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  1. Just on the train back from Brighton and I have to say what a superb away ground to go to. The away concourse was decorated for Norwich fans and I''m told they even had Wherry on at some of the bars. After the game the Mods and Rockers bar in the ground stayed open and Norwich and Brighton fans were singing and dancing together with no animosity towards each other whatsoever. What a great atmosphere and I will definitely go again. Great to see away fans treated well rather than like unwelcome visitors. Very well done.
  2. [quote user="Brightside"]Sod the chanting. 27000 wolf howls would be brilliant![/quote] Great idea
  3. We can win but I don''t think we will win.
  4. Martin is one of my favourite players but I would take £3m for him. We''ve got Whittaker who is streets ahead IMO.
  5. Why would Croft want to stay at a club going into League 1 on probably lower pay? It is just a job to him. Players don''t have loyalties to clubs like fans do. They have to think about what they''re going to do when they can''t play anymore but still need to support their family. I liked Croft as a player but I''m not bitter that he chose to go elsewhere. He needs to make a living too and if something better was put on the table then I don''t blame him.
  6. if anyone wants to listen it should be available here soon: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006wkry
  7. in the same article: "Knees up: Anthony Pilkington (right) goes in hard on Zak Whitbread" this bloke is a berk
  8. Lambert has been going on and on about how he won''t sign somebody who won''t get in the first team....yet these rumours suggest Bennett will be loaned back to Posh. This just doesn''t fly with anything Lambert''s been saying!
  9. yep. brought off just past the hour. Hopefully he stays that way!
  10. Very interesting if true but I''d hate to see loads of empty seats when the smaller teams come to play.
  11. This one will take some work to swing back in our favour by the looks of things. Get voting people!
  12. I really like the McV and Butler double act and Butler as a presenter on Canary Call is far better than Matt Gudgeon and more interesting than Daryl Sutch. People on here would kill for his job.
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