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  1. Ketts Rebel

    Lambert’s a binner

    The thought of Paul Lambert with an 1p5wich scarf over his head at the new manager photo shoot sickens me.

    Mr Lambert - if you are reading this.... just don''t do it !!
  2. Ketts Rebel

    Arsenal Trains

    Thanks for replies. Just called NCFC ticket line and Greater Anglia to check. No extra trains planned. Liverpool St 23.30 is last train back to Norwich.

  3. Ketts Rebel

    Arsenal Trains

    Anyone else considering the train there and back? If there''s extra time or even penalties the last train back looks too tight for time. Anyone heard of any extra or later trains being laid on? Any advice much appreciated.
  4. Ketts Rebel

    Alex Neil - Things he did right

    Active and involved at pitch side, always standing.

    Honest during interview & accepted responsibility.

    The play off''''s and final.

    I always got the impression he gave 100%.

  5. Ketts Rebel

    One Burton Ticket For Sale!

    .........still available !
  6. Ketts Rebel

    One Burton Ticket For Sale!

    Yes. East - Russell Roof Tiles Stand. Away fan standing.

    GA General Access.
  7. Ketts Rebel

    One Burton Ticket For Sale!

    Forgot to mention.....The ticket is in the standing area for away fans.
  8. Ketts Rebel

    One Burton Ticket For Sale!

    Thanks Bulldog, I will send him an email.
  9. Ketts Rebel

    One Burton Ticket For Sale!

    Anyone interested in one ticket for tomorrows game for £21.50 ...and can collect from Wymondham this evening ?

    Send me a PM message !
  10. Ketts Rebel


    Yesssssssssssssssss ....I did a knee sliding goal celebration across my lounge the carpet when they stuck that goal in! Well done The Imps. ha ha ha ha ha!

  11. Ketts Rebel

    Bennett deserves chance

    Bennett deserves chance... I said this to a fellow supporter last Saturday - whilst queuing for a pre-match pint in the Queen of the Iceni.

    His reply; " He won''t play... You know why?...cause there is a pay per play deal with his ex club Peterborough "

    Seems a bizzare thought considering how much TV money is at stake, but do you think there is any truth in it?
  12. Ketts Rebel

    So the new away kit

    Got to say it.... Fantastic kit.
  13. Good thought with the A505.

    I have used the "BBC Travel" website...just type in Wembley and it will show a live map of any hold ups.

    Well worth a look before you leave.
  14. Leaving from Wymondham in the morning, parking at a tube station four stops from Wembley.

    So much to consider;

    1. Fried brecky stop.

    2. Will there be lots of traffic being a Bank Holiday...and the Play Off Final ?

    3. Road works, M25 grid lock, punctures, even car breakdown !

    Was going to leave Wymondham at 8am....is that early enough ?

    What time are you leaving and from where ?
  15. Ketts Rebel

    If you don't bounce........ @ 3.05pm ?

    Anyone else heard any news a mass " If you don''t bounce" tomorrow at 3.05pm ?

    Hopefully just after our first goal !