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  1. Agree 100% with what you say but you'll be struggling to get some on here to change their views. Normally it's the "I pay my money" card that'll come out Then you get fans dissecting every single word SW has said and what angle he's coming from and is Mars in line with Saturn...and it'll still be spun to suit! Don't know what some people want.
  2. Farke would have been our best chance of staying up. He could have got the best out of the players but whether that would've been good enough is something that I'd have love to have found out. If it hadn't have been at least we'd have a better chance of continuity by way of continuing to build a squad. But as much as I love Farke he was up against it this season aswell so my hopes wouldn't have been high
  3. Good luck with motivating a team who is low on confidence, not scoring, can't defend, concedes silly goals, doesn't have a style of play and negativity running through the corridors of Colney and Carrow Road! That can be done over time but to ask DS or anyone to do that sort of stuff in a short space of time is a big ask. Smith doesn't have the players at his disposal to make most of the technical changes the team needs. The players are mentally way behind most teams in the Premiership. Decision making, concentration positional play, reading the game...we've been poor in those areas all season.
  4. Solid bus parking leads to the problem of turning defence into attack! That would be another problem in my humble opinion.
  5. Klopp and Pep are working with elite footballers, best in the world but the technical details in their playing style demands respect regardless of money available. I used them an example nothing more. If you want it in plain terms then no manager could've kept us up! How's that grab yer?
  6. Whether Smith turns out to be a success for us could be questionable. DF loved us and fitted in with the way we wanted to operate so my views on him will never change. All I'm saying is that we need to give Smith a chance now to prove himself. Webber has a hard job on his hands and they are tied to a point but I can't forgive him for sacking DF.
  7. You tell me !!! I think it was a massive mistake to get rid of DF and I still can't get my head around it looking in from the outside. There could be some truth in the previous post but Webber took a gamble and it failed. In truth it was never going to work. Should have stuck with DF. On saying that Smith is here now so we need to back him and judge him when he's had a go with his squad playing his way. It's not fair to judge him as things stand. I'd have DF back today but he's gone so let's see what Smith can do
  8. As I've said before we could have had Klopp and Pep as joint managers and we would still have got relegated. The players aren't good enough! Smith had to say (when he took the job) that the squad were good enough to stay up else there was no point in him being here. He probably knew it was wishful thinking and expected to get relegated as there was no money to spend to improve the squad. By saying all that he's shot himself in the foot because some think he's failed and he's not a good manager whereas the truth is that he never stood a chance! This is a totally different situation to Villa so you can't judge him until he builds his own squad based on the resources he has to work with. It's been men against boys for a high percentage of games this season so I don't know what people expect? The attitude and work rate of Normann may be questionable but in truth the players have been made to look stupid simply because they are up against players and teams who are technically better, more advanced, have confidence in what they are doing and how they play. It's not been down to the players 'not trying'. They've simply been given the runaround and if anyone thinks that any manager could have got a tune out of the squad we have then I'd be amazed. Smith is here for the start of next season so best we get behind him or this will go on and on.
  9. What, according to you, is football then?
  10. Thought Gareth Ainsworth was very sporting in his after match interview. Was honest and said that Sunderland totally deserved it and congratulated them. Good luck to AN aswell. Top bloke
  11. I've read the article twice and it paints a very interesting picture of what allegedly went on during last summer. If you look at the timings of the 'key' arrivals it does seem to indicate that Farke wanted better players but had to make do with interesting timings, being patient and seeing your prime targets going elsewhere. To have a defensive midfielder (Normann) sign after the first four Premiership games had already been played was odd. That bit of business should've been done asap so to bed him into the squad before the KO. Same can be said of the CB role (Kabak)...that also fits! Or there could just be another reason. It's obvious that DM and SW chatted about what players they wanted but SW has the overall say and I think could be where the cracks started to appear. SW wasn't prepared to break the financial structure so the rest is history. Some would say we'll done to Webber for sticking to his guns and putting the club first...others say why not gamble a little. Bit of a conundrum
  12. It wasn`t meant as being smug at all! I don`t discount any opinion whether I disagree with it or not! No offence intended whatsoever. And I actually said `at times` meaning that telly shows us some things that we can`t see. It depends what you`re looking for. Just my opinion
  13. You get to see more of the game looking away from the ball! Television only show around the area where the ball is. It's the work off the ball that is key at times.
  14. Were you in the dressing room then? How do you know? Just a polite ask And if Liverpool and Man City had bang average players and not Salah, Foden and others then Klopp and Pep would be failures.
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