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  1. The Secretary has ask for 250.000 volunteers to assists the NHS , which is great but will this not have the potential to spread the virus too. especially if PPE is in short supply and these volunteers will not be given the same priorities as the front line staff
  2. baldy09

    match thread

    you can happy clap with the big lady . she be glad of the company has she singing
  3. baldy09

    match thread

    The fat lady singing such a mournful song has we sink deeper towards the champs
  4. baldy09

    match thread

  5. baldy09

    match thread

    Well it seems that the FAT LADY IS NOW SINGING and in full voice
  6. football players not shaking hands today because of the Virus ,well I do hope there is a ban on "spitting" on the pitch has this could just be has bad if not worse
  7. baldy09


    Interesting what I heard on the radio today 5 live if the virus spread ,all football games will be cancelled this season
  8. baldy09

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    Will the fat lady sing tonight if we Lose
  9. Forgive my ignorance here but could anyone explain that if we do get relegation ."we be in a better place than before to come back up"- surely if we sell many of our young stars which could be the case it will weaken us and that obviously we going to have to start again and this could mean a good few seasons in the champs and money in the club will dwindle leaving very little to buy experience quality, and if by some miracle we did come up again hows it going to be different from this time
  10. baldy09

    Wolves Match Thread.

    like watching Man Utd play Yarmouth town today
  11. baldy09

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Indy - calm down you getting to excitable today- just accept we been very poor today and others are very frustrated and rightly so
  12. baldy09

    Wolves Match Thread.

    What a poor response - Novice players many are internationals players
  13. baldy09

    Wolves Match Thread.

  14. baldy09

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Lose today and that's that we definitely going down and we all should enjoy whats left of our season and squad
  15. baldy09

    If we go down -

    I agree with so many people comments on here , but another question could be asked -will Farke have the same determination and fight to start all over again also a good offer from another club may see him leave because of lack of funding