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  1. Or similarly the assists came from a player with a surname beginning with S
  2. I suspect you mean goal scorers. All have surnames beginning with S
  3. Knapper has to report to the board and as a new boy will be feeling his way. He is faced with Delia/MWJ who are averse to sacking nice guy managers, and Attanasio who believes in longevity of managers plus a philosophy of things are never as bad or as good as they seem. In many ways Attanasio may be the bigger hurdle to overcome. His lack of experience of English football and the difference the manager can make could be a big issue. I have zero knowledge of baseball but I just wonder if the manager has less of an impact in that sport. If so that could explain a stick with the manager strategy. Finally although the football is beyond dire the league position is not yet that alarming. All of this mitigates against him being likely to pull the trigger. And I am now coming to the conclusion that he will not do it imminently. If this is so it is not then unsurprising he has not communicated with the support as he must realise that he is likely to get lambasted for any announcement other than we have just sacked Wagner. I do though agree with the point that he has not engaged with the stakeholders which is poor and a must do in his position. Damage is being done to the club and apathy amongst the support is becoming legion. It will be interesting to see what the rate of renewal of season tickets will be. But a dip in support is something the club can ride out, as the commitment is lifelong and supporters will return as and when the style, excitement, entertainment and results return. Unfortunately all this is indicative that Wagner will be here for a while yet. Those scrolling these pages for an announcement of a sacking is a triumph of hope over expectation. Possibly the only thing that would drive a change is a toxic hostile crowd at Carrow Rd, but I suspect the apathy is too deeply set for this to happen.
  4. Also would have been in the River End that day.
  5. The fact that this debate swings both ways, albeit tending towards the inept, suggest at best he is bang average, which is not what is required to take the club forward. To me his teams look to be less than the sum of the parts. We are not in a position to buy success, so a manager who can make the team more than the sum of the parts is an essential. So despite recent better results, with the anniversary of his contract now imminent I hope the club will act decisively and make a change.
  6. I am told Brighton are similarly extensive in their research and they seem to get lots of value added out if their signings. Yes there will be some failures but likely less than there otherwise would have been.
  7. From recollection Dimi got pulled at half time in this fixture earlier this year after Coventry had pulled two goals back, with McCallum sent on to provide more physicality. Possibly Wagner is remembering lessons?
  8. I thought the proposal was to boycott games, not match threads!! Edit: Oops just realised kick off is 5:30. Just shows how disconnected I have become.
  9. LDC you post a lot of trash on here but this one exceeds even your low standards. A poll of season ticket holders, what planet are you on? As you say you rarely go to C R. So please justify the relevance of your views for those of us season ticket holders who are there? If you think I am some young un having a go, then think again, I would wage good money I am older than you. The drum helps. I do not take in its individual noise but I do appreciate the atmosphere it creates. With 5 tense minutes to go it would normally be quiet but with much of the ground clapping and chanting it helped push the boys over the line on Tuesday. If we were nervous that would translate onto the pitch, but the drum helped us participate positvely in those crucial moments. It would be great if we could create the atmoshere and noise on our own, but experience tells me otherwise. OTBC
  10. Definitely helped for the last 10 minutes. Made the end of the game enjoyable rather than nervous clock watching and a longing for the final whistle. I also tune it out but like the atmosphere it generates. Going to games with soulless atmosphere is pants. Seems that most of the whinges are coming from those watching on TV.
  11. No straightforward answer to this one. First I think you need to be 65 at the date of renewal and not just prior to the season starting. Second, it depends where you sit. I don’t think there are any concessions in the premium blocks, such as the lounges in the City stand or central blocks in the south stand. Hope this helps, others may know may have better knowledge than me.
  12. I think a muted response is probably about right.
  13. So sorry to hear your sad news. My condolences.
  14. With that speed of turnover in post it would have been more appropriate for Truss to have come out as a Watford supporter.
  15. Agree. Sunderland out in the previous round, no midweek game, can totally concentrate on Saturday’s game.
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