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  1. Nope, not at all with regard to this takeover.
  2. A massive **** 'working' with a bunch of other massive twats.
  3. I'm stunned he isn't the spit of RVW....does this mean Purple isn't purple?
  4. Agreed. He's still seen as the weak link by some. Hopefully they're all letting Farke know.
  5. Thinking a variation on the XTC song. Sargent Josh is going to help me.
  6. The Gordon Ramsey and badger sett one is always worth raising at such times.
  7. That they're 'the biggest name in sports apparal globally' is one very good reason to not even want to point a ****ty stick at them. Mass naff.
  8. We're saying we can get another right back in but it'll be hard to get a DM as good as Skipp, so this possibility is worth exploring. I wonder if Tottenham think they can probably get (or have) a decent DM in but are going to find it hard to acquire a RB as good as Max? If that's their thinking, well....
  9. Jim, would you agree that, if someone wanted to buy into the club to the extent that they had the controlling interest, then they'd make their intent, one way or the other, fairly clear and get it out in the open-get fans onside, fellow potential investors etc? Cullum did. I'm sure others would, it wouldn't all be done on the quiet. Think of the social media and media in general coverage if 'x' from 'abc' made his or her intent to offer DS and MWJ £80 million with the promise of further investment to come. They'd have all the momentum of an incoming tide and know a genuine offer that ended up being rebuffed would only work in their favour in the long term.
  10. Thankyou Hogesar.... "Top 26" keeps being misinterpreted as "...18th to 26th" -yes, it includes those positions, but it also includes 10th, 9th, 8th etc etc. Stating the ****ing obvious I know but it does imply there is some sort of ambition, however 'out there' for there to be an objective to finish in the top 9 as well as the bottom 9. Survive next season and, with more judicious additions next summer, a 22/23 finishing place of 10th-14th wouldn't be impossible. Little steps.
  11. The right cecision. Put some Germolene on the burn and move on...
  12. But that doesn't mean the likes of Pukki, Krul, Cantwell, Gibson et al are going to think, "....no, I won't demand a wage rise comparable to the %tage Emi has got as this happens throughout football". They'd all still expect to be given the same raise themselves. And rigntly so. You don't mark out one player in a squad and give him preferential treatment. Recipe for dischord and transfer requests.
  13. Yep, beginning to think that myself. Had previously thought that whilst Max leaving is a given, Emi would stay another year and Todd would commit to a new contract. Now feels as if Max is still a given, Emi is heading that way as well and, after SW's comments re.Todd, his thinking may now be on moving as well whilst his stock is high. And guess they're all much more valuable as players at a recently promoted to the Premier League as champions club than a possibly relegated one twelve months down the line and with a year less remaining on their contracts. Chris Woods and Dave Watson stayed on for a year to help us get back up then left. We replaced them though so, maybe...
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