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  1. Hi Guys, Just wondering if any of you have a spare for the Luton game as my mates has fallen through, can meet in the City anytime from about 12 on Saturday? Just give me a private message if you do. Much appreciated. VMV
  2. Just seeing if anyone has one spare as I''m heading back to Loughborough that day, it could coincide quite well for me. Cheers guys Twitter: @JCELodge
  3. Had a quick check on Youtube- just got out an exam don''t suppose anyone has a link/video for it? Be interested to see what he had to say. Cheers guys
  4. If we go into Europe for Managers we''ll undoubtedly end up buying European players on high-ish wages (no experience of the British Market) and end up like Leeds/Portsmouth. Personally Hughton Clarke Culverhouse. There is literally no-one else who would fit our team/mentality. My choice would be Clarke, got a lot of the Lambert about him, knows the area. Knows Drury, Lappin etc...
  5. It''s not just me being tight. I have purchased a ticket just at University and a test has been rearranged for tomorrow morning which I simply wouldnt be able to make it back for. But thanks everyone for the stream ideas, haven''t missed a game all season (either there/streams) don''t want to miss one now.
  6. Long shot- but I don''t suppose if anyone knows whether or not they''ll be a stream for tomorrow''s game? As I''m unfortunately not able to make it last minute.
  7. Does anyone know what was said between him and a fan about 10 rows back just to the left of the goal. Probably between 75-80 minutes through- I imagine the fans were abusing him, and he turned round and looked like he let rip with some kind of expletive, would be interesting to know what was said?
  8. Apologies if this has been asked- but do we have a new away kit also coming out? Or has that been confirmed as 2 years...?
  9. I''ve got Pilks to the left of me, Bennett to the right, Johnny Howson''s in the middle too.....
  10. I thought we had Errea for at least another season. Been quite impressed by their designs this season. So why change? Would be nice to keep them, or at least have an original design from one of the bigger brands (Nike/Addidas) as usually you just get a carbon copy of other clubs- unless you''re one of the top 4. I like us being unique.
  11. Woooooah-oh-oh-woah We''ve got the finest team in the world. We''ve got Foxy & Howson Simeon Jackson and Aaron Wilbraha-a-am **Repeated**
  12. I thought a song had been created involving Lampard and Gerrard. However I definitely prefer this version- great use of Iniesta.
  13. Is anyone allowed to go and watch the Reserves? Or do you have to get tickets?
  14. It does add to the togetherness of the club, if we all feel like enemy of BBC. It''s still very condescending coverage- compared to Swansea who are treated like Barcelona, it''s ''lucky old Norwich''. Which is incredibly frustrating for us, but I imagine it''s how Lambert likes it. Having only missed the Burnley game this season (wether it be seeing games live or on a stream), I have seen we try and play football, and realise our strengths and weaknesses and play accordingly. However my friends just on MOTD coverage think we''re a long ball team, who play similar to the Bolton of the Allardyce era. Just on the highlights they decide to show. Incredibly frustrating.
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