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  1. Never mind fans according to Smith its all coming together and no need to panic yet, so hang in there its only going to get better
  2. Hanley said we improving - that made me laugh -best joke heard for a long while
  3. What poor questions will chris Goreham ask Smith= oh I sorry but did you have a unlucky game
  4. Today the club should pipe fans comments on radio Norfolk in the dressing room and head coaches room
  5. Dont worry Hoggy its all done in tongue in cheek responses- guess we all so frustrated we got to blame someone on here
  6. has anyone notice Hogsar has gone missing -should we send out a search party for him
  7. Wow what a game -fast slick passing - lots of goal attempts , great defending - head coach shouting and encouraging .
  8. Kids at the local park could give this team a run around= never mind keep on clapping
  9. What Excuses are we going to expect from Smith at full time - Injuries etc - hope I hear from Smith is I RESIGN
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