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  1. I can only echo that Adam Drury epitomises everything that a Pro footballer should be, an outstanding servant to his club, and an example to any aspiring footballer! All the best to him.
  2. A really well written and thought out piece, it tells us what most of us know deep down,still, it''s not so easy to keep the emotions in check when two of our most beloved Norwich City heroes give us ANY reason to doubt that the dream won''t continue for many more seasons. Top stuff!!
  3. For the first time this season, Lawro has engaged his little peanut brain, and said what most of us see and say every week, Norwich City are playing some friggin great football. Halle Bloody Lujah.......wonders never cease. OTBC
  4. Great post Bury Yellow, I can''t help but feel that no matter what City achieve, there will always be someone who has to p**s on our parade, come on you miserable sods, ''make hay while the sun shines'' These really are great times for City fans!
  5. As for a link, It''s on the Listen Again section of Radio Norfolk, F Forward to 1hr 20 mins or thereabouts. I''m not 100% sure how to do the link thing properly. Sorry!
  6. I should''ve said it was because of a short piece I did for Radio 1 yesterday, saying Holt deserves a call up with the injuries the England team were getting! Chris was asked to provide clips of his commentary to go with the piece. I do hope that clarifies my post??
  7. It''s scary how an innocent text to Radio One snowballs into chatting with Chris Goreham on this mornings breakfast show, but if it means getting Grant Holt more exposure to the people that make team selection then why the hell not!! If you go on BBC i Player and fast forward to 1 hr 21 mins ( or there abouts ) you''ll hear me putting forward a fans case for Holty to play for England. I hope I didn''t embarrass myself too much, but there''s no such thing as bad publicity, right? OTBC
  8. Thanks for the link Charlesberg, it''s just before the end of the programme. When I spoke to Rick Kelsey from Radio One, he said they''d had a lot of calls / texts supporting Holty. I was proud to have my say!
  9. [quote user="priceyrice"]O nice, good on ya, let us know what gets said[/quote] I think Radio One did a good piece with Chris Gorehams brilliant commentary mixed in with another guy''s and my voice message! OTBC
  10. I messaged Radio 1 this morning to say I thought Grant Holt should be picked for England, and a guy from Newsbeat rang this afternoon to ask if i''d do a voice message for Newsbeat basically saying what i''d text earlier, so I did this, and I may hear the message on tonights news at 1745 to get the Legend that is Grant Holt a bit of credit for being a decent shout for a call up. OTBC
  11. I have to say that although a wasn''t at the game today, i did listen to it on the radio, and I think City did themselves and our great county proud today! Many teams with far bigger reputations, will go to Old Trafford and come away with nothing, we were not expected to get anything, and so it proved correct. But we did not by any means, disgrace ourselves. The future does look good for NCFC and I am damned proud to be a City fan. OTBC
  12. City have played some great football this season, and the fact we are top of the league says we grind out results no matter what!  Good football or not so good, the players have developed  some backbone since last august, and i''m chuffed to bit''s with the teams form. OTBC
  13. still prefer the Xbox 360! I hear good things about the X Box,  I really want a Blu Ray though!! 
  14. The Codfather comes from a nickname i was given when i was serving in the Army, as for the PS3, i''d like a games console, and the fact it''s got a Blu Ray player too, really appeals, no  other reason though.
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