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  1. As a newcomer to Canary player following the demise of a certain Wiz(No! not that one) I didn''t really know what to expect, but I suppose it equates to value for money over the length of a season.The only issue I had yesterday was trying to decipher the comments of Greg Downs who seemed to be talking through his nose, the main geezer was very lucid and clear-speaking. Presumably they have a different co-commentator every week. If so, perhaps they should have to attend an audition first.Oh! and before any smart-arse comments about actually attending matches instead, distance and medical reasons prohibit me from doing so. I was, however, standing on the terraces long before many of you were born.
  2. The players did for Adams, exactly as they engineered the departure of Hamilton, Grant, Gunn & Hoots.As that is what the majority of us wanted you could say thanks - and now pull your finger out!
  3. Don''t think the board will risk appointing another newbie(not with us on their back anyway!), so that lets out Phelan and Culverhouse.They sat on their hands and watched Lennon & Pulis drift away, Howe will never leave Bournemouth again, so has to be Rosler for me.Would have loved to get Dyche, but can''t see him leaving Burnley yet.
  4. This performance is as bad as anything suffered under Hughton. Lose this and Adams has to go.
  5. Why would he?He''s making a right pigs-ear of this one.
  6. There wasn''t much team spirit and playing for each other against Reading and if that performance can be classed as playing for the manager - then he''s doomed!
  7. I would suggest the reason Redmond was poor yesterday was because, like the rest of us, he couldn''t understand why he wasn''t starting the match in the first place and was totally pi$$ed off.The first serious bid for him in January and he will be off, whether we want him to go or not. He will surely want to leave and have his ability properly recognised and rewarded.Grabban was on fire at the start of the season until Numpty decided Jerome was going to be his main man and shoved him aside. Not saying that Jerome is not  a better striker, but a proper manager would have handled the situation better. Unloved and unwanted, Grabban is a shadow of his former self and will look for a move.Any of our squad that get a chance to move back to the P/L on better money will be off like a shot. What chance promotion then?As for tactical mistakes(and there have been plenty of them), why is Adams persisting with a back four that cannot defend as a unit and buckle under any sort of pressure from even the most inept opposition. Why is Martin still being played at C/B when we have better options in that position? He was conspicuous by his absence yet again Sunday as Reading  scored their second goal.I was calling for Adams to be replaced much earlier in the season, so am not jumping on any bandwagon here. The players cannot keep digging him out of a hole with the odd good result, they are fighting a losing battle and need better management. We need to be much more professional in our outlook and stop being nice little Norwich.
  8. Play-offs are no good, too much of a lottery with this team and manager. We have to get into top two and quickly.
  9. McNasty was desperate for Lennon to get the job, but got outvoted by the Smiths. We could also have had Steve Clarke or Tony Pulis, but no, we stuck with the amateur and that just about sums up this club - amateurish.We are fast running out of time.
  10. [quote user="ref89"]usually there are live streams for the games, but last game and today - nothing listed on wiziwig?[/quote] Because Santa says you have been a very naughty boy!   [:D]
  11. [quote user="Dubai Mark"]This worries the hell out of me....... "Norwich City will keep with work going with Neil Adams" – David McNally[/quote] Has he not been paying close attention to the dire football - and I use the word football loosely -being played out in front of him by the best squad in the Championship, led by a very nice man who is completely out of his depth and unable to motivate his players?Or, perhaps, having experienced life under CH he has been become somewhat numbed and now thinks that this is the norm.
  12. This is absolutely dire, if we are pi$$ed off then the Wigan fans must be suicidal!
  13. So, Turner carries the can even though he''s been played left instead of right and doesn''t know from one week to the next who will be beside him!Meanwhile, bezzy mate Martin continues to play where he wants to play. Unbelievable!
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