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  1. Well done Harry 53 - who's next then?
  2. Wow, Give It To Varco! Having read the archives his was a strange career, became a good striker with us by accident seemingly, it was a while before he became prolific. As for Busby, never would have thought his strike rate was so high, perhaps I was still pining for the loss of Supermac, or maybe it was all down to the players around them?
  3. Hmm, Steve Bruce (post Bond signing) as playmaker? Then Malky as well? Must have missed both of them...
  4. I'd agree with him! Whenever I saw anything of Reading, Ince just sort of hung out on the pitch without doing much at all apart from exchanging (un)pleasantries with his dad.
  5. Stu's "bullying" of Aarons into upping sticks seems to have worked given the article on the Athletic this morning. Interesting it was written by an Athletic staffer rather than Bailey as well. Max Aarons is at a career crossroads: ‘There’s a right time to move on in everything’ - The Athletic
  6. Martin takes a while to impose his "style" on a club - it took quite a while at both MK at Swansea, but if he gets the time expect Soton to come a on a late run next season for the play-offs. Leicester will probably do a Burnley. Most commentators expect with their churn in playing staff, as well as management, that they will struggle but if they make the right managerial appointment they will probably walk the Chumps (I accept that given the choice of Smith that remains a potentially big IF!). Dirty I can see plummeting right through the Chumps back to League 1 again. Even at their best in the EPL two seasons ago there were issues behind the scenes, which have really come to the fore in recent months. There is still an issue over ownership which now relegation has arrived will be even more difficult to resolve.
  7. My favourite live band were The Fall. Was it entertainment? Closer to sport really, you never knew what you were going to see, or how the star player was going to perform or even if he'd put in an appearance. Then there was the tinkering he'd do onstafe, changing amps settings on the fly. And until the last few years, the line up was always changing. You knew you'd hear a new song but would the quality be as good as previous ones? But no matter if you saw a disaster, you'd still go to a gig the next tour because on their night, The Fall sound was something that was truly amazing, justnlike when Norwich click into gear there is very little in life to match it! I don't think this clarifies much, but my motivation to seeing The Fall was very little different for my reason to watch Norwich! Entertainment is in the eyes (and ears) of the beholder! But, boy I really miss not being able to see The Fall. Enjoy Norwich every match you get to!
  8. Remember Davie Ross? Well no surprise, if you don't, the first "best player" we sold to fund things, way back in 1905 (?). It's always been thus!
  9. Bailey has also started presenting some of Athletic's corporate online video content, analysing tactics in detail etc. There were a couple of games towards the end of the season where he was unable to do his normal Norwich post-match video report because of his other commitments with the Athletic (I assume writing the general review of all that night's matches). I forecast at some point he will do more anchor presenting roles for one of the many live football streaming services.
  10. @Badger such qualifications are rare; the auditors are basically saying they are signing off the accounts but are relying on the Directors word that everything will be okay, pointing out to the readers of the accounts that they can't place reliance on the assurances given about certain transactions, so don't come sueing us when those transactions fail to manifest! So readers are put in the position of asking themselves do they trust the Board given the auditor's clearly have doubts? Very few will. If I was a company that had been selling services to them, without a written assurance from a Board director or better still payment up front, I would steer clear!
  11. Just to add more evidence to the valuation of the club being appropriate at £100m, Swiss Ramble reported yesterday he understood that Bournemouth were sold by their Russian investor to the Americans for £120m last year. [Oh and their wage bill during the promotion season including promotion bonuses was £61m. Meanwhile today Swiss Ramble reports Luton's wage bill in 2021-22 season was only £17.8m, some £100m lower than Norwich's!]
  12. One of the problems with the current system is that the fourth official checks with the main official some two or three minutes before the 90th how much additional time to signal. So it is not just incidents in the added time that get added to playing time, but also any incidents in the last 2 to 3 minutes of normal time. It's a nonsense. Other sports have used a countdown approach / independent time keeper visible to all for decades. It just looks so silly when such controversies occur.
  13. Ah, but Mr Foulger is also a director of the club! That in company law makes it very different. Sure, he is able to sell his shares at whatever level he wants to, but he has a fiduciary duty to share the information that influenced his choice of selling price. A director affecting the traded share price of a public limited company, either up or down, should make their dealings transparent to enable a "fair" market for all. In theory they cannot trade shares on knowledge that the "market" does not have. I accept the market for Norwich shares is not that public, but rules is rules. I say this not to support Essex, but highlighting one way that the truth behind the "takeover" could be flushed out. However I haven't the will or the money to fight a civil case that in all probability would take so long the "takover" or whatever will long have been completed by then.
  14. Nutty, we're not talking about a local social club here but a public limited company dependent on generating new income streams and building an audience for the future. As a senior employee of such a company these words, a mix of facts with his own opinion, can be said down the pub amongst his mates, across a Board table "in camera", but never in the public domain. You may say I'm being melodramatic, but effectively pissing off half the potential supporters is very poor.
  15. Were the words quoted in the Twitter post only part of what he said on the subject? If there was a follow on then good to see what else was said for contextualisation. However if that was it, then from a corporate view as Barbe Bleu sets out that is worthy of a disciplinary, if not an outright sacking. Poor Zoe must be facing a real problem at work on Monday over this. If any executive in any major corporation undermined a new revenue stream like that publicly they would be frogmarched out the door the next time they crossed the threshold. What is that guy on? All the other stuff in these interviews is mildly amusing but this, well, blass me bor, he deserves a roight troshing for that.
  16. Central Barnsley vs South Barnsley. Fab.
  17. Crikey, things stay in the family then - when I was at school in Thetford, there were so many Hammers fans around. I was fighting a losing battle supporting Norwich! I had thought 40 odd years later they'd all seen the light!
  18. Totally disagree with you on Hillsbrough (or Swillsbrough as its known in my neck of the woods in Sheff), the ground is a massive cavern, old fashioned and is very tired, when only half full has zero atmosphere at all. It really should have been completely knocked down after 1989. Anyway, the Tykes will give them a footballing lesson at Wembley!
  19. Soton is closer to Brighton than Swansea. Will that do?
  20. Krul and O'Neil you could say were consistently successful out of that list, the rest pretty meh and forgettable (even McVeigh on his second stay with us, although occasionally he played some blinders). So that is a hit rate of 2 out of 15, it just adds to my anxiety that this window hasn't got off to the best of starts. I hear you Purps on his likely good fitness and others suggesting his age, experience, grit and determination plus a little spark should galvanise the younger players around him, but he has to perform against the trend demonstrated by that list. Let's hope so.
  21. I take your point about time being given to managers, but they only should get time if there are signs of progress. Robins throughout his period at Coventry has generally over, say, each three month period demonstrated some forward progress in terms of results and performance (reviewing on a quarterly basis you can accept the odd heavy defeat and poor performance). As you and Hoggy have said, Wagner has had one quarter so far, but the side went backwards in terms of results and performance in that quarter, quite a difference to what Coventry have consistently experienced under Robins. Wagner's only get outs at this stage are the level of injuries to our more experienced players and the fact it is an inherited squad. By the end of next October he needs to have demonstrated some real progress to retain the wholehearted support of managers and fans alike, as Robins has enjoyed at Coventry.
  22. There are, but those articles are: re-writes and different interpretations from the same source interview; a regurgitation of something widely circling on Social Media; a regurgitation of official club PR; documentation of their podcasts. Davitt has written at least three different views of Wagner's Blackpool post-match interview, Southwell and Seaman do the regurgitation of social media and club PR, only Southwell seems to do any new analysis, which is rare. Then there is Ben Lee's excellent tactical analysis. Within their articles there are hints that they have heard other bits and pieces behind the scenes at the club, but unless they can get a formal response one way or the other from senior officials at the club, they are unable to publish them without further deepening the divide between them and the club. They desperately need that direct line with the club. EDIT: Oh and personal views from a host of ex-players, other media presenters and fans; approximately 10 a week!
  23. They did release a new set of accounts yesterday! I'm awaiting an updated view for a full 10 years, but it might disprove some of the earlier narrative.
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