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  1. baldy09

    Match Thread v Brighton

    GOING DOWN we are just not up to the mark
  2. baldy09

    Today's Match Thread

    WOW another poor display so far- we starting to slip away from the others above us -soon going to take a momentous effort if we going to survive this league
  3. baldy09

    Must go

    please retract your head from your bottom and give constructive reasoning instead of your response
  4. Another self righteous person on here- truth is this the team that played on regular basis in champ so we must expect better we need to change tactics which is in Farke court
  5. baldy09

    Must go

    blame the board- sack Farke- fans happy clapping anything- the only trouble is too many injuries
  6. baldy09

    Match thread

    sometimes happy clapping could be the undoing of city
  7. Our players are not good enough on a consistent level , injuries have not helped also inexperience with our younger team players, and finally yes lack of investment on the team
  8. baldy09

    Match thread

    Relegation form but at least we can look forward to playing Ipswich again
  9. we are not good enough for this league- next season we be playing Ipswich again so something to look forward too
  10. city are not good enough , second best to everything ,unless we improve we are DOOOOMMMMMMMMMED
  11. Really need to buck our game up , too many sloppy passes . we will be propping the league up soon and its going to be really difficult to get out of it. Hanley needs to be included plus Roberts
  12. watch this guy it takes you to a malicious site -its a bad tag
  13. Palace holding the ball well -its going to be a difficult day, really need a point today
  14. Trouble is with the critics on TV is that just not one of the fashionable clubs- and please guys let there be some open and honest debates without some righteous person thinking there opinion is the right one and yes we all like to moan sometimes about the club/game ,that's just the way it is. whether negative our otherwise
  15. I believe if we lost young Pukki ,it will be curtains -so he better not get injured