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  1. Old Shuck

    Small Claim To Fame.

    I remember Don Estelle singing and selling his records in Hunstanton Woolworth's for a few summers in the 1980's. Always thought it was a bit sad. bless him.... Stood next to Gary Moore at a ZZ Top gig at the old Hammy Odeon. Bob Wilson used to stay at his Mum's in Brancaster some summers, we once, village kids, summed up the courage to knock on the door and ask for an autograph....he was out.
  2. Old Shuck

    Peter Whittingham

    Oh my goodness. Massively underrated player-except at Cardiff. We were linked with him a few times weren't we?
  3. Sorry fella, thought you were one of the young un's!
  4. Lots of empty seats because the main stand had burnt down the previous October and wasn't used until the replacement (which we're now hoping to replace again!) was opened in 1986.
  5. Old Shuck

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Ryan Bertrand? Martin Peters for me. But Chippy is up there. Ditto Hucks and Wes. Hope we can say the same about one of our current players in 10-15 years time.
  6. Old Shuck

    Geographical Nonsense

    100k a week and I'd more than happily work in central London even. That sort of salary means you wouldn't have to live there and could travel in daily from your quiet and leafy Surrey village, no problem!
  7. Old Shuck

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    I don't even want to waste negative energy on them!
  8. Old Shuck

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

  9. Old Shuck

    Too much loyalty, too much hype?

    Thought exactly that FJSP. True or not, that valuation will be seen as a new benchmark on which to quote others. He's not worth it of course. But he might be in five years time or so. Some of ours are impressing in the PL now. So £25 million for Aaron's sounds bargain basement against £30 million for Bellingham!
  10. Old Shuck

    Ben Marshall

    David Batty hated football and everything to do with it-couldn't wait to get out of the game once he'd finished playing. His idea of a good holiday was exploring the Yorkshire moors in his VW Camper. Strikes me as odd you'd do something for a living that you hated simply because you'd have had to have put the work in to get where you ended up, at a high level in his case, but then I guess the remuneration on offer was incentive enough? I'd sign a 4 year contract to clean all the public loos in Ipswich by hand for £80,000 a week....so...
  11. Old Shuck

    Delia simply never ever learns

    "You and many fans seem content to accept mediocrity as the status quo for the club". The last twenty years or so have been many things but I would suggest that a status quo of 'mediocrity' isn't one of them.
  12. Old Shuck

    Paradox in defence

    Spending a lot of money there Barcelona, can't fault your choices but Wanyama, in particular, will have far more attractive offers than any we could give him. Hanley is superior to Raggett isnt he? If that wasnt the case, Raggett would have had his chances long before now. They're not exactly raving about him at Pompey. 'Adequate' and 'does the job' would be their considered opinion on him. Klose, again, has been a huge loss this season. He and Godfrey everytime for me. Harsh on Zimmerman? Maybe. But then what a great option as first choice cover or from the bench. Would assume that Hanley and Zimmerman would be first choices back in the Champ next season with Byram and a new left back.
  13. Old Shuck

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    "It is painfully obvious that Farke, Webber and the board are colluding to get the club relegated and this has been the position ever since promotion was secured against Blackburn." -that one is up there with the moon landings were faked and the earth is flat. Keep 'em coming Vince.
  14. Old Shuck

    Villa fall foul of VAR

    That's ridiculous. To be honest, as much as it's a pain for clubs, ourselves included, the more VAR is collectively shown to **** up at the minute, the better, as every incident of this nature hurts VAR more.
  15. Old Shuck

    The Athletic

    Yes. But it's not the place to go for gossip or click bait type articles (in the main), a few, non NCFC related I should add) have had the latter effect. It's just a range of in depth stories and interviews on a variety of topics, clubs and players. Considered rather than controversial. Enjoying it. And good to read about football stories not related to our club-especially those that leave me glad I don't support the one it might be about, given the angst it provokes from their fans in response. Sunderland a great example.