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  1. Jack Grealish is a perfect example of club Loyalty, yes there still Premier league but there has been options yet he signs a new contract
  2. Its becoming laughable and makes me glad VAR is not in the championship. Only way they will take note is if the player taking the penalty scores but does not celebrate, he can not refuse to take, can not miss on purpose but the refusal to celebrate an undeserved goal might make them look at it again.
  3. imagine if he signs for United how many more pens they will get in a season!
  4. I have just spent the last hour of a very lazy morning watching you tube videos of our hugely impressive and enjoyable,fun and excitable championship winning season. It was awesome to be premier league but you can not get away from the enjoyment we get as canary fans when we are playing like we did that season, pumped for it now, bring it on.
  5. In comparison to other Premier league players he is paid peanuts
  6. The premier league is nothing more than a Kok measuring exercise of the wealthy. The mid table teams achieve nothing more than saying they are premier league teams. At least in the championship you have 24 teams capable of winning games making it competitive to all.
  7. I'm calling it early, Emi hamstring within 20 minutes
  8. Tend to agree about Byram keeping his place, Jamal is excellent but recently he turns back and goes home rather than advancing up the pitch, maybe not a bad idea to give Byram a spell on the pitch.
  9. Hi guys, I'm currently in Thailand so unable to get the highlights, any chance any of you fine people could post them up please
  10. Apologies that I work for a living and cant get to games because of it
  11. I long for the weekend games right now then spend the evening broken and deflated
  12. We are undoubtedly the most up down team to support in the world of football. The utter jubilation, excitement nerve wracking experience the championship gives us and the delight at promotion on each and every time we feel is astronomical yet the premiership comes and after 11 games we want to feel that again. The premiership for me is about big headed wealthy owners measuring their cox in the transfer market meaning only 10 can truly show competitiveness and the others flounder. I would love to stay in the premier but dont half miss the championship.
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