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  1. Will he not have to do his time in quarantine before even joining the group in training?
  2. Still getting error messages from iFollow. Time to give up I feel and watch the match on this thread. OTBC
  3. I think that was the game where we got vouchers for the league cup final, if my memory serves me right. Ran out on some gates, so had to do a bit of gate hopping to get one. OTBC
  4. We do have form for this. It’s not that long ago that we had Bertrand (&) Russell in the starting line up.
  5. Can Mumba make the leap straight away? Probably a similar question we would have asked of Max two years ago. Mumba is reportedly doing very well in his limited time so far, so we should at least watch this space we may be pleasantly surprised.
  6. I think you are right, but that season didn’t turn out too bad did it. You can’t tell that much from pre season and avoiding injuries is paramount, but it must be better to win than not.
  7. Also my local team. Never been to see them, but perhaps in these strange times I should wander along to their shiny new stadium and take in a game. As you say already have the colours.
  8. Daniel Ayala - Middlesbrough could possibly hold down the centre back role But did not realise he had been released. Also surprised that his stats say he only made 7 appearances for Norwich. Seemed like more.
  9. It has been a long time since I have posted but there is much on here with which I agree. GMD - totally agree, football without the fans simply is not football at all. In fact true of most sport. Quite simply I have stopped watching sport. Ricardo - I too can see fans not returning. A reduced capacity stadium is better than an empty one but it will not be the same experience . The atmosphere of a sold out Carrow Rd is a vital element of our matchday experience. BYG and Aggy - I feel the season has to start for the lower league clubs. If the transfer market and fees are diminished this will be a blow for clubs that need to sell to survive. To then take away match day revenue is likely to threaten the existence of clubs unless owners are prepared to altruistically throw money at the problem. The better news is that reduced capacity could also be of less impact if they are closer to their average attendance.
  10. I am disappointed with how it has gone this season. But not because we have not spent. It was always going to be hard in this division but I am disappointed because injuries have prevented us from giving it our best shot. We just do not know how close to the pace we might have been had we have been able to field something resembling our first choice team. The plan looks to have been give it a go with what we have. The lesson of the horrendous financial situation we found ourselves in from the last venture into the premiership having been learned. That has meant accepting relegation as more likely than not but being in good financial order to bounce straight back up. It’s not a bad plan and probably the only realistic option we had given the financial difficulties we have been through. However there is a huge downside to such a plan. It makes for a dour season for loyal supporters when the team are struggling to compete. There is bound to be dissatisfaction and the unity that characterised last season stretched to breaking point. Injuries it is said should not be used as an excuse but they have blighted the spectacle we might have anticipated this season. OTBC
  11. It would need to be upgraded to a non concession ticket. I normally do this well ahead of time as a paper ticket is issued. Not sure if you can do it on the day. So keep phoning the ticket office.
  12. So JC let's look at the situation. We have 4 centre backs in the squad, not unreasonable, three are injured and the other is playing with a hernia. We have 3 defensive midfielders, not unreasonable, but two are injured and the other is filling in at centre back. We have 3 goalkeepers, not unreasonable, but have the first two choices out injured. So should we be surprised that results are not what we would like? Now how can I put this politely JC, do you have issues with intellectual robustness?
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