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  1. To the tune of "yellow submarine" In our up''s And in our downs We follow City Not Ipswich Town The futures bright The futures green Our green and yellow Football team (2, 3, 4....) We all follow the yellow and the green The yellow and the green The yellow and the green We all follow the yellow and the green The yellow and the green The yellow and the green..... (Then fans swing scarfs around head and dance around) Na, na, na, naaaaaaa! Na, na, na, naaaaaaa! Na, na, na, na, na, na... Na, na, naaaaaaaaa Na, na, na, naaaaaaa! Na, na, na, naaaaaaa! Na, na, na, na, na, na... Na, na, naaaaaaaaa Then simply repeat first chorus again! A simple drum beat makes this really effective also!
  2. Is this the best position Norwich City FC have ever been in on and off the pitch? At this present moment in time Norwich City are in probably the best situation on and off the pitch they have been in since those early 90''s and even then we weren''t as well run off the pitch as we are now! So as many other supporters who are not closely affiliated with Norwich as it''s true supporters keep pointing out...."Norwich are doomed", "all the best players will be sold" etc etc etc So far Robert Snodgrass looks to be the only one who is on the verge of leaving. My view on Snodgrass is mixed. The lad sure has talent but his argumentative, petulant and on many occassions "no show performances" leave me not really caring whether he stays or goes!? I remember how I felt when the club sold Darren Eadie, Keith O''Neill, Jon Newsome, Ashely Ward, Craig Bellamy etc when I was younger so Believe me, this is not the view of a bitter supporter, it''s just my view based on what I have witnessed the last 2 seasons. He has a great free-kick on him for sure, but I rarely see him trouble the full-back to the extent where he beats him down the by-line and gets a "decent" delivery into the box. Same can be said for his corners. His general play for me was not note-worthy enough for me to feel any sense of real loss by him moving on! Leeds fans love him of course! Because they saw him at his best in the Championship where the going is slightly easier than where he has played the last 2 years. My view may have been different had a decent, attack-minded manager been in place to unearth the real qualities that he obviously posses. Steve Bruce May well unearth these qualities at Hull but the fact that it looks like he is moving to Hull speaks volumes to me as to the only importance in Robert Snodgrass''s life is and that''s Robert Snodgrass. Never seemed much of a "team player" more a "I want all the glory for me" type of player. He just wants prem football and obviously doesn''t care at which club that may be! Hull are in European competition next season. The Prem campaign could well be a real struggle on top of 3 cup competitions and those tedious long flights to and from minnow clubs in Slovakia, Romania, Sweden etc. What will Snodgrass''s next move be then if Hull get relegated which is a real possibility! Will he stay and fight to help the club get promoted again??? Let''s leave time to do its it''s thing on that one and see what pans out. Back to Norwich though. If we were to lose the "better players" and that''s a very loose term because if a reputation for your previous employer is what makes you a "better player" then Leroy Fer, RVW, Tettey, Hooper etc are prime examples to fit into this category! Did any of these players put in the required quality and effort last season....debatable! They are obviously not alone in this debate of effort applied but they stand out due to the nature of their reputations before us and hefty transfer fees. The judgement is so clouded as to how good these players are and what could have been due to the hapless management team that existed during their time at Norwich so far. We have seen flashes of brilliance from Leroy Fer.... But not on enough occassions. Is this because Hughton was holding him back on where his real quality lies and that''s in attack and picking defence-splitting passes, surging forward from deep, using his strength, skill and stamina to ease past players....He did all this for his previous employer! For me, these players haven''t even begun their careers at Norwich yet and in all honesty they should be sticking with the club, honering those contracts they signed and feel excited about the type of football that''s about to be played next season under Neil Adams! If any of these players feel they are better off without Norwich City then we shall bid them farewell and will hold no long-lasting memory between us Norwich fans. If however you do wish to leave some kind of imprint and positive achievement at this wonderful football club then by all means stay! We would love nothing more than to see you succeed next season! For the ill-informed and less-knowledgable supporters of other clubs out there who keep saying Norwich will be "doomed" due to all the best players leaving.....You are basically talking about 4/5 players with one of those being John Ruddy who has already stated his intent to remain at the club....I feel Mr Ruddy could well be forming a legend status at this club for the future not just with his performances but his commitment and respect for our football club. Behind those 4/5 players you have the basis of a very strong, determined, quality squad of players who with the right manager in Neil Adams And the right tactics deployed "should" have no problems of having a successful campaign next season with the Canaries. The likes of Ruddy, Martin, Turner, Ryan Bennett, Olsson, Garrido, Whittaker, Bassong (if he rediscovers his form), Howson, Johnson, Redmond, Pilkington, Elliot Bennett, Lafferty, Grabban.....I could go on and on! On top of that you have a whole generation of quality and determined youngsters from the youth side with a "winning mentality" about to be given a chance in the first team under the manager who brought them through the youth system and gave them so much success....(All sounds kind of perfect doesn''t it really??) I still haven''t mentioned that we are a Debt free football club, we have money coming in from the sale of the likes of Snodgrass, possibly Hoolahan (thanks for your efforts at this club but it''s time to move on) and maybe the likes of the players mentioned further up this post and them parachute payments also. This football club shouldn''t be demoralised by being out of the Premier League, it should be celebrating a new beginning! We had started to go down a path of big-money signings from abroad who don''t live up to their price-tags or ego and even if we would have stayed up we would have only gone down the same path again only to be in yet another relegation fight because that''s all it''s ever going to be in the Prem without selling your soul to a Foreign owner who will completely rebrand the club and strip it of all tradition and everything it ever stood for. The badge, the stadium name change, the kit change, manager merry-go-round, interfering chairmen and worst of all renaming the club all together! The Premier League is the most pointless league in the world because if you do have relative success it''s going to bite you harder than a Suarez chomp! Southampton....Finished top half (well done on that, nothing to shout about too much as you don''t get anything for a top half finish and I doubt fans will look back in 20 years time and say "how amazing" it was to finish 8th or 9th! I bet some of them fans will still remember some of LeTissiers belters at the Dell though!) Back to my point....The cost of Southampton''s "amazing" top half finish....Manager has gone, Luke Shaw has gone, Adam Lllana on the brink of leaving, Lovren on the brink of leaving, their talisman Ricky Lambert has gone! Woah!! Talk about taking a backward step!! The club would have wanted to build around those players in the hope of maybe, just maybe raising the bar that little bit extra next season for maybe a top-6 spot! But in this money-ridden premier league there is no chance! Southampton''s chairman could have done no more than just ensure they got top price for all players leaving....There was never any realistic hope of them staying which is very sad. Kids will no longer be able to speak of players as heroes, idols or legends because they will never stick around long enough any more to earn those accolades. And it''s not really the players you can blame?? Sky TV....yep! BT Sport....Yep! Corrupt F.A....Yep! FIFA....Yep! It''s all got out of control financially and there are far too many chiefs at the top benefiting from the riches being thrown at the Premier League for them to even take a step back and restructure everything financially to make our beautiful, fun and entertaining game of football fair again! As for Norwich, we have a former playing legend as manager....It''s an amazing story which couldn''t have been scripted by a fantasist! Neil Adams joins from Oldham Athletic, becomes a playing legend before becoming the voice of match day commentary on Radio Norfolk and canary call, then takes up a position working with the clubs youngsters and becoming very successful indeed before then being appointed first team manager....Only time will tell if it''s the right appointment but he has earnt our full backing as supporters based on his heroics and success at our club in every capacity he has been in since being affiliated with Norwich City! We have another legend in Gary Holt as assistant manager who has also had success as manager up North....we also have another club legend in Joe Royal in an operations role...a truly dedicated and passionate board who support the club, and have hopefully the club have been able to shrug off them plastic premier league supporters over the summer so we can have our hardcore, full-on singing, true supporters back who won''t get told to "shhh" or "sit down" by Mr and Mrs Brown in front of them who have decided to attend the match as they have seen Man Utd on TV and wanted to see them "live" in a peaceful stadium environment! We have a club full of positive aspects from top to bottom which is being run by true Norwich City people! In my opinion we have been relegated at just the right time...."for a reason" if you like! I think it''s given everybody at the club a little reality check and we have to accept all-round that we are not ever going to "rock" the Premier League any more until a drastic change is made into the blatant cheating that is modern day financial rules in football. We simply have to sell out our beloved club of all tradition to even have a glimmer of hope of running with the other foreign-owner run clubs towards the top of the Premier! But you won''t ever see any stadium name changes, kit colour changes, badge redesigns, meddling chairmen or club name changes while our current board are in place... And that''s just the way I like it! So could every Norwich fan please take a Large dose of reality and just enjoy what next season has to offer and hopefully the club will reward us more vocal supporters with a standing area within the stadium at some point in the future! We are operating our football club properly! Within financial fair play rules, sensible wage structure, reasonably priced season tickets and putting huge amounts of time and effort into our youth team.....It''s them others who are not playing it the correct way and let''s just hope that one day the money balloon will burst and just football can be the buzz-word again and not "money". Norwich are in very stable hands....It''s all very comforting when you really think about it. Jamie Ward Jamiewr84@gmail.com
  3. Hi,   My mate doesn''t want to fully give-up his season ticket after years of having one but he can''t make the matches next season due to work commitments so has asked me to find out if anybody would want his ticket for next season?   Ideally, paying him the full amount and then the ticket can be yours for the following season so he doesn''t lose his season ticket for the following season after next when he will be able to return to matches.   So it''s basically the chance for somebody to get a seasons worth of football next year who may want it?  He sits in the Upper Barclay.   Msg me if interested.
  4. Hi all... I can''t attend the next 4 home fixtures against Tottenham, Stoke, Sunderland and West Brom. Wondered if somebody wanted my ticket for all 4 games for £120?? Or wud sell £30 a game but would prefer in bulk to one person. It in the upper Barclay Block E. Cheers
  5. Mr Smith what is your profession in life?  Because you talk a hell of a lot of sense...........Maybe new Norwich manager?? ;-)   Totally agree with everything you have said again.  Our support is a disgrace and it''s rapidly got worse since being in the Prem.  Carrow Road needs a section like the Palace fans or the Green Brigade at Celtic who will sing and chat with banners and flags and just have a whole lot of fun regardless of the teams performance or the result!  The atmosphere created by this would then transpire to other parts of teh ground and make for a really exciting and enjoyable day out at football! "If" the club does ever decide to build the City stand up with an extra tier then i reckon a large corner where teh current snake pit is (upper and lower tier) would be the best place to situate our very own "Green Brigade".   The fun needs to be put back into a day out at football!
  6. Hi Jimmy Smith.   Would like to say well done on a good, positive post.  I think this is a great idea and I would be very concerned if they haven''t already tried to utilise RVW more in training and integrate his skills, ability and movement in with the rest of his team mates. But....The lack of anything from RVW in the matches he has played this season would suggest that they haven''t put as much focus on him as they should be doing. As you say, he is our record purchase, he''s scored goals before wherever he has been and good goals too so why would you then not invest the required time in him also to ensure he is playing to the best of his ability for Norwich City?   Years Team Apps† (Gls)† 2008–2009 Vitesse 33 (8) 2009–2011 Utrecht 64 (26) 2011–2013 Sporting CP 55 (28) 2013– Norwich City 15 (1)   It''s now common knowledge that Man Utd were scouting him for quite some time and were seriously looking to buy.  That doesn''t automatically guarantee him being a success but the fact a top team such as Utd were looking at him is interesting none-the-less and shows a "coup" for us to have been able to bring him here.  We was all delighted when he came in so the best option is to work hard with him and for the fans to keep with him and stop slating him! There could one of a hundred reasons as to why he isn''t scoring at the moment: - * Hughtons formation/tactics (Seems the logical option as Grant Holt went from a prolific goal-scorer to not scoring) * Confidence * Team mates not on the same wave-length * Not being fully fit * Adapting to English football I could go on.....   There have been many strikers over the years who have had a goal-scoring drought at some point.  Every striker goes through it.  Maybe due to various issues RVW isn''t hitting the heights we expected at the moment....But you don''t just go from being a top goal scorer to not being able to hit a barn door "just like that"!   As supporters, we have a role to play.  The majority of "Supporters", and i use that term loosley, no longer support.  Support to me involves singing, chanting, clapping, getting behind your team and players no matter what.  If they arn''t the best team of players you have ever seen then it doesn''t matter.........Back them anyway!  Just be a supporter and have fun at matches.  If they are bloody useless then they are "our" bloody useless players and to me, means we should back them to raise them even more.  I don''t believe we have any useless players at our club.  We have ones which need coaching, guiding and a confidence boost at this moment in time.  And as supporters that is what we should be bringing on a match day to the team we dedicate so much time and money towards to follow.  Stop the whinging, moaning, groaning and general show depreciation towards our players and get behind them!  If Hooper blazes a chance towards the corner flag..........Start singing his name even more.........Raise his confidence!  When Bradley Johnson makes a way-ward pass...........Don''t all do a universal groan........start singing his name!  He knows better than anybody that he would have just messed-up and done something rubbish, he doesn''t need thousands of his own supporters groaning in unison all around him to point the fact out even more!  It can only make him more nervous about the next pass he makes.   Norwich fans the best in the world..........Premier League the best league in the world????  Don''t make me laugh!   Rant over.........for now!  
  7. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Brief analysis   Frustrating, inconsistent,  unentertaining progress to low mid table safety. [/quote]   And that is the only aim now!  What is the point in being in this league??????
  8. In my opinion, it not as simple as just saying it''s "rubbish".  Look at the teams in the bottom half of the table and even some of those in the top half and you tell me how many of those sides didn''t look beatable on the day at Carrow Road. It''s a poor standard of football being played by the teams in the lower reaches of the Prem because everybody from chairmen down to the fans are fearing the worst.......Relegation!  The "money-side" of the "game" and i use that word "game" loosley because it''s fast becoming anything but a game..........but the money has become the sole purpose now.  This filters all the way through a football club. The owner puts added pressure on the manager, the manager puts added pressure on the players.....The players play nervously due to the pressures and are playing under more negative tactics from the manager as they are so worried about losing instead of focussing on winning!  This nervousness then filters through to the supporters which creates, like yesterday and many games before that....a morgue of an atmosphere!    Now Carrow Road is slightly different because we have what I call "a proper" structure in place in terms of the top hierachy of the club.  They care about everybody at every level.  But you look at the situation at most clubs now, Cardiff being the most predominent at the moment.....But surely when history, sentiment, pride, loyalty and tradition is all pushed to one side by a fat-cat foreign owner with only money and business sense to commercially sell Cardiff City FC as a global "brand" to a wider audience in his homelands of Malaysia and to make them more marketable he has changed everything you could possibly change to hurt the fans....Kit colour, his sponsor on the shirts, wanting to change the name of the club, no respect for the manager who guided the club to the Premier League.  Vincent Tan has no idea, and he is not alone i''m afraid.  Football has gone totally barmy and it''s becoming less and less enjoyable.  It''s all about the money now!  It''s ruined the game we love.  why would Cardiff CIty fans give any thought or care about how their club is perceived in foreign countries!?  It''s all about supporting YOUR local club, regardless what league, how much money or how bad the football is.  If the football is bad because your players are useless and rubbish or lack any effort or care for the club then that is what should make you relegation material.  Not the pressures of modern day football where "money" is the be all and end all without any thought about trophies, success and supporters. I loved the league 1 season, it was torrid being relegated and some of the performances were dire under certain regimes at them levels too but at least it was about Football and not money.  I know i speak for many long-time supporters here, I just dont enjoy it like i used to anymore!  I actually dont want to see us play Man UTD, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City etc.............i would be happier seeing us play somebody i know we stand a chance against.  Where the level playing field is more even.  Not money v football but football v football. It''s all gone tits up..............Just look at the managers nowadays who get sacked!  Steve Clarke''s sacking the other week is a joke!  It''s all far too serious now!  We talk about sacking Hughton, but who would you want?  Would you take any of these managers over Hughton???   Steve Bruce? Mark Hughes? Paul Lambert? Sam Allardyce? Tony Pulis? Gus Poyet? Tim Sherwood?   Is that really a great list of managers for what is supposed to be the "greatest league in the world"?   What would you rather as a fan? Trying to "mix-it" with the big boys and bring in a foreign owner, change the clubs name, stadium name, sponsor, shirt colour, let the manager be dictated to and undermined in the profession he is experienced in and told who to buy, how to play etc by a businessman who has no knowledge of football just because he has money............which even then doesn''t guarantee any success what so ever!!!  Only one club can win the league and only 4 can ever get into the champions league!  Even if you could guarentee champions league football in exchange for losing all the tradition mentioned above would you want it??  I know I wouldn''t!   Can you imagine Norwich City becoming this: - Club Owner: Mr Shabba Labba doo drop Po from Hong Kong Club Name: The Kung-fu Canaries Club Kit: All White with a yellow belt Stadium Name: The Sushi Arena Manager Name: Mr Li Ho Po (The owners son - he watched a game once and plays football manager so is a pro). Kit Sponsor: Po sushi Club Badge: A squid hugging a canary   You may laugh...........But it''s all going down the path in the name of money!   As for our current manager..............He needs a wider-experienced back-room staff to support him.  He needs to become ruthless and ditch who is currently supporting him in his backroom staff.  They are the down-fall I feel.  
  9. Apologies for lack of spacing!  Was written in word and copy and pasted into this!
  10. Before going into this in-depth, here are the bare facts for this season so far: Played 18 Won 5 Drew 4 Lost 9 Scored 16 Conceded 31 G/D -15 27% win ratio 50% loss ratio Assuming Manchester UTD achieve what they should and they beat us on Saturday then that will be the half-way point of the season - Having lost 10 from 19 games - Relegation form without a doubt! Of the games we have played so far this season these are how I would categorise them in the 4 groups below: - Entertained (Entertaining performance/Showed spirit/attacking intent to win the game and neat passing) Everton (H) – D 2-2 Stoke (A) – W 1-0 Chelsea (H) – L 3-1 Cardiff (H) – D 0-0 (Nobody showed more intent then Mr Fer at the end!) J Average performance (Played "ok" resulting in positive/negative result where the game could have finished with any result from not dominating) Southampton (H) – W 1-0 West Ham (H) – W 3-1 West Brom (A) – W 2-0 Newcastle (A) – L 2-1 Aston Villa (H) – L 1-0 Crystal Palace (H) – W 1-0 Swansea (H) – D 1-1 Sunderland (A) – D 0-0 Fulham (H) – L 2-1 Awful Performance (Performance was truly awful – lacking spirit/intent for a positive result) Hull (A) – L 1-0 Tottenham (A) – L 2-0 Man City (A) – L 7-0 Purely out-classed Arsenal (A) – L 4-1 Liverpool (A) – L 5-1 Based on this – You can see why the board haven’t acted to sack Hughton and his team. He does "ok", "average", "holds his own".....However you want to put it? But there are not enough performances that show both hard-working steely grit mixed with the quality required to be a constant attacking threat over the whole 90 minute duration of a match. We are not consistent in any sense except for being consistently "average" until a positive performance once in a blue moon or a real hiding.  He hasn''t really done enough wrong to be sacked but also hasn''t really done enough to warrant sticking with him either.  It all depends what the boards ambition is with Hughton at the helm and the time period of that ambition! For me, there is no surprise that we play negative, defensive style football. There is no issue with having a manager who was a defender during his playing career so his specialisation and knowledge is within that area of the game but you need to be supported by a back-room staff that are specialised in all positions on a football pitch and understand what it required from them roles them players have to play. For me, a change of manager isn’t what is required but a change of back-room support. Lets not forget Colin Calderwood was the manager to play a certain Grant Holt on the wing for Forest during his reign there! On the WING!!! Unbelievable! What happened to him at Forest? Sacked! What happened to Trollope in his managerial career? Sacked also! Failed managers! Chris Hughton, although not being the most adventurous manager in terms of free-flowing attacking football is a decent, solid manager but is being supported by the wrong staff around him. He needs to become ruthless, leave sentiment, acquaintances, friendship and loyalty to one side and kindly tell his back room staff he’s going down a new route. I don’t know who that would be to come in but something needs to change! Hughton’s reign at Newcastle initially proved short-lived when they struggled and Shearer was then appointed manager and Hughton over-saw the Championship campaign with a very strong Newcastle side in a lower division. Newcastle had no divine right to go straight back up, even with a strong team but they won the league easily and then carried that form into the Premier League campaign. They were once again, like ourselves doing "ok" and were around mid-table when Mike Ashley wielded the axe and brought in Pardew (which has proven to be a master-stroke). What am I getting at with this analysis? I’m not 100% sure......but Hughton is still relatively new to the managerial side of the game and is still learning himself. With a better back-room team I feel he could achieve so much more than he currently is. I can understand the emphasis on playing one up top with 5 in midfield and attacking wingers. But you very rarely see a side at the standard of Norwich City having the right quality of players to be able to pull this formation off. The big teams have the battle-hardened warrior in midfield, along with the creative flair and quality needed to get forward and make a 4-5-1 a 4-3-3 at different times of the game. We do not have the correct mind-set, tactics or players currently at this club to play this formation regularly and achieve positive results. At the moment we are caught in a loop of wanting to play defensively and try and nick a goal. This is fine, and some great sides over the years have had great success with this tactic and formation but first and foremost, to be able to achieve results with these tactics you must be able to defend and not concede goals..........This simply isn’t happening and places added pressure on strikers to get goals from the very few chances which will come their way in such a defensive-minded formation. At this moment in time, we have become dull and boring....this reflects in the atmosphere at games now too. After the summer spending spree we expected so much more as supporters but it also takes time for team-cohesion too. We need to change something. Afresh out-look tactically and I feel Hughton has it in him to do this but with him being "Mr nice guy" does he have it in him too "Sack Trollope and Calderwood"???? Unfortunately I don’t think he does! I may be completely wrong but i feel these are the guys holding Hughton back as a manager which in turn is holding Norwich City back from being far better than what we currently are.          
  11. Morning everybody,   I am moving house soon and feel the time has come to reduce what I will have to move with me and have numerous Norwich programmes (hundreds) varying from 1991 up until mid-2,000''s home and away programmes. Some of these are signed - Not sure which ones are and by who without going through them all.   Please let me know if any of you are interested?  My number is 07837740308.  These are all in fantastic condition and i''m sure a collector would be pleased to own.   Cheers
  13. To be fair, it''s a cracking question to ask and although it will inspire debate you simply can''t get a definite answer to say "This player was the best value for money". You have to look at the position that player plays in, what he brings/brought to the team and during what time in the clubs history he was playing apart of.  For me, as a generic list i would highlight all of these as being "great value for money signings for various different reasons" during my time of supporting Norwich: - (List is off the top of my head and i may well have missed out some other influential players) John Ruddy Adam Drury Craig Fleming Malky Mackay Gary Holt Damien Francis Dean Ashton Matt Jackson (Weird choice i know, but joined at a time when we were crying out for a decent centre half) Mark Robins Darren Huckerby Dion Dublin Iwan Roberts Steen Nedergaard Marc Edworthy Leon McKenzie Wes Hoolahan Grant Holt Ashley Ward Russell Martin Paul McVeigh   I''m sure there are many more - But if i had to pick out a handful of stand-out "value for money buys" then i would go for the ones highlighted in bold.  
  14. Good to hear you guys agree! Its been a hell of a rise on the pitch the last 4 years but you cant underestimate what the guys have done behind the scenes to see us finally, after all these years, step out of the Robert Chase financial mess.
  15.   Been getting annoyed with mates who "support" a top 6 Prem team and gloat about how fantastic they are, so posted this on my facebook earlier as a rant at them!  Look forward to your responses with your thoughts!   Have been reading far too much on the internet and in the press from "fans" of the bigger clubs in England wondering "where all Norwich''s money has come from" now we are signing and being linked with big-name players from around Europe - It''s not just about mega-rich owners you know - There is also a proper way to run a football club, so please read below so you might understand why fans of a proper run football team think it''s ridiculous the way you''re clubs go about running things - Here''s why you could and should learn something from Norwich: - > Shrewd and intelligent business-like approach from CEO David McNally and the rest of the board. > This involved being "moderatley ambitious" yet "prudent" in the transfer market since David McNally came to the club, especially the last 2 premier league seasons where we have brought in quality players, the right players, at modest values such as Pilkington, Snodgrass, Bassong, Garrido and Tettey to name just a few. (This includes on sensible wages within a set structure). > We had a business-plan put in place which involved promotion’s to the Premier League over a 7-year plan (we smashed this in just 2) – Thanks for your part in this Paul Lambert and co. > During the last 4 years we have slowly and steadily paid off all existing debt which has been there for 20 years now, since the Robert Chase days, built the stadium up and enhanced it’s features, built up the academy by working with and producing our own “home-grown” players (Chelsea and other big clubs take note – Our Youth team smashed the FA Youth Cup last season and you don’t see us scouting foreign countries and signing 12 year-old lads for millions £ at a time!) > We have replaced one successful manager with another very clever one who worked with what was in front of him and at his disposal last season with the aim of safety so we can ensure we would be in the situation we are now as a football club with finances to give us the ability to push to "the next level". > I believe our wage-bill to be around 55% of our revenue – so all that extra money from SKY, BT etc for this coming season is BONUS money for us to do what ever we wish with. Hence why we are now looking at signing top, quality players from Europe such as Leroy Fer, Toby Alderweireld, Ola Toivonen etc – Because we can! > And Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd, Real Madrid, Liverpool…………I can’t see any multi-millionaire, foreign owners in sight any where at Norwich!? I don’t see us spending their money, or the governments money (Real Madrid), getting the club into astronomical debt to ensure key signing are made (Glazers at Man Utd), no billionaire oil-tycoon from Russia bank-rolling ridiculous transfer fee’s and wages to buy trophies and success. > Norwich City FC, I fell in love with you and football as a little lad, I have seen all sorts of changes, good and bad in the time I have followed you and I know I will always follow you and support you until the day I die. So it makes me feel extremely proud to say that I am a Norwich City fan right now and proud that we are a self-sufficient football club who are reaping the rewards and benefits of being an efficiently and ambitiously run football club with the right people at the helm at the right places. In the eyes of myself and the footballing world, we are doing EVERYTHING “by the book” and in a true and proper manner. I wouldn’t want Norwich run in any other way. It would feel wrong and have a sense of cheating or demeaning about any success the club had if we did it in the manner that all the top 5/6 clubs and other European teams go about running a club from the aspects mentioned above. > We have now gone way past looking at other teams and trying to replicate “their models” of how a football club should be run and where it can lead if you do things the right way, even in this current, crazy world of football! We have now become the model for any football club in the world to look at and to replicate themselves. OTBC!
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