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  1. Barry Brockes

    Prime Minister in ITU

    Just doesn't seem to be any pattern to the severity. Boris in ICU but all Matt Hancock had was a sore throat for a few days and back to work in a week. Not my cup of tea politically or as a man but I'll be saying a little prayer for you tonight Boris.
  2. Barry Brockes

    Prem league date pushed back.

    They could end looking a bit sheepish if all the major European leagues follow the example set by Belgium yesterday and declare their seasons finished.
  3. Barry Brockes

    National League null and void

    What clout do UEFA actually have? I thought Belgium announced yesterday that their season has finished and Bruges have been declared Champions. Promotions and relegations to be decided by a Committee.
  4. Barry Brockes

    Coronavirus Joke Thread.

    There are unconfirmed reports that Diane Abbott has COVID-27
  5. Barry Brockes

    Coronavirus Joke Thread.

    We can't get hold of toilet rolls thanks to the panic buying so we've been using Lettuce leaves. It's just the tip of the iceberg.
  6. Barry Brockes

    Corona Virus main thread

    It's actually his son teaching Wayne.
  7. Barry Brockes

    So.....can I go to work today?

    In response to Fenway, garages are allowed to stay open along with petrol stations.
  8. Barry Brockes

    *****Official match thread v Crawley*****

    Looks as though he's done his ACL which, if confirmed, means that's the end of the season for Tim for sure.
  9. Barry Brockes

    Bryan Gunn

    It's the apparent inconsistency I don't understand. A friend of mine was caught last week doing 34 in a 30 across the wide open space of Old Buckenham Common yet he lives on a built-up road near a school where the limit is 20 but where dozens of vehicles speed every day doing up to 50 or even 60. However, not once in over 20 years of living on that road has he seen a speed camera/gun. Doesn't seem totally logical to me.
  10. Barry Brockes

    It's (Nearly) Friday Again...

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Every morning this week a German Shepherd has come into my garden and done a s--t on my front lawn.

    Guess what happened today.

    The cheeky t--t brought his dog with him.
  11. Barry Brockes

    Mick McCarthy

    He''s alright is Mick. I once had afternoon tea with him at a hotel in Coventry. He was there preparing his Sunderland team for an evening game at Coventry and I was running a course there. We just bumped into each other in the lounge and chatted all things football for half an hour. Really down to earth - no airs and graces. Just a normal sort of guy talking good sense without any bovine excrement.
  12. Barry Brockes

    Match thread v Sheff Utd

    How did Chelsea do today then?
  13. Barry Brockes

    Just browsing TWTD

    ''blue and white carpet''
  14. Barry Brockes

    Just browsing TWTD

    Police are searching for a man who broke into the Ipswich Town trophy room to steal anything worth having. They are looking for a man with a blue and while carpet.
  15. Barry Brockes


    I''m pretty sure we beat Chelsea on penalties on our way to a League Cup final appearance in the 70s. Time plays tricks with the memory but I think the one and only Kevin Keelan strode up and smashed one in.