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  1. Those of a certain age cannot possibly have forgotten Drazen Muzinic. The second coming according to John Bond but in 58 years of supporting City never ever have I seen such an awful 'footballer'. His strengths? None. His weaknesses? How long have you got!
  2. Whilst the owners see our club as a much-loved family heirloom to be passed on to nephew Tom there's not a snowball in hell's chance that things will improve. Farke has limitations and Webber hasn't been perfect but all the time they're operating with one hand tied behind their backs buying cheap players who are simply not up to the job or who are cheap because they're sicknotes of which Byram is the latest. It will have to turn nasty to get better for the supporters of this great club.
  3. There is such desperation to complete the season that even in the unlikely event a number of players test positive the cynicism within the PL is such I fully expect them to say that at one point earlier in the season we had six or seven players out injured and this is no different. Get on with it!
  4. Wonder where this will leave King's Lynn. Have an inkling to see them a bit next season.
  5. I fully accept that we couldn't replicate the success they've had in NZ Lakey but there's one heck of a difference between their death rate and ours. My cousin made the point several times that the vast majority of the population in NZ trust the PM and when she said, in very clear terms, this is what we must do, the people did it, with few exceptions. And the penalties for non-compliance made people think twice before breaking the rules.
  6. It's a similar story we've heard from a relation in New Zealand where the lockdown was immediate, specific and tough. It was really hard for a 71 year-old cousin for six weeks. However, New Zealand is now virus-free and life has pretty much returned to normal. Population of 5 million. Deaths 22. You do the math.
  7. Although of course if there was the same amount of money at stake with these posh sports as there is with football it might be a different story.
  8. Sky Sports are reporting that the Premier League and clubs are meeting on Thursday to agree a process should the season be curtailed. It's reported that the Premier League will be pushing for PPG to 'complete the season' but an unnamed Premier League club owner has said that ten clubs want no relegation if the season is curtailed. Put Thursday in your diary folks although if Germany is anything to go by the odds are heavily stacked on the season here being completed.
  9. I was with you Ricardo in not believing that we would ever get to this point but money doesn't just talk it shouts and for the last few weeks it's been obvious this will happen. The EFL have never had any intention to complete the Championship and that does stick in the gullet. Presumably the EPL and EFL believe they're on solid ground with the way it's going but it stinks.
  10. Personally, I think I'd need more than a little persuasion to be injected by a vaccine developed in a Chinese Laboratory. Think I'll stick with Sarah!
  11. If Professor High's hypothesis is correct and the virus does actually die out, do we need a vaccine? Sorry, I'm no scientist but just curious.
  12. He's been in No. 10 since about midday do presumably if he was going he would have left long before now. My guess is that him and Boris have been getting their stories straight ready for Boris to come out at 5.00 and tell the world what a great bloke Cummings is.
  13. In the Telegraph today Professor Adrian High, who is the Project Leader for the Oxford Vaccine trial, rated the chances of success as no more than 50/50 and also suggested that the virus is actually dying out.
  14. Absolutely Dylan. However many straws we clutch at, unless something cataclysmic happens the season will be completed on the pitch and all talk of PPG will be completely irrelevant. Project Restart will be steamrollered through come what may - that much has become very clear in the last few weeks.
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