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  1. Other managers first five games with us- John Bond- D L D L L Ken Brown- W L D D L Dave Stringer- L D L W L Mike Walker- W W D L W John Deehan- D D D D D
  2. Can't see Tottenham wanting him to go anywhere next season-would think they'll want him in the squad for August and only loan him out in January if he hasn't had many games up until then-its not as if he's raw and untried there, he's already played 15 games for them. If, massive if, they get shot of Mourinho between now and the start of next season, that might make a difference-but there will be bigger clubs than us aware of him now.
  3. Seconded. Utter gent who did us proud for many years. Have a great day, Ken....
  4. Standard 'just joined a new club' waffle. Moving on...
  5. I thought at the time that Lambert saw himself as better than us and were lucky to have him. We were a means to an end, just as Wycombe and Colchester were. Its largely forgotten (most likely by Lambert himself) that he was not good enough for Livingstone at the beginning of his managerial career and they won only 2 from 26 in his time there although, to be fair, they were on a bit of a hiding to nothing in the SPL at the time anyway. There are managers that burn very brightly and very quickly for a while and everyone is all over them for that period of time-Mike Walker did so with us, Di Canio is another, Ade Bothroyd at club level, David O'Leary at Leeds (the last time they were "everyone's second team") -he was linked with jobs at Man Utd and Liverpool whilst he was doing well there, went to Villa, failed and hasn't been in the game since. Lambert is another. He had his lightning in the jar moment with us, courtesy of Culverhouse, Martin, Hoolahan and Holt, got together a team that had a bit of the old Wimbledon 'crazy gang' spirit about them and saw himself as more of a coach than he really was. There'll be others. But his chance of ever managing a big club again has gone and he'll do all he can to stay put at Ipswich-unlike when he was here, when he ended up doing whatever he could to burn bridges and get out.
  6. Whenever I think about this I always give myself the caveat of never including any players who are at the club at the time I list my XI. Makes it a bit easier. Would currently pick a simple 4-4-2 as follows- Woods Culverhouse Bruce Watson Bowen Townsend Peters Sutton Drinkell Crook Huckerby
  7. The best one I ever had was from my A Level Geography at King's Lynn Tech who wrote- "What do you mean by this? THINK. Do you ever think? Answers on a postcard, please..."
  8. 16. Wasn't paying attention to the 'On ,Loan from Tottenham" question and just picked Skipp. As we were told at school time and time again: "Read the question thoroughly".
  9. Yes, the thing about us all being rather quiet at the end. As we filed out, someone shouted out something along the lines that we'd just won at Wembley and should be making a lot more noise. The old boy in front of me just went "Hmph" in response before adding, "i just want to git hum'
  10. Sanders coach, early morning start in a Fakenham car park, flasks, copies of the Sunday People and tightly wrapped packs of cheese sandwiches and hard boiled eggs for as far as the eye can see... ...Red Devil display team pre-match, one of them lands on the stadium roof and rolls off and down onto the concourse outside. Greg Downs, dropped, resplendent in a light grey suit sat at a BBC camera and pretending to film us all behind the goal. Chris Woods, head in hands when the penalty is given. Mark Barham;s volley, would have been one of Wembley's better goals if it had gone in. Watching the game on video at home and hearing Barry Davies go "...go on Donowa, go on" -had never heard him sound so partisan! Getting home late to find my Dad had drawn the goal with stickmen and, underneath, had written, '...how about that, then?'
  11. He said all the right things when we signed him... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44668232 ...mind you, there's always a bit of 'I'm delighted to have joined <insert club name here>, quite a few clubs were in for me but when I knew <insert coach or manager name here> was interested, I wanted to get it all done as quickly. This is a massive club/sleeping giant and I am looking forward to the challenge ahead'.
  12. Guess they forgot to take their water soakers and pose with them held high in the air for the photo?
  13. They're not the sort of trophies that you'll ever display with pride in a prominent place within your expensive and tastefully decorated home, are they?
  14. Upsetting Birmingham fans is like upsetting fans of Bingo by calling the numbers incorrectly. Todd will 'upset' far bigger, better and more relevant in the years to come! They'd love him in their side.
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