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  1. Ewan McNeil, in our U21 squad last year. Up and coming.
  2. http://web10.elfvoetbal.nl/nieuws/279913_toivonen-zegt-nee-tegen-norwich-city According to this Fer will be presented tomorrow.
  3. I don''t think 40 will be enough this year. I''ve done the predictor five times (probably not healthy), I''ve done it completely honestly and Villa have gone down every time. We have to beat West Brom though simply. Three points against them and I think we''ll be okay.
  4. Curious - if Kei played a blinder on Sat, scored a hattrick - would your opinions change? Very much a ''what if'' scenario. He''s made a decent impact for me. Not the finished article but genuinely feel he''s been one of our biggest threats regardless. RVW and Kei - knockdowns for the Wolf to feed from. That''d be another reason I''d keep him.
  5. Personally I feel if we''re thinking Kamara isn''t up to it then I don''t think Holt or Becchio are either. There''s got to be a reason Becchio isn''t being picked - not doing it in training perhaps? Holt simply doesn''t seem to have what he did last year. I''m just not quite sure if he has the legs for the PL anymore. It''s a shame. I''d love him to prove me wrong on that. I could see a complete new strikeforce next season. Martin, Vaughan, Jackson are Championship standard. Becchio just doesn''t seem to be in favour. Holt I don''t really know what''s going to happen there. KK is very raw, he hasn''t had a full pre-season and part of me would like to see how he does when given that. His knockdowns for the Wolf seem a promising combination. At the end of the day none of us know! But I guess it''ll all come clear by the end of the week.
  6. Agree with the Graham signing looking unlikely, staking a claim to stay at the Swans. If we could sort something out and nab Vydra, Udinese striker on loan at Watford, I think we''d have a cracking signing on our hands. Looks pacy, great finisher, classy prospect. Again unlikely though.
  7. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Should be good enough with the right application; I think CH said Morison will not be fit due to his thigh strain so assume you would swap Kane in instead? Even if Morison fit I would stick with Kane starting I think. Personally I would stick with 4-2-3-1 (its the clubs preferred tactic) and play howson in the hoolahan role - everyone says thats his role - lets see if he can really fill it? A goal could give Kane a confidence boost Smith Fox Bennett Lappin Howson Kane [/quote] Like that team actually. Kane does seem a confidence player. Especially that miss v the Hammers in September, that was a nervous finish. Confident player would have banged that in.
  8. Simple as it says, what''s the score going to be? What team would you put out? I''ll go 2-1 City, we''ll play Rudd, Tierney, R Bennett, Turner, Francomb, Fox, Howson, E Bennett, Pilkington, Jackson, Kane.
  9. 4-1 to Man City. Platt said today all their strikers are off form at the minute, I''ve been a moody bugger today and been thinking ''...along came Norwich!'' But obviously I hope we can scrape a 1-0 or 2-1. If Sunderland can have as many chances as they did, we can. We''ll see...
  10. Here''s hoping everyone is still merry from today. Could be a fantastic belated Christmas present - let''s play our part!
  11. Norwich City FC ‏@NorwichCityFC City boss Chris Hughton gives Ruddy the all-clear: "He got a knock in the last few seconds of the match on Saturday but he''s fine."
  12. Actually second thought, that game away at Stoke last year - I thought we ended up trying to match them and got suckered into hoof ball. That was a dreadful match all round. Stick to playing football, perhaps Wes is best for that to create things. I do like the idea of two up top though. Perhaps switch to the diamond? But then its hard to drop either Tettey or Jonno to compensate. It''s nice to have these problems at last this season haha.
  13. I think I would. It''s not the sort of game for Wes, he''ll probably get kicked all over the pitch. Morison and Holt up front could really batter their defence, if we can get some decent crosses into the box via Benno and Pilks - that''s a winning formula. Tettey and Jonno to bulk out the midfield. Plus we''re at home, 2 up top seems a fair idea . Though we''ve played well last two games, wouldn''t be surprised if it''s unchanged.
  14. [quote user="Militant Canary"]Yeah, okay. The guy is just shoveling s**t now. A passing swipe at Norwich after the LMA has advised us not to mention the legal action in public again. What really gets me is that he is portraying himself as the big man, but still feels the need to say something like this. Why? Surely he''d say nothing and let the legal action decide the matter?[/quote] Agree with you completely. I feel he would, he seems a man under pressure already. Trying to drum up some hate for us or mess us up or something... Who knows. Hasn''t gone as he thought it would yet at Villa.
  15. Simple mind games. He''s ruthless, doesn''t care about many people but himself. I firmly believe he''s trying to get under our skin. Why let it? Let''s get out there, let the boys do the talking and make sure it''s another miserable weekend for Lambert and Villa.
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