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  1. West Ham have one of the best defenses in the league We cant score 0-0
  2. ......He will have to leave. Houghton looked clueless again and dumb-founded. He has simply run out of ideas and if hes got any sense of heart, he needs to hold his hands up and say "OK Im cr*p and cant manage football" All this nice man business doesn''t matter, we''ve given him a long chance and this has to end. To MR HUGHTON PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND RESIGN.
  3. Sorry auto correct "and" not "ad" and "too" not "to"
  4. Lots of pundits are predicting that Cardiff will grind out a 1-1 draw ad that Norwich just aren''t good enough and have been playing to poorly to get a win. Anyone agree with this?
  5. Hughton states that were in good form, how is LLWLL good form?
  6. http://youtu.be/eqZcrmik-_A In words http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/tettey-post-arsenal-a-13-1125749.aspx? He seems very positive about performances and this passage was very interesting “Everything he’s saying to us is to go for it – not to just wait, sit back and take it all the time,” he added. Thoughts??
  7. Why not try what West ham did and overload the midfield with 6 and 4 defenders and NO strikers.
  8. Glad to hear some positive comments I reckon that if tettey hadst been taken off we might have got something. Repeat the last two performances and we should hopefully beat Cardiff.
  9. Ruddy Whittaker RB CBs turner and r.bennett lb matin olsson Pilks LW Tettey and Fer CMs Redmond RW Howson RVW
  10. We have bought some quality and expensive strikers but due to hoots system just cant score! Cardiff is the tipping point if we don''t win Houghton has to go.
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