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  1. And how much rope will Knapper be allowed or will a higher authority be pulling his strings? And if Sydney is a foretaste of his signings we really are in the doggy doo doo anyway.
  2. Between Lowestoft and Halesworth according to our local paper.
  3. He attended Bungay High School in the late 1990s/early 2000s so presumably was brought up in that area. Manning is a well-known name in and around Bungay so someone on here might have come across him.
  4. Trading on his Dad's record a bit llike Paul Dalglish? If that's the case so much for Knapper's detailed statistical analysis of potential new signings and thorough scouting over a period of several.months.
  5. Very worryingly for the future SVH was one of Knapper's first forays into the transfer market. On what basis did he think SVH was just what we needed?
  6. If it is Mike Kenning he would have to be up there as one of the quickest wingers we ever had. Goodness me he could shift.
  7. It's a long time ago and my good memory is but a distant memory but my stab in the dark is Mike Kenning.
  8. Absolute top man. Saw him at the 1985 reunion. My ten year-old grandson hadn't a clue who he was but Ken took the time to explain to him all about 1985 playing down his role in it and putting all the praise on to the players. What a guy. Hope he gets to 100.
  9. He's said for a long time that would be his dream job - and presumably it will be his final drive. Wonder how much it's costing Ferrari.
  10. I read last year that Moanrinho had been paid £80m. in sacking payments over the years usually lasting no more than three seasons at any club. But he's on the managerial merry-go-round along with quite a few others and I'm sure he'll pick up a job in one of the top European leagues with a club who'll accept his out-dated turgid playing style in return for some hoped-for success.
  11. Many years ago I was running a course at a hotel in the Coventry/Warwick area. Sunderland were staying there in advance of playing Coventry that evening. Whilst the players were having an afternoon kip, Mick McCarthy, their manager at the time, was in the lounge having a cuppa. Rather cheekily I joined him as he was not occupied on anything and we started chatting footie talk. Have to say he was a top bloke, down to earth and really appreciative of City as a club. I suspect that changed a few years later!
  12. Saw John Ruddy a couple of times in Tesco at Harford and also filling up with fuel at the Shell garage on Ipswich Road.
  13. Saw Teemu several times shopping either in Sainsburys in Attleborough or Waitrose in Wymondham. Saw Emi playing football with his littl'un in his garden.
  14. I have friends both in Calgary and Athabasca and can't believe the weather they live with from Autumn through to Spring every year. When we speak to them at Christmas and they say it's mild as it's only minus 10. Yikes. Not for me.
  15. In talks with Sheffield United according to Bournemouth local sports journos.
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