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  1. I also went to school with him, it''s fair to say he was not popular. He was by no means the best footballer in his year, far from it in fact. He had a desire to succeed and had a hell of a lot of luck. You simply wouldn''t have picked him out to go onto have the career he had, he just wanted to do it and didn''t care who he upset or how unpopular he was. I actually didn''t mind him, I was in many lessons with him and played football with him from the age of 6. Many of us were in NCFC''s centre of excellence from the age of 10 with him and of the 7 or 8 of us he was probably the least technically gifted. Despite being his ''friend'' at school and within the youth team we played for he would kick lumps out of you at training. If the coach wanted a volunteer to do something he would be first with his hand up, pushing his way to the front. On another matter he was a spurs fan as a kid, not Leeds as he apparently made out when he signed for them!
  2. [quote user="A Load of Squit"]When I first started going it was Dave Stringer & Duncan Forbes.Later it was Dave Watson & Steve Bruce although I seem to remember that anyone who played along side Mike Phelan also did well. [/quote] Mike phelan didn''t play centre half? I may have read what you have written incorrectly but phelan was a midfielder, may have played centre half on very odd occasions?
  3. Also a 3rd kit next season. Apparently very different to anything we''ve had recently.
  4. [quote user="Hitman"][quote user="delta bravo"]interested to know what odds you got when placing this bet?[/quote] When i placed it Norwich was Top of the league and was coming after a dominating 3-0 in Bredford. In decimal 1,36. Norwich was books favourite for promotion! 1,36 was to finish in top6. Now it''s 1,71 for Top 6. For Derby is 1,2 now. Norwich is still no4 in the rank after Derby, Boro and Bornemouth(unbelievable, i can''t even spell it). That gives me hope, but they rely on Norwich roster only. At the current form Norwich will finish 10th. THE 4-4-2 FORMATION WITHOUT ANY WINGERS OR A PLAY MAKER, IS AUNACCEPTABLE,IT''S PURE TRAGEDY! And a bad one![/quote] To be honest your figures strike me as unlikely. I''m assuming you are using Betfair or similar, when NCFC were top of the league after Brentford they were unbackable on Betfair to finish in the top 6, not even 1.01 was available so it is unlikely you got 1.36 on a similar site - perhaps post up a screenshot of your bet to convince me. If you can then I will apologise for doubting you. Also, doubtful as to why you would be so worried about a bet that is effectively 1-3, win £1 for every £3 staked, unless of course you have had upwards of £3k on it to win £1k? Show us the bet to end the accusations of ''binner'' etc!
  5. interested to know what odds you got when placing this bet?
  6. [quote user="morty"]Surman was the man of the match, which isn''t maybe a bad call. He played on the left of the diamond, then more centrally, and made some good, bustling runs into the box. The season on loan has done him good, it will be like having a new signing this season.On the whole no negatives (apart from maybe Russel Martin''s crazy handball for the penalty) it was slick, pacey football, especially so in the diamond.Wes was decent, but drifted out of the game a bit as changes were made. It seems, as ever, that there really is one formation he can play in.[/quote] Bradley Johnson handball, not Russell Martin
  7. [quote user="Punting Canary"]I think we must have played in the same team as each other at some point Delta Bravo, and I agree with your sentiments in full. Fair play to him for making the most of what he had but I think it helped that his dad was well connected at the club. There were some very useful kids in that year group in local football (I was not quite up with the best of them!!), but it never failed to amaze how far he went when others more talented around him did not.[/quote] Hi Punting, I remember back to being 14,15,16 and the group of friends I was in just couldn''t believe how far he was getting while others were being turned away. It seemed to snowball, getting selected for schoolboy terms at NCFC, playing for the youth team, then the reserves, getting picked for England Youth at U16''s (I think?) Making his debut away at Luton (again, I think) 1st game of old Div 1 after being relegated from Prem, we kept saying that surely it''d stop anytime soon, someone would realise that he wasn''t all that good. It seemed that he had finally been found out when he wasn''t in the 1st team setup at NCFC for a period, then Curbishley took a chance on him and he never looked back. As we''ve both said, he made himself so much better than he was, he was determined and would be the first to volunteer to put cones out, clean changing rooms at Trowse back in the Keith Webb days. Other kids hated him because he so blatantly didn''t care what others thought of him. I know some of the boys we all grew up with that couldn''t watch / support England in the WC2002 because of their hate for Danny Mills!!
  8. I went to school / played football in many of the same teams as Danny Mills at youth level. As a kid he was a Spurs fan (as it seems were many kids in those days) so might be why his comments gave NCFC no credit. He was very unpopular as a kid at school mainly because he had a win at all costs mentality and didn''t care who he upset to get what he wanted. He would kick lumps out of his school friends at Norwich Youth training and then expect you to share your crisps with him the next day! Football ability wise he was no better than average and to be fair to him he made a really good career for himself despite this. He deserves credit for that. I''m sure he holds some bitterness towards NCFC somewhere, let''s face it his career wasn''t going anywhere fast here and he got a lucky break when Curbishley took a fairly cheap gamble on him to take him to Charlton. He never really looked back after that and was lucky to be around at the ''boom'' of Premier League salaries. I played alongside much better players than him who should have gone on to much better places than he did.
  9.                                                                    Ruddy        Whittaker                     R.Bennett                        Bassong                  Olsson                                                                        Fer           Snodgrass                         Howson                      Hoolahan                Redmond                                                                                                                                Van Wolfswinkel   2CDM''s is too defensive in my opinion (for this game)  Players not dropped, more rotated.  This season Hughton needs to pick a team for each game based on opponents and possible points to be achieved.  This is winnable so he should pick a team capable of going at them.                                                                               
  10. [quote user="hazza9"]Delta you''ve took your opinion too far now by saying he doesn''t want to be here and he will be sold in the summer. When has Grant actually come out and said he doesn''t want to be here?? He doesn''t show that attitude on the pitch either, he gives 100% all the time. I''m not just sticking up for Holt because he''s one of my favourite players I''m sticking up for him because he is still quality at what he does. Must be kept for next season and Hughton has come out and said that he is still a key player![/quote] I know he won''t be here next year, and that is mainly because he doesn''t want to be here, bit also because the management team want better
  11. Cambridge canary - I have never once said I''m right, I''m giving my view which I thought on a forum you were allowed to do. Every time I have watched him this season, which is over 30 times, I have not been convinced that he is fit enough or good enough to be a premier league striker, some are so blind to anything potentially negative about holt that its embarrassing, he should be moved on and better players brought in, he doesn''t want to be here anyway and will be sold in the summer, you will have to find a new hero I''m afraid
  12. I''m convinced he''s not fit, he looks too big, I said it in pre season and got shot down for it. He''s always big in pre season, he''ll get fitter and slimmer as the season goes on etc etc. Well this season he never did, and that has had an effect on his performances which for the most part haven''t been good enough. As an ncfc fan I actually feel very let down by they guy this season, after the way he behaved in the summer we deserved to see him come back fitter than ever. He didn''t, he came back out of shape and has remained so all season. I''m grateful for what he did for this club in the 1st 3 seasons but now it''s time to move on to better standard of player. He won''t be here next season and I for one and not disappointed about that
  13. I say it because its my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. I honestly don''t think holt is up to it anymore, he is not (again my opinion) a premier league striker. Kone is a threat much different to anything we have and out of the two I would take kone every day of the week. Tin hat on, but for a start he''s not 2 stone overweight
  14. It''s a lot of money for a 29 year old I agree but having watched him a few times, and especially in the fa cup final, I would say he''s a massive step up from any of the strikers we have on our books, rvw excepted, lets not forget some on here seemed to think holt was worth £6-7m last summer, that being the case then kone would definitely be worth £6.5m. Different league to our talisman
  15. [quote user="Stig"]Rob Butler asked him after the game "If I''m wanted I''ll stay, if not I''ll go." He is wanted, he will stay.[/quote] He''s not wanted, he won''t stay
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