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  1. Already have! I was probably Pi$$Β£d when I wrote this!
  2. According to a lot on here we were going into League 1 a year or so ago so finishing 6th wasn`t too bad with what DW had to work with. Get rid of Farke and along came Smith, some fans not happy (including me), get rid of Smith and long came DW and some fans aren`t happy. I believe that most managers have a shelf life at a club but something has to give (patience for long building and or financial input) for the cycle to be broken. The top brass have been a bit rudderless since DF went. Easy to blame DW but he wasn`t backed. Good luck to him in his next venture as he deserves some success.
  3. We were all wondering why Onel came off as he was a big attacking threat. Instead of booing why not clap Onel in respect of his good performance then wait for DW's reasoning. A lot on here are looking to get on DW's back every chance they get. Form an opinion once you have the full facts. We'll never know what goes on behind closed doors so the full facts are known to a select few. Onel happened to be injured!!! Good decision in the end!
  4. Plenty of 'managers' on here who don't agree with DW whatever he does.
  5. If he gets a good run of games he has the ability to be one of the first names on the team sheet. Can't judge him fully yet.
  6. As for Sutton...He may know what needs to be done but, as Gary Neville and the like have found out, how to do it is what defines you as a manager so I would take his views with extreme caution!
  7. I honestly understand your anger and frustration at where we are now but a little realism and how best to get us out of this mess is all I`m saying. I found it a difficult watch at times yesterday considering how we played a couple of seasons ago (and at the start of this season) but the game plan worked and we got a point against a good Championship side. It`s about playing to your strengths and getting something (preferably a win) from games. Call it what you want but if we found that defending deeper and playing on the break gave us a better chance of staying in the Premier League, if we ever got there, would you accept that? Not saying it`s right but if it works then why not? It worked for Leicester!
  8. For me it's not about the acceptance going forward it's more about the realism of where we are now. As a team at the moment we should be giving Southampton respect. Moving forward we should be looking to stamp our authority on a game by whatever means. It's about where we are now. We could go gung ho, against teams who some fans on here have decided that we are better than, loose and find ourselves in a relegation scrap. Whether you like DW or not, whether you blame the board or the car park attendent, this is where we are at the moment as a club. To a point DW inherited a mediocre squad and he's been left to get points in the best way he knows. I'm sure if you asked him he'd rather play his own pressing game but at this moment in time his hands are tied. I'm also not suggesting that DW is the right man for the job either but a bit of realism wouldn't go amiss in my opinion.
  9. If we sat deeper, especially if we got promoted, and used the ball better when we have it would that be a bad thing? Learn to know when to move up the pitch as a unit rather than just counter attack. If done correctly then why not.
  10. Why not give Knapper the chance to get his players in to play his style of football then judge instead of some just moaning all the time. For the team we've got and at this moment in time there was nothing wrong with the set up yesterday. Mr Sutton is after clicks and comments... Its his job!
  11. I couldn't agree with you more long term vision but at this moment in time, and with the players on offer, I thought the tactics were okay. We gained a point so that's a positive at this moment in time 😊
  12. I didn't go as it happens (but I am a season ticket holder πŸ™‚) ...but I have enough about me to look at what was happening on the pitch and I could see that the tactics were okay. We got a point so yeah, a decent day thanks πŸ‘
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