Injuries it is said should not be used as an excuse but they have blighted the spectacle we might have anticipated this season. OTBC
  3. It would need to be upgraded to a non concession ticket. I normally do this well ahead of time as a paper ticket is issued. Not sure if you can do it on the day. So keep phoning the ticket office.
  4. So JC let's look at the situation. We have 4 centre backs in the squad, not unreasonable, three are injured and the other is playing with a hernia. We have 3 defensive midfielders, not unreasonable, but two are injured and the other is filling in at centre back. We have 3 goalkeepers, not unreasonable, but have the first two choices out injured. So should we be surprised that results are not what we would like? Now how can I put this politely JC, do you have issues with intellectual robustness?
  5. An Ipswich fan I was talking to on the way up called a 3 - 2 score, just got the winning team wrong. Also thought we would stay up. Perhaps they are starting to be nice to us. Incidentally this is the first time in a long time that I can remember both teams having a home game on the same day. Does not feel like good planning!
  6. I sit close to the Away fans and they applauded us as they were leaving. Fair play to them as you could see the concern on their faces from the moment we scored.
  7. A fixture that most teams in the division will lose, yet it is a must win for us! Jobsworth how can I put it nicely - you seem to lack intellectual robustness.
  8. At this point last season we would not have believed that we would be in a position to be disappointed at premier league defeats. It’s all part of the journey and part of being a Norwich fan. Oh and grow up JC
  9. I followed a guy with Ricardo on the back of his shirt on the way to the game on Saturday. Definitely has not seen 66 seasons!
  10. Yes the full match is available on I follow. Go to Broadcast Norwich v Newcastle in the video section.
  11. They normally have a video offering titled “Broadcast” which is the full match. Was there last season or the end of last season as well.
  12. Returned to the pitch at the end of the game to acknowledge the crowd and looked to be walking just fine. Hopefully a good sign that he will fit for next Saturday
  13. I think it is feet on the ground time re ACM. First it seems a long odds chance we will get him. But if we did expectations seem to be surging towards the stratosphere. A bit like they did when we signed RvW. We really do not know how good he would be in the Premiership. Arsenal and West Ham apparently were interested but it cooled. Are YouTube clips a good guide? I am sure a great montage of Onel could be put together for last season and the Championship is supposedly a much stronger division than ligue 2. Dropping a reported £15m on a prospect, albeit maybe a great prospect, really does not seem our style and in our financial position nor should it be. OTBC
  14. I would rather have Bradley Johnson. Take your pick on which role.
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