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  1. Yup, remember Coventry we battered them first half them the second half was dull AF. Then Bristol... 3-2 should have been 3-3 or even 3-4. Lets push on see if we cant score a few more second half.
  2. We could have been 3rd if the board had fired the Chuckle Brothers before the World Cup ended!!!! Hell i will say it.... we would be top if we had fired Smith when we were mathematically down from the Prem
  3. Ah ok, well LYB and Hoggy are members of his extended family. A few other apologists as well.
  4. Well that was an excellently constructed non nonsensical retort. Thank you very much for your stupidity.
  5. Some of you guys need to find a new team to support as you clearly dont support Norwich.
  6. But that golfing celebration. Smug chimp faced bar steward. Hes one if i dont know if i want to admire or hate. His whole "Wales, Golf, Madrid in that order" should have got him fired. Yeh dunno how to feel about Bale.
  7. Max is happy now Smith is gone, he will probably stick around as settled. (Try fm23 for his height, it's database is used by clubs and far reliable than FIFA games)
  8. No worries I fat thumb all the time Just thought it was amusing
  9. Brexit has shat over that my friend. We are stuck with half **** south Americans, safe to say we haven't unearthed the next Ronaldo (fat not CR7)
  10. Wasnt Hanley's offside offering Vs reading or Watford from a corner?
  11. Alas.... The "farke on a horse" and "Shakey put the kettle on" flags are frightfully outdated. Jokes aside, isn't there a massive justin fashanu / pride / pride of Norfolk flag?? That was god damn class.
  12. Hopefully he drops that dreadful jafraican accent hrs somehow managed to pick up as well. If he was from London fine... But he's from Dereham and sounds a right twa-t
  13. Is that like Mr T? MumbaT. I ain't getting on no plane Wagner
  14. Military phonetics Foxtrot Oscar and then i improvised using the other ones
  15. Wouldn't you I mean it was obvious they hated playing for Smith
  16. I posted this days ago on a wind up, I don't actually put that much thought into it, just knew it would get answers like this
  17. ffs really? for the final time.... and when did we look like we were a team that were unbeaten? We were fcking sh1te and lucked out in most of the games. We clung on to leads and looked wholly unconvincing. That run was exposed as pure luck, nothing else and here we are boo hoo no more Smith (Thank fcuk as he should have been fired when mathematically down) No one is expecting Wagner to do miracles but it really will not take very much at all to do more than Smudger and his fat mate Shakey. NOW..... MOVING THE FCUK ON
  18. Yeh our set pieces have been dire this season. Perhaps over thought and just another layer of things for the players to have to deal with? Sometimes the old "ping it into the maelstrom" approach works best rather than trying to short corner or fanny about with it
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