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  1. During the week they were convinced that Paul Warne would crawl on all fours all the way from Rotherham for the chance to manage such a historic and prestigious club.
  2. I've seen them all since 1960. None, not one, has been fit to lace the boots of Kevin Keelan.
  3. I think Kevin Keegan's words in his book were along the lines that the fixtures against City were the first he looked for when the list came out as he knew that within ten minutes of the start of those two games he'd be lying on the turf with a faceful of mud, hurting somewhere, with a big Scotsman looking down on him saying 'Sorry about that wee laddie'.
  4. Wouldn't have thought Smith would be on Villa's list.
  5. My next-door neighbours are a family of Arsenal fans. I get on well with them but it is clear that they have been avoiding me for the last few weeks through embarrassment at not knowing what to say to me.
  6. And our very own Wessi. A true one-footed wonder but he wasn't too bad a player.
  7. The line-up will be interesting. Presumably those down with Covid last week won't be available yet.
  8. Farke and Zimbo both had their second vaxes at Cringleford three weeks ago this coming Saturday. It struck me at the time as being a bit later than I would have expected but both might have returned to their homeland during the close season and who knows when or where they had their first vaxes.
  9. If Hourihane is not reckoned to be good enough for Villa why would he be good enough for us?
  10. There was an alleged rumour at the time Boothroyd was allegedly appointed by Dan Ashworth at the FA that allegedly Boothroyd had been the best man at Ashworth's wedding allegedly. Pure coincidence obviously if that was the case.
  11. The fact that they regard the odious turd that is Jamie Carragher as an icon in Liverpool's history tells you all you need to know about these so-called supporters.
  12. I too JF asked a question about Ivermectin which for many months has been championed by leading scientists as a tried and tested, proven and cheap preventative and cure for Covid. You don't have to search the Internet very far to find all sorts of possible conspiracies as why the world might be hell bent on spending billions of pounds and dollars developing new products when Ivermectin is already here.
  13. Graham Westley shown round the ground on Wednesday according to Twatter and very short odds to be the next manager.
  14. My Mum is 93 and lives in a care home because she is infirm and very frail. She has a whole list of ailments she suffers from, none of which are serious or terminal, but she had no side effects whatsoever from the AZ vaccine. Is the inference that, despite the overall state of her health, her immune system is in good nick?
  15. A twelve month trial of giving one shot of AZ vaccine and one shot of Pfizer vaccine started four - six weeks ago. I wouldn't expect any results for a while yet though in view of the length of the trial.
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