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  1. The four main hubs in Norfolk are only operating every other day for the next two weeks due to an issue with the supply of vaccines. Presumably that will have an effect on the numbers in these parts.
  2. I had my vax yesterday morning and have had no side effects at all. My very fit 39 year-old son was offered a left-over vax on Saturday at the end of his shift as a volunteer and is just getting out of bed for the first time in 36 hours having suffered awful side effects. One of the nurses told me yesterday that the better your immune system, which tends to be younger people generally speaking, the more likely you are to suffer side effects. My mother lives in a care home. Most of the staff and residents were vaccinated on the same day. Not one of the residents suffered any side effects but a few of the younger carers were off work for a couple of days afterwards mostly with muscular aches and pains and blinding headaches. I'm no scientist but there might be something in it.
  3. Thanks WBB. I'm 70 by a few days and as my wife is in the next group ie 65 - 69 we're hoping that group is opened up in the next day or two so we can each make an appointment at the same time and cut down on the number of journeys we make.
  4. For 360 days of the year, on average, I'm delighted that we live in the middle of nowhere but today was one of the other five days. We are totally snowed in and I was unable to keep the appointment for my vaccination. One thing I did learn today was that you can't cancel your appointment on 119 if it is the day of your appointment. 119 gave me a number to call for the Food Court Vaccination Centre in Castle Quarter in Norwich to cancel my appointment but that turned out to be the number of the irate manager of the Food Court itself who was fed up with receiving such calls. It appears the vaccination centre itself doesn't have a phone. A further call to 119 established that if you need to cancel your appointment on the day you don't need to let anyone know, just don't turn up, your appointment will be cancelled on the system overnight and you can start again the next day.
  5. Indeed and agreed BB but it's the power of the media and what people think they saw on TV yesterday.
  6. Quite a few people in this part of the world trying to change their appointment from a known AZ centre to a known Pfizer centre.
  7. Yep, for me it's Castle Quarter in Norwich (formerly Castle Mall for any exiles) at 9.05 on Wednesday 28th April.
  8. Using the NHS online system I booked both my vaxes at the same time - Monday and 28th April which I make is a gap of twelve weeks and two days. However, if we receive the level of snow over the weekend that the Met Office are forecasting I'll be struggling to keep my appointment on Monday.
  9. Yes, it's just been announced on the 7.00 news that trials are to start using two different vaccines with those two to be trialled in the UK being AZ and Pfizer.
  10. Thanks for your reply WBB re Ivermectin. I did try to read the Lancet report but for a simple Norfolk lad who needed three attempts to scrape an O level pass in General Science back in the day most of it was way beyond me. However there did seem to be some encouraging signs in the bits I could understand for an off the shelf drug that costs peanuts.
  11. With regards to your last paragraph WBB has Ivermectin ever been discussed on any of the previous 610 pages of this thread do you recall? Friends of my son with scientific minds better than his, even allowing for his 1st in Biology, are surprised that a proven, and cheap, drug such as Ivermectin apparently seems to have been ignored during the whole Covid debate.
  12. Yes, I've seen the Israeli stuff thanks WBB and remain optimistic about the future. I have two young grandchildren I want to see grow up into adulthood and I want them to be able to live in a world not dominated by this wretched virus. You're doing a great job both at your location and on here. Keep up the good work.
  13. On a gentler note, do you know, or have a feel for, the take-up rate at your location WBB? Apologies if you've already said and I've missed it.
  14. Presumably Ricardo the weekend vax figures for Scotland and Wales are included in today's numbers?
  15. A friend of mine was booked in for both vaccinations when his surgery rang him last week so perhaps there are no hard and fast rules on the subject.
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