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  1. Honestly most mobile web sites are rubbish. And in a world in which phones have regular browsers there''s really little point. If you want to make something great for mobile users make an iphone/itouch/Blackberry app. As a template check out the ECB cricket iphone app on the itunes store.
  2. [quote user="singing canary"]i have been thinking about this appointment i dont understand of why someone with such a high profile job in the premiership has decided to leave that position to join a team 2 leauges lower. not only this i have read somewhere arsenal were also interested in securing his services . surely a club like norwich could not afford to match the wages of either premiership club so what is this man gaining comming to us rather than staying where he was or going to arsenal . i also read delia said he may join the board but we may talk about that later . i just wonder what deal was offered for him to be so keen on joinning a club that is in such a muddle other than the guy loves a challenge . [/quote]Having read the reports on him I see that he left Fulham in June 2008. I am assuming his "move" to Arsenal fell through. The point is not why he wanted to come or how we got him, I think we should all be happy the post has been filled and by someone that looks to be quite competent. In fact the newspapers at the time he left Fulham were painting the picture as "Fulham lose managing director David McNally" so clearly he left under his own steam. The problem is with the message board is that a lot of people are too cynical about everything the club does. It seems to me that about 99% of the people on the message board think they could run the club better even though they themselves wouldn''t have the first clue or education to manage it themselves. :)
  3. The old ground guide on there is pretty funny too...
  4. Always go to this site when I want to find out about grounds... I think it''s the best on the net. Simple too.http://www.footballgroundguide.com/
  5. Need my eyes retested I read that as Gary Holt at first.... he''s in League 2 with Wycombe I think...
  6. Did he even like the fans? I thought we always treated him well with respect. I can see why he''s pissed at the administration, but honestly... who isn''t right now... :P
  7. [quote user="West_London_Canary"]We should have never let go of Bally Smart, this would have been the ideal chance for him to break into the first team. That boy had so much potential.[/quote]Looks like he plays for Corfu now :P
  8. Relegation is in second place now :P
  9. I''m sure your optimism (with an i) will quickly fade when you''re standing for 3 hours in the pouring rain in the middle of January at an "old crappy stadium".... let''s hope for your sake Norwich are winning.
  10. [quote user="kick it off"]In Burma 21 000 people are dead, over 40 000 are missing and 1million are homeless after a cyclone hit Myanmar.Additional to this - Aid workers trying to get in the country to help are being held up due to problems getting a visa.http://abcnews.go.com/International/Weather/story?id=4796800&page=1But who cares - Huckerby didn''t get to walk round the pitch while we sung a few songs. Disgraceful[/quote]So what are you trying to say exactly? The only news I can read today is about Burma? That people shouldn''t be passionate about their home football club? I mean why do you come onto these message boards and post 600 odd posts if you don''t care or are passionate about the club?Agreed, its awful what has happened in Burma, however you are wrong to think everything we should all switch off and not care about things close to home and close to our hearts. If people are upset then at least let them vent their views on the message boards and don''t patronise them for doing so.You clearly think we are all too obsessed with NCFC to pick up a newspaper or switch on the news. You are also doing a disservice to those of us that give to charity and to the intelligence of NCFC fans.This was clearly a troll post to get people rattled. Worked then hasn''t it?
  11. When everyone else left us for the Prem there was one player that stayed behind, that''s Hucks, says it all really :) Good luck mate, thanks for the memories! :)
  12. Agreed, I don''t think anyone were laughing, we came back from 2-0 down when everyone thought we would lose.
  13. Blah, blah, blah... another Ipswich wind up merchant. Nothing constructive, merely upset because you were 2-0 up at half time and you came away with a draw.
  14. Of course we shouldn''t lose sight of the fact that we are bottom of the table, however your "average scum side" is 4th in the table. So a good performance against a team that has, recently, been performing is something to be happy about I think.
  15. Why are there so many threads on the same topic? We have about 15 threads for the Roeder debate. I appreciate you all want to be heard but use your heads boy and girls, it''s far easy to read your thoughts in one thread. You can still get on your soapboxes, in one thread :) Then again maybe this is a moderators responsibility?
  16. It probably will be Crook, and that would be a real disaster.... We need someone with experience to turn it around right now.
  17. I would rather be in the bottom 3 this time of the season with only 2 games off the playoffs rather than at the end of the season :P Also trying to look on the bright side!
  18. I agree, it is early days. And we are not far behind top spot only 3 games at the moment. Sure, we would love to be up there with them but right now it''s not happening. But you have to look at our recent run of matches, barring Sheff. Wed. we have had quite a few tough games with some of the bigger teams in the championship. So for a team that''s not quite gelling we are bound to lose. There is still time to get it right. We have a run of "easier" games coming up where maybe we can get some wins and some confidence.
  19. I don''t think even scolari could do anything with this bunch of players, I expect Grant is, like he says, preparing the players right. There is just no confidence, they need to learn to play together right now. Saying that it''s early days in the season, and we are only 10 points off the top, that''s about 3 wins. Right now, is not the right time to protest after losing just 5 games.
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