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  1. Very disappointing so far for me. Same old faces, most of whom have no track record of being anything other than mediocre. The cupboard must be very bare.
  2. The two Johnsonites votes won't make much difference though.
  3. Let's hope Rishi remembers the worms who've appeared on our screens in the last few days pleading their unswerving loyalty to the fat oaf. Talentless bunch anyway so they won't be missed. Looking forward to some new, fresh talented MPs in Rishi's cabinet - assuming that he sees off Mordaunt.
  4. The fat oaf is getting desperate it seems. He's rung Mordaunt, she says, trying to get her to join in with him. She told him to go forth and multiply. Sunak 1/6 on Betfair, Fat oaf 5/1. Get back to the Caribbean loser.
  5. Sunak now hardened to 3/10 on Betfair and the fat oaf out to 7/2. Long may that trend continue.
  6. Most MPs are only interested in themselves and are banking on Johnson being an election winner or at least banking on him ensuring that fewer of them become unemployed after the next GE than any of the other candidates.
  7. He'll promise endless jobs in the Cabinet or honours in the Honours List to secure the votes he needs. Lies and deceit come naturally to him.
  8. Looking at it from a Tory MPs point if view who is the most likely person to keep them in a job after the next GE? And that's all they're interested in. They know BJ will promise/lie whatever it takes to win a GE. Some other candidates have a modicum of honesty and decency whereas BJ has none. However I'm sure we'll hear plenty of 'I've learned my lesson and am a changed man'.
  9. Boris as short as 3/1 or 4/1 in places and shortening! Surely not. I think I'd emigrate!
  10. They're only one point clear of third but still eight clear of fourth.
  11. He's a young lad who just happens to be the son of a good friend of Smith.
  12. It wasn't particularly well promoted but was a very enjoyable afternoon. If names on shirts was going a bit too far name badges on the guys on the bus would have been helpful. 'Can I have your autograph please but who are you?'
  13. I should think Emi can think of 80,000 reasons every week why he would have moved to Villa whoever was in charge here.
  14. Except the elite clubs were only prepared to settle for the best of both worlds ie join a European super league AND stay in the Premier League.
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