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  1. Of Course Farke got to go, he gives no motivation. no plan B . subs sent on to late, players no beginning to answer back and question farke decisions
  2. Rumour is that Farke going to Leeds has a coach !!!!
  3. personally I cant SEE IT----- why all the fuss-
  4. Well it looks like we all got to go out and buy a smart phone -" IF Compulsory " for this track and trace a another financial burden for us who are struggling financially , I have not got a mobile phone and buying a mobile smart phone is not cheap and a monthly contract on top of bills,
  5. Interested in people reaction on track and test= will there be many who download the AP - for myself I have not got a smart phone or afford one , how benefit me I don't know , and if made compulsory an I going to be force to buy one or lock in doors all year, or do we ask the Gov to give us a grant for one ,
  6. Personally I believe there is more important things to consider rather than Cummings wrong doings= like people who lost there jobs. care homes, etc . But the media which I got no word of praise for. Media hanging around his poor parents home is disgusting, wish some of the media would experience the same experiences that they dish out.
  7. What if its windy -will there be a pitch invasion
  8. I know how to save us from relegation== Three goal keepers, six full backs. one in the middle, and one at front and hope we can get a long range shot to save the day.
  9. Im afraid we are DOOOMMMMEEEDDD, though after this fiasco within the premier ie money before health -I prefer to be back in the championship
  10. Looking on the website today been reading the over crowding on tubes and trains -have they suddenly think the virus is all over , and there are us still keeping socially distant. given the chance most over there would still pack into football grounds regardless - boy the government are right to hold back.
  11. I afraid its looks like we will be back soon - clubs paying for private testing regardless on how everyone feels, and we will be playing in champs next season
  12. Cannot sit here without wonderment= asking players to play - they are not going to observing the 2 metre rule. and us public we have all got to stand apart, must not get near our nearest and dearest. and they the players will be spiting etc even heading a ball will provide spit to emanate from the mouth towards others, sweat to maybe a cause of transfer who knows. the list goes on. Even read that if one get the virus the rest of the team will still be expected to continue and not to socially isolate= what sort of massage to this all send out Its ridiculous really to ask those young players to go out and play football surely they are afraid and not to commit there selves fully into the game,
  13. Really is a sad time for all clubs, but in some ways a kick into reality for some that it is time to look at young players who are willing to play football for the love of it ,instead of the money, back in the 60s football players had other jobs - perhaps this could be the future,
  14. Money talks - clubs will see massive reduction in revenue from sky etc and that will force clubs to play -even if its mean playing weaken squads
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