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  1. Anyone at the game last night have any opinions on Jacobs performance, is he looking likeyfor that new contract or just not good enough?
  2. With every passing day my optimism for signings wains. It's clear we need new blood in the team and Waggy clearly is not a fan of youth, but he might as well blood youngsters in the team now as oppose to continue with the dross we see week in week out, at least we Will identify them for next year.
  3. Mourinho just been sacked by Roma, a forward thinking coach that is happy with a mixture of youth and experience.
  4. When half our team are as old as captain Tom its difficult to be that fit
  5. Massive big round of applause to the fans still travelling to away games.
  6. Ben Knapper in the stands, must have seen enough to know that Wagner has to go. Hernandez playing 90 minutes Is shocking. Continually playing Sara deep. Leaving subs as late as he does Etc etc etc Too many screw ups in a little time. I never at any point at 2 nil up thought we would get anything out of the game.
  7. We watched you suffer in league 1 for a few years, where were you then with your big bollox?
  8. It wasn't a lack of quality when we was starting well this season. Rotherham beat us because of a much better 1st half leaving us to chase the game. We lost, this match will not define our season.
  9. Shame that Wagner had the decency to shake hands. The decision not to put the ball out for Sam's injury initiated the horrendous downfall that followed. I'm by no means suggesting we would have won before you shout me down.
  10. Our team is soft as melted butter. We have not had a player willing to smash into a 50/50 since Tettey or Bradders. Against Middlesbrough with that wet pitch it was set up for smasher of a tackle to set the scene. Without the injured lads we have no height either.
  11. Ramsey out pukki in I don't know just want to see passion and excitement
  12. Oops, of course if we was allowed 12 players.......... Pukki out sarge in
  13. About time for Smith to show some bollox. Gunn Aarons omo Hanley dimi Gibbs hayden Ramsey nunez sara Pukki Sargent I would rather see us create and win 4-3 than not create and lose 1-0 to carp teams
  14. I have never known a team be so weak in the tackle . All match I was crying out for someone to crunch a villa player and get carrow road rocking instead we lose all 50/50s, Sam Byram was the only 1 to get a tackle in.
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