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  1. Old Shuck

    Silly Contract Season

    Bearing in mind DF said he always saw himself in the sort of role Webber has, maybe he'll replace him and be partially responsible for appointing his successor?
  2. Old Shuck

    Will Emery last for Sunday?

    Timed it well, haven't they? A game they feel a 'caretaker manager bounce' can see them through to the 3 points needed. One that, had they lost under Emery, would have made the situation beyond toxic. And if we still win, its not such a disaster for them anyway as they'll blame it on the previous regimes failings and give it the "season starts here" treatment. So they're going into the fixture with absolutely nothing to lose and that means we are going to be up against it. I bet Ozil starts and scores as well!
  3. Old Shuck

    Steer clear!

    Nice and easy. What CM said...
  4. Old Shuck

    A club without ambition

    Hear hear. Seriously, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea et al are all out there waiting for their support. Switching allegiance to a new club is free and there are no exams to pass or queues to join, you can be a confirmed lifetime fan of Liverpool and appear as 'Diss Koppite' or whatever on their messageboards at anytime. You could even expect thirty million or so to be blown on just one player anytime soon, hell, you might even find Madders is playing for 'your' club again before the start of next season, how about that? One simple little switch of allegiance and all your Norwich City supporting woes will be gone in an instant and you needn't worry about any of us, Delia or the clubs lack of ambition ever again. That's something else that puzzles me. When people relate the clubs perceived lack of ambition to the individual supporters as in the accusations of "...how can you not be ambitious for our club/show some ambition for the club" etc etc. I don't know but I am sure I am not alone here-but my ambitions, such as they are, relate to me and my life and aspects of it that I can control and influence, not that of a business that I have absolutely no influence on whatsoever: haven't had, don't have and never will have. We're supporters. We may think that gives us some entitlement but it doesn't. Yes, we put varying degrees of money into the club but that is entirely voluntary, no-one signed a contract that said in return for buying 'x' season tickets, the club will do ensure that they match your ambitions for it. The self sustaining model is set in granite. It isn't going to change anytime soon. No-one is going to come along and gift the club billions of pounds anytime soon either. And yes, we may go down in May. But the start of pre-season training will still see Webber and Farke here and still see the same people in charge in the boardroom. No-one has to like it. But, like it or not and despite all the arguments and angst, that is how it is going to remain.
  5. Sussex by the ****ing sea, don't get me started on that dirge... "Why do you sing that song before kick off?" "Because we're the only club in British football that's at the seaside" Quite apart from the fact that Brighton's stadium is in Falmer which is about 7 miles from the seaside...I'm sure there are some that are a lot closer!
  6. Old Shuck

    Godfrey and Lewis ...

    Amen to that, Feedthewolf. Thankyou, Pete for the 'Block' option. No more adolescent raving and drooling from the troll.
  7. Old Shuck

    Patrick Roberts

    If he doesn't fit the system, you'd think someone, somewhere at the club might have worked that out for themselves before we signed him. We supposedly look at all aspects of a players character/personality before signing them as well as taking, obviously, their playing strengths into consideration. Due diligence sort of thing, will they 'get' Norwich etc etc etc. Unless Roberts fooled everyone to thinking he was Mr Perfect in life, training and attitude beforehand, it a bit of a slip up from someone, somewhere. As has already been said, its not as if the current midfield are tearing up the PL so he can't get a game. He'll be quietly shipped back to Man City in January & head off elsewhere.
  8. Old Shuck

    We do this every time

    Is it fair to expect (rather than hope for!) two wins from our next two games? Man Utd would, usually, be regarded as a free hit-but because they've had such a mediocre start, a lot of us were convinced we were going to win it and are now disappointed we haven't. The curious thing is, in recent years, we've beaten much much better Man Utd sides than their current one. But six points from Brighton and Watford a reasonable expectation-or 4 minimum? One or less would be...well, lets not go there.
  9. Old Shuck

    We do this every time

    Naismith was hardly an investment-how much money did we **** against the wall with him? Investing is exactly what the club is doing-re.Colney and improving the contracts of our current players so, when they do move on, we get big money for them. That, is investing. So for you to say "...the club won't invest' is not true.
  10. Old Shuck

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    Plenty of clubs outside the Premier League with massively wealthy owners, Master Keith. Using your logic, Stoke would be up there and thriving. Coates being a billionaire. Whilst the combined net wealth of the Rotherham owners is around six times that of ours. So they're hardly "tinpot owners" -but their club will never play in the Premier League.
  11. Old Shuck

    and there’s more ....... injuries

    We got through the whole of the 1988/89 season using just 18 players-47 games in total and 7 players who started at least 35 of our 38 league games. Of those 18, three of them only started 1 game! They were mighty fit and we were mighty lucky, I guess, with injuries (or not) that season. 18! You can use 14 in just one game now!
  12. Old Shuck

    James Madison

    Pretty certain terms of the deal when we signed him from Coventry was that they'd get a percentage from any sell on clause we had as well as whatever cut they got from the fee when we sold him. Do wonder if Liverpool might be a little too high tempo and press press press for his game?
  13. Old Shuck

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    On and on and on they drone about their "history". Every time they do, they think it strikes home and hurts.... ...never has, never will. Now it's "...how many England managers?" ****s sake, what next? "Yebbut, yebbut....how many stars do you have on YOUR shirt?" None but we do have the Premier League badge. Which counts for a whole lot more.
  14. That's why I want them to get him next. See what he has to say and answer the claim that he has dismissed us from his CV.
  15. Yes, enjoyed it as well-looks like it was one of the last things Michael Bailey did for Archant before he moved to the Athletic. Sutton suggested Lee Power for a future instalment, given what he has done outside playing, that would be interesting. Who else would be worth an episode? Martin Peters for me although, sadly, he is, as I understand it, rather poorly. Andy Townsend, Tim Sherwood and Chris Woods too.