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  1. Some may interpret that as Grant thinking "Oh sh*t, I'm in trouble now, he's never rated me" or he could be just embarrassed that the first time he's met his new boss, he's in his underpants.
  2. Well he is if you are a Boston United fan. Nice article https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58420444
  3. Wow Let me just leave it at, in response to the Binner''s reply, that I would go with the judgement of the British Legal system, and all it stands for, over Ched''s mate. Even Ched''s mate has a pop at the Defence team Sorry LDC, we will agree to disagree, right from the off, on this particular case
  4. Yeh, I can see why you say that. The British Criminal system has deliberately stitched him up, and his defence lawyer decided they couldn''t be bothered to use all the information to defend him, and Ched''s ''mate'' puts something on the internet, so that must be the truth...............
  5. I remember the Luton game Nutty. I was one of the volunteers who went in the morning to help clear snow off the pitch, a decision I was certainly ruing after less than half a game.
  6. Ha Ha! I am sorry Kathy, I didn''t actually see you, I would recognize you instantly, and would have gatecrashed your group! I did have a staring competition, for about 2 or 3 seconds, with a bloke I thought might be Nutty. It was one of those special ''moments'', that quickly dissipated once I realized my Guinness wouldn''t drink itself. Thought about it, and perhaps if I had gone up to a bloke and said "Excuse me, are you Nutty"? , what followed could have made the front pages of the EDP!
  7. Is it Molineux? Blimey LDC, I hope on your ''special'' courting day, it didn''t take you three quarters of an hour, and you didn''t get disorientated! I was at Thorpe late 70''s early 80''s and can remember the old pavilion. Used to watch St Andrews and Thorpe Village (had a mate play for them) sometimes I went back a couple of years ago and saw my old house, walked around the Rec, and strolled around the School grounds (It was early on a Saturday morning, before anyone gets worried!) I must admit that it was quite an emotional experience, and I text my (ex-school) mates to tell them, and it was as weird, as it was emotional to see my old ''manor''
  8. Belated greetings to you Tilly I was actually in the Nelson before and after last weeks game, and nearly came over and gatecrashed your group and introduced myself, but was with a Rugby mate, and he would have felt left out as he wouldn''t have been able to join in the round ball conversation! I spotted you (as you''ve got one of those faces) ;0, and wasn''t sure who else was in your group, so shyed away.
  9. It IS Thorpe Rec, as Molly says. I used to live opposite it! Get your money out LDC!!
  10. Is it somewhere where we wouldn''t be visiting ever again?
  11. [quote user="Molly Windley"]If you hit the "Quote" and not the "Reply" the picture appears.[/quote] Only gives me a load of letters, when I do that :(
  12. "I''d walk a million miles for one of your goals, oh Caaaammeron Jerome"!
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