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  1. Smith in hindsight knew the answer last night - Giannoullis should have been on the pitch earlier. We looked sharper when he came on, we just needed to take them on down the flanks, he did that.
  2. I think the bottom 3 in that table will be the bottom 3 in the EPL come end of season!
  3. We're currently third bottom. A couple of more wins and we will be out of the relegation zone. Does that answer your questions? Derby that year were beyond crap. We're certainly better than that!
  4. I take my cue from the manager. Doesn't the report on his comments share the same point of view as the moaners (well he certainly concurs with my view). The Toon were there for the taking, and we didn't! Nuff Said?
  5. I'll put a 1 in front of your predictions CC and CP - yeah 14 out of 18, bring it on!
  6. If it was tactical, then Williams needs a right kick up the ****! He never once took Joelinton on, made him look like a world class midfielder FFS! Joelinton is on a par with Sargent, he's that bad as a striker as everyone knows, but a midfielder ...
  7. In hindsight, Dowell on for Gilmour would have been the game changer
  8. Never played wide at all! What the **** was that all about - so narrow!
  9. Why didn't Aarons knock and run past Lewis? Bet he's done it a 100 times at Colney but not tonight. Aaaaggghhhh!
  10. Lose Pukki and we have **** all up front too! It's going to be a true miracle if we survive.
  11. Look, the bottom line is, we made Joelinton look comfortable, nay, a world beater as a defensive midfielder. We were **** tonight, end of.
  12. Yep, this one has run its course Can we try John Rowe please?
  13. Biggest frustration of the night. Oh for one knock and run, or one knock and go. Mind Williams was worse.
  14. Gilmour grew? **** off, this game was made for him and he did **** all. A more inept performance from a lynch pin player I have yet to see. He needs a real good talking to! He's believing all the hype those Chelsea fans who vote him MOTM give him. Pants.....
  15. Thank **** for Pukki. That is all......
  16. How the **** can Gilmour get any mark tonight. Nearly cost us the match and despite the game being set up for him, played a real stinker. Needs a real kick up the **** - overrated.
  17. Yeah well, we were ****, that's all. But hey ho, up to 18th. If we can do that when we're ****, what can we do when we're good? If ever ......
  18. The Keepmoat barely sees that amount of goals in a season! Great to see the Norfolk lass with 4. The sooner she returns to NCFC ladies and gets them up the pyramid the better?
  19. If ever a game was set up for Gilmour to shine, this was it. Surely with all the space afforded him from playing 10 men, he could demonstrate his skills. But no, sideways passing galore. And don't tell me it was because of lack of support from his team mates. If any match demonstrated that Gilmour can't cut it, it was this one. He will remain an enigma.. Unless Smith sorts him out .....
  20. Agree that Howe should be more circumspect than some people think, but actually I think with their defence their only real chance of winning is all out attack, but that should lead them extremely vulnerable to the counter attack. So if we can stand firm against the initial onslaught (Hanley please god don't **** it up), then the general consensus on here that Pukki and Rashica will both score looks a decent bet.
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