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  1. Despite 'Project Fear' I don't think many will go.
  2. Wonder who'll be sold to make space for him?
  3. The Irish has spoken. Someone has now corrected the error.
  4. Don't they ever check anything? It's acceptable today with those with low standards but it shouldn't ever happen. Who was responsible for allowing 'tauted' to get through instead of 'taunted'? https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/sharp-on-united-celebration-1-6552239
  5. The time has come for 4-4-2. Last time I suggested this some said the players were unfamiliar with the set up. Well, it's been deployed to an extent in our last two games. We need goals from somewhere and they're not forthcoming with one up front so now it;s time to change. Perhaps give Teemu a rest and start with Doctor Mick and Idah?
  6. FA Cup this time. Great achievement for winners. Would be wonderful to be added to the list.
  7. Can't see him going soon. On a five year contract Evans can't afford to sack him.
  8. What idiot would do such a thing? It's not a club that can afford to throw money down the drain.
  9. If Lambert doesn't get them out of this mess can't see him getting a job in a higher league. Can't be many who've managed in the PL that have ended up managing in League 1several years later.
  10. No, Evans gave him a 5 year contract when he'd acheived nothing.
  11. Everyone will be moving to the uninhabited island.
  12. This will be the first game on MOTD. Think we would have been if Watford had lost.
  13. You're not clever trevor for nothing!
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