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  1. curly_whirly_tipz

    IF we beat WBA, surely that will be enough?

    As totally depressing as yesterday was where football was concerned and for me other heart wrenching factors too we can''t go into this game against WBA thinking we aren''t going to win it. We have shown in other matches, teams higher than WBA that we can put on a performance and have what it takes to get all 3 points. I feel if Wigan lose/draw on Tuesday we will be ok, but if they win I think the pressure for the players is going to be massive and it''s a case of if we have the bottle to cope with it.
  2. curly_whirly_tipz

    It's Vile

    When is it roughly due to be played?
  3. Fair point jim smith. I think the whole match might have been different if we didn''t concede such a stupidly early goal. Many of our performances have been good, without the desired result. We will get 3 points soon but the team need our optimism and support to spur them on...
  4. curly_whirly_tipz

    At least QPR are losing

    And they just had a red card...
  5. curly_whirly_tipz

    Stop panicking for f!!!ks sake

    I agree really no need to panic just yet! I feel if we hadn''t of conceded in the 69th second on Saturday the whole game may have been different. We haven''t played badly and have been unlucky not to have grasped 3 points on some occasions. We scored as many goals Saturday as we had all season so lets get behind the team and feel optimistic that we are going to start banging them in and getting the results. Onwards and upwards OTBC!
  6. curly_whirly_tipz

    Doncaster game attendance

    I was there at the game and willing to pay full price for my ticket.... Only while we were queuing at ticket office 2 lovely men offered 2 complementary tickets.... Turns out from none other than Wes Hoolahans brother! Sweet! Was a cheap night for us!
  7. curly_whirly_tipz

    Steve Kean resigns

    Good luck to the chap! I feel a bit sorry for him really!! Took a right battering over the past months!
  8. curly_whirly_tipz

    Villa Tickets - Applications Open

    I really want to go too!! I don''t have enough stubs or actually have anyone to go with yet so I guess I better just start crossing my fingers!
  9. curly_whirly_tipz

    Snodgrass song?

    Nexus: lol!
  10. curly_whirly_tipz

    where are the points coming from

    Hughton now has his squad, until January at least! Let''s just take it game by game and not get over excited/pessimistic about what''s going to happen. Football is a funny game and there will always be surprise results. We are 2 games in and yes got hammered at fulham, any great surprise? Probably not as we seem jinxed there! And then played very well against a qpr side who were also the back end of a heavy defeat. I''m not expecting a huge result today, however I''m not ruiling it out either, anything can happen. I just expect us to put in a good performance.
  11. curly_whirly_tipz


    When was this interview, as when the let fans watch before a game they often just ''go out and play''. I''m sure Hughton knows what he is doing. You guys need to relax! Lambert is gone, yes he may have been a genious but Hughton hasn''t been given a chance to prove himself or his team yet. Sit back and enjoy...
  12. curly_whirly_tipz

    Good work, Mr Hughton

    Great post nobody - money cant buy team spirit which I think has played a large part of our success. People who think the players we are signing aren''t ''big'' enough may be overlooking the vital ingredient IMO.
  13. curly_whirly_tipz

    Not having a dig at the Hoot...

    I totally agree with chip20. Give Hughton a break, there is no need to cross examine everything he says, adding 1+1 and =20!

    Hughton said we will go to win and spurs are a good side, what''s wrong with that.

    Onwards and upwards
  14. curly_whirly_tipz

    Darren Eadie on radio 5 now

    Definitely, depression is so often swept under the carpet so to speak. Darren is doing a fantastic Job of raising awareness.
  15. curly_whirly_tipz

    Joey Barton

    I don''t think I could think of a player I would want less than Barton... Maybe the OP was being sarcastic... I hope :)