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  1. Its like the bowler in cricket running out the batter when they wander over the crease prior to delivery. Not being seen as in the 'spirit' of the game but perfectly legitimate and in the rules. Same here. It's handball. I'd want the penalty if it was us. If we'd given it away, the anger would be directed at the careless defender, not the ref-you cannot or should not be selective with the games rules, especially when any so-called spirit and sense of fair play evaporated from the game years ago. Remember when we scored at Reading after the ball rebounded to Mulryne off the refs back? The Reading players and supporters went ballistic. But the ref was/is "in play", to disallow the goal would be ignoring the rules. Ditto the goal for, I think, Sunderland at Liverpool, that was assisted by a beach ball on the pitch. Here, the defender handled the ball. So penalty. Accidental? Doesn't matter. VAR gives plenty of penalties for 'accidental' handball now anyway. Ref here was right.
  2. We have had access to it a few times over the last few years and it seems to have left us worse off financially every time!
  3. They keep on saying we will reset but I think the button is broken and needs replacing...
  4. If and when it happens, they'll appoint Michael Beale and give him a 4 year contract & say what a 'coup' it is.... He looks to have potential as a coach. But we need a leader. Its why Lambert and Cully worked so well-a leader and motivator plus a damned good coach working together.
  5. I think our owners believe they/we are "too good" for Warnock, that we are, somehow, above appointing him or a coach of his ilk-of whom there are not that many more! They've rejected him once, he'll not get another chance. The belief is "...we're Norwich City, we don't play your style of football or welcome your sort of management and personality". Breaking news: we're already playing an inferior style of his football-plus his sort of management and personality is exactly what we need right now.
  6. Doesn't look too far from the old H block where I used to sit and the adjacent cafe under the stand.
  7. Think Jim Cumbes, who played against us in the '75 League Cup final was another? Botham maybe the only one better known, so to speak, as a cricketer than a footballer.
  8. They were top of the old First Division after three games in 74/75 I think, P3 W3...and no goals conceded.We missed out on playing them that campaign as we'd gone down as they came up...then we came back up and they went down. Plus they had the cricketing footballer (or footballing cricketer) in Chris Balderstone. Can't see Joe Root turning out for Luton any time soon.
  9. Having a respected coach in place might encourage some players to sign more than a state of the art training ground does. It's the sort of leftfield and ferociously ambitious sort of appointment we'd never make, but, when Leeds looked above the humdrum and appointed Bielsa, players from all over the world were, all of a sudden, more than happy to talk to Leeds United.p We could have spent £8 million on Tzolis or ear marked that sort of sum for when we did need to change coach. Make a statement that way. Whatever sort of statement Dean Smith and Wagner was, what it wasn't was '...look at who Norwich have appointed, wow, that shows ambition...can we talk to them?'. We did that with John Bond. He was the early Eddie Howe of the day (same club too), young ambitious coach who was making people sit up and take notice. We fought tooth and nail to get him but dug in and got the rewards. He convinced Martin Peters to sign for us, thr Smith or Wagner of the day wouldn't even have made the call. We did the same with Martin O'Neill, another young and dynamic coach who'd turned down other clubs before he came to us. It didn't work out. But O'Neill was left frustrated from the start. Rioch was another brave appointment, we played some great football under him and might have prospered....but he was left as frustrated as O'Neill was, plus, in addition to that, Hamilton was muddying the waters. Lambert, and Neil weren't big names but they carried that desire to do well, you could see the fire that burnt within them, thr desire to do well. Their players found that infectious and played above themselves. Tierney and Morison in the Premier League: it really happened. Smith and Wagner are carpet slippet, magnolia and Werthers Originals. Safe, steady, predictable, do the job. But they don't inspire. We need another maverick. I was so excited when, name escapes me, the Bodo Glint (sp) coach was being mentioned as a candidate for us. He could have been another John Bond. But we went for Dean Smith.
  10. Henderson picked again no doubt...and probably as Captain if Kane starts on the bench.
  11. Yes. I can see the club puffing and wheezing its way through to May which, providing we don't lose six or seven on the spin, will see Wagner remaih in place. There'll be changes. But much more behind the scenes, BK will rebuild the pyramid from the base upwards-so technical staff, recruitment, scouting etc. Getting the infrastructure he wants in place first and foremost, then, finally, identifying a coach who'll slot in at the apex and oversee the whole thing. Hughes won't be here beyond the summer. Whilst Pelach will head off to sate his own ambitions of being a head coach. The wheels are turning and things will be happening, there'll be staff churn a'plenty. But the main change will, ideally for Knapper anyway, be one of the final pieces of the jigsaw, not the first.
  12. Agree re.promotion.As in it not happening this season. Perm any three from Leicester, Leeds and Ipswich for top three. Play off success for the one that misses out. Leicester and Ipswich are relatively stable, will spend in January and have good coaches. Leeds are not quite as stable but there'll be money to spend in January, they've a clutch of great young players and, in Farke, a coach who'll play them and a coach who knows how to get promoted! We aren't at all stable, lack leadership, will be unable to spend any money in January and have a decent man but inadequate coach in charge who, for all that, if and when he is available again (and a win on Saturday will see him here until the New Year at least) wouldn't be on the short.ist of any clubs in the Premier League & barely any in the Championship either. We'll finish between 10th and 15th. Knapper has one hell of a job on. I wish him well but suspect he'll be missing the 'other' Colney sooner than he thought he would.
  13. The headline in the Daily Mail yesterday (no, I don't buy it, saw it at the newsagents) was RIOTS AT THE CENOTAPH (or similar) They'd ****ing well love that to happen, gagging for it probably... ***.
  14. Not a chance of that happening. It'll be Michael Beale.
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