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They need to EARN the right to play us

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  1. I seem to recall it was due to Keegan being unavailable. Had to get back to Germany possibly?
  2. Nathan Redmond: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4013/4455858322_7f9942e404_z.jpg Mike the Headless Chicken: http://www.edp24.co.uk/polopoly_fs/010713_1245_1_2264946!image/4099643443.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_630/4099643443.jpg
  3. Some people reckon an aisle seat on the first flight back to Turkey, but I''d put him in the middle of a row. Make him suffer.
  4. His performance against Luton suggested he''s not quite up to conference standard. Tonight confirmed that.
  5. Realistically that team would struggle. Better to put out the full eleven that we are allowed.
  6. Jed Steer Fifth choice at NCFC last season Did well in non-league (where the strikers can''t hit a barn door with a banjo) Fulfills his destiny by replacing Judas at Villa. How will we ever replace him? Is Aaron Lee-Barrett available?
  7. Four forwards, playing in inferior teams, still managed to outscore Hooper in the SPL last season. Their records in English football shed light on what level of player can succeed in the SPL, and a prism through which to view Hooper''s strike rate. Michael Higdon (26 league goals last season) 10 goals in 81 league appearances for Crewe Billy McKay (23) 13 in 74 for Northampton Leigh Griffiths (23) has managed one substitute appearance in the League Cup for Wolves Niall McGinn (20) 5 in 37 for Brentford Hooper''s record in lower league football is impressive, but noticeably more impressive than Simeon Jackson''s. Of course statistics don''t tell the whole truth, but I reckon we dodged a huge bullet with Hooper in January, I hope we don''t go back for more.
  8. Does "Sammy" Klingon count as a has-been when we signed him. Because his career ended when he left us.
  9. Actually I''m not rather dim, but since we are never likely to meet I commend you on your bravery in insulting me from behind your keyboard. What a shame that would could be a sensible forum is ruined by cheap insults.
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