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  1. thankyou happy clapper. just keep on clapping and be happy
  2. Well at least Farke will be happy - his new Topic will be -we were unlucky and should place more faith in Mclean
  3. Giving the ball away cheaply and one shot on the gaol and some think going to win this league - OH DEAR
  4. We still need players of Cantwell abilities if not we will suffer with this creativity, at this moment of time im stuggling to name another in this current squard who can match him
  5. Some on here will still making up there until we are playing Ipswich in League 1
  6. The Happy clappers will knock anyone on here who want Farke out- but underneath they know that how we playing is not good enough
  7. Sell sell players until we have sold the crown jewels off and all we have left is the scraping of the barrel thus. sinking into a mid to lower level champ side, Top 2 this season forget it
  8. Selling all our best young players, we will end up with a team best to a mid to lower champ team with very little money in the pot
  9. Of Course Farke got to go, he gives no motivation. no plan B . subs sent on to late, players no beginning to answer back and question farke decisions
  10. Rumour is that Farke going to Leeds has a coach !!!!
  11. personally I cant SEE IT----- why all the fuss-
  12. Well it looks like we all got to go out and buy a smart phone -" IF Compulsory " for this track and trace a another financial burden for us who are struggling financially , I have not got a mobile phone and buying a mobile smart phone is not cheap and a monthly contract on top of bills,
  13. Interested in people reaction on track and test= will there be many who download the AP - for myself I have not got a smart phone or afford one , how benefit me I don't know , and if made compulsory an I going to be force to buy one or lock in doors all year, or do we ask the Gov to give us a grant for one ,
  14. Personally I believe there is more important things to consider rather than Cummings wrong doings= like people who lost there jobs. care homes, etc . But the media which I got no word of praise for. Media hanging around his poor parents home is disgusting, wish some of the media would experience the same experiences that they dish out.
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