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  1. Old Shuck

    Delia simply never ever learns

    "You and many fans seem content to accept mediocrity as the status quo for the club". The last twenty years or so have been many things but I would suggest that a status quo of 'mediocrity' isn't one of them.
  2. Old Shuck

    Paradox in defence

    Spending a lot of money there Barcelona, can't fault your choices but Wanyama, in particular, will have far more attractive offers than any we could give him. Hanley is superior to Raggett isnt he? If that wasnt the case, Raggett would have had his chances long before now. They're not exactly raving about him at Pompey. 'Adequate' and 'does the job' would be their considered opinion on him. Klose, again, has been a huge loss this season. He and Godfrey everytime for me. Harsh on Zimmerman? Maybe. But then what a great option as first choice cover or from the bench. Would assume that Hanley and Zimmerman would be first choices back in the Champ next season with Byram and a new left back.
  3. Old Shuck

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    "It is painfully obvious that Farke, Webber and the board are colluding to get the club relegated and this has been the position ever since promotion was secured against Blackburn." -that one is up there with the moon landings were faked and the earth is flat. Keep 'em coming Vince.
  4. Old Shuck

    Villa fall foul of VAR

    That's ridiculous. To be honest, as much as it's a pain for clubs, ourselves included, the more VAR is collectively shown to **** up at the minute, the better, as every incident of this nature hurts VAR more.
  5. Old Shuck

    The Athletic

    Yes. But it's not the place to go for gossip or click bait type articles (in the main), a few, non NCFC related I should add) have had the latter effect. It's just a range of in depth stories and interviews on a variety of topics, clubs and players. Considered rather than controversial. Enjoying it. And good to read about football stories not related to our club-especially those that leave me glad I don't support the one it might be about, given the angst it provokes from their fans in response. Sunderland a great example.
  6. Old Shuck

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    Good for Todd. He gets stick, even now, some of it utterly ridiculous and small minded stuff about his appearance and character, has a little pop back at his critics and like most bullies, they don't like it. Yet there'll be those who bang on about the 'lack of ambition' of the club when he moves on...and some who'll probably be pleased and hope for someone who rolls up their sleeves, clenches their fists, has a number one haircut, "...gets ****ing stuck in, gets it ****ing forward and shouts ****ing come ON at no-one in particular throughout a game..."
  7. Old Shuck

    Pellegrini sacked

    I rather think he is you know!
  8. Old Shuck

    Don't get disheartened.

    This new investor will want a return on the money he or she puts into the club, how will they realise that other than by selling players?
  9. Biased as picking players I liked/enjoyed watching rather than necessarily the 'best' for each position-and, a'la Lambert, playing in the 4-1-2-1-2 Diamond formation. Gunn Martin-Bassong-Klose-Dijks Fox Maddison-Pilkington Wes Holt-Pukki
  10. Old Shuck

    Leicester are the club I wish we were

    Except it's not "OUR" club, it is very much their club. Like it or not. You clearly don't. .Hey (ho ho) ho...
  11. Looks as if they're planning on a promotion campaign next season already. On the other hand, he is seen as having laid the foundations for Leicester's title winning side, maybe they're after that side of him-getting a tight squad together that grows and, ultimately, exceeds expectations. Might be a very canny choice.
  12. Old Shuck

    Silly Contract Season

    Bearing in mind DF said he always saw himself in the sort of role Webber has, maybe he'll replace him and be partially responsible for appointing his successor?
  13. Old Shuck

    Will Emery last for Sunday?

    Timed it well, haven't they? A game they feel a 'caretaker manager bounce' can see them through to the 3 points needed. One that, had they lost under Emery, would have made the situation beyond toxic. And if we still win, its not such a disaster for them anyway as they'll blame it on the previous regimes failings and give it the "season starts here" treatment. So they're going into the fixture with absolutely nothing to lose and that means we are going to be up against it. I bet Ozil starts and scores as well!
  14. Old Shuck

    Steer clear!

    Nice and easy. What CM said...
  15. Old Shuck

    A club without ambition

    Hear hear. Seriously, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea et al are all out there waiting for their support. Switching allegiance to a new club is free and there are no exams to pass or queues to join, you can be a confirmed lifetime fan of Liverpool and appear as 'Diss Koppite' or whatever on their messageboards at anytime. You could even expect thirty million or so to be blown on just one player anytime soon, hell, you might even find Madders is playing for 'your' club again before the start of next season, how about that? One simple little switch of allegiance and all your Norwich City supporting woes will be gone in an instant and you needn't worry about any of us, Delia or the clubs lack of ambition ever again. That's something else that puzzles me. When people relate the clubs perceived lack of ambition to the individual supporters as in the accusations of "...how can you not be ambitious for our club/show some ambition for the club" etc etc. I don't know but I am sure I am not alone here-but my ambitions, such as they are, relate to me and my life and aspects of it that I can control and influence, not that of a business that I have absolutely no influence on whatsoever: haven't had, don't have and never will have. We're supporters. We may think that gives us some entitlement but it doesn't. Yes, we put varying degrees of money into the club but that is entirely voluntary, no-one signed a contract that said in return for buying 'x' season tickets, the club will do ensure that they match your ambitions for it. The self sustaining model is set in granite. It isn't going to change anytime soon. No-one is going to come along and gift the club billions of pounds anytime soon either. And yes, we may go down in May. But the start of pre-season training will still see Webber and Farke here and still see the same people in charge in the boardroom. No-one has to like it. But, like it or not and despite all the arguments and angst, that is how it is going to remain.