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  1. junojrs

    POTS winner....

    This was all started by a joke campaign by a Facebook football page.
  2. junojrs

    Your signed shirts

    I''ve got a match-worn Naughton shirt which got signed, two signed Holty shirts (home and away) and a signed Hoolahan shirt.

    Does anyone know how much it costs to get them framed?
  3. junojrs

    Celtic fan on Hooper

    Celtic wouldn''t. Celtic would survive in the Premier League no issue. They have a really good quality squad with the minuscule amount of money they make from TV privileges, now imagine them on Premier League money.

    Rangers nowadays wouldn''t survive the Championship, and that''s because they''re not the team they once were. Back in the days when the SPL was more competitive, they were a BPL level team. Aberdeen and Hearts, who often competed for a top 3 finish, would albeit struggle in the Prem but again, with Premier League money, would improve.

    But regardless, Celtic are currently the only Scottish team who would manage to cope with the Premier League. I don''t see how you can argue any other way.
  4. junojrs

    Celtic fan on Hooper

    How can people even think the SPL is on par with the Blue Square?

    Celtic would do fairly good in the Premier League, once upon a time so could Rangers, Hearts and Aberdeen.

    The majority of teams would be mid-Championship level to low League One level.
  5. junojrs

    yet another name? Alderweireld of Ajax

    Anyone here wanna nip down to Carra with a pair of binoculars and report the story for us? Or should we let Kate Riley get on the case again?
  6. junojrs

    Carlo Nash

    Looks like he''s signed to me.

  7. Calm down, yeah? Blimey it''s like the lack of action has turned some people into right sours.
  8. And what a coup too!

  9. junojrs

    Press conf 2.00pm

    I''m at the press conference right now and I can officially confirm that every journalist is being given a free pot of yoghurt and a complimentary issue of the Evening News.

    No sign of Toivonen yet although I can swear I saw Hughton walk past the window with Antoine Sibierski.
  10. junojrs

    Press conf 2.00pm

    I know I said not to speculate, but Toivonen didn''t turn up to PSV training Monday morning. Not sure if he turned up today mind, but if not I think you could probably put a firm bet on him being a Norwich player by the end of the week.
  11. junojrs

    Press conf 2.00pm

    Where''s this ''supposed'' information coming from? Let''s just wait for Sporty Pete or City to announce before we speculate.
  12. For those wondering, the official updates are on Norwich''s Twitter page.

  13. I just hope we find out soon for sure what''s happening with Toivonen.
  14. Rik Elfrink doesn''t seem that reliable considering 12 minutes later, he says along the lines that Toivonen isn''t actually certain if he will go back to PSV.
  15. junojrs

    Leroy Fer

    Flight departed about 20 minutes ago, on-time too. Anyone want to hop on a bus down to the airport and stand on watch for us?