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  1. Don't worry we got Idah to fill Barnes boots - what more can you ask for
  2. Idah perhaps not up to the quality we need - really good we got another forward to help-
  3. Her come Norwich again -it is so disappointing and frustrating at times with city
  4. We do miss Sargent energy up front- his powerful runs give city a lift -
  5. Not surprised and dont care very childish I just like football no what team is playing- nothing wrong with that
  6. Let me be the first BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO again- well thats if we dont win
  7. Resume good old city back to your old self- hope there is plan B-C and D- here comes city
  8. Im ready to sign - me with my crutches and wheelchair- I should fit the bill - one game and rest of season off
  9. Really cant see anyone else coming in - they now hoping an relying that Idah can step it up. Wagner will state that others will have to contribute more in the goal scoring
  10. AT the moment they seems to be on a run , heads high and confidence high too , only hope city can double everything they do
  11. On the physios bench after 10mins of him coming on
  12. just now seen forshaw with two crutches and two left boots. one tackle and six weeks on the physio bench waiting around the corner
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