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  1. Maybe, but at least they've a go! Could be a Brighton once established? We are becoming a joke football club and it's breaking my heart, something needs to change.
  2. I have to say that this is diabolical. If Everton cant field 13 players (with under 23's included) then how can we under the current conditions? If Palace cant field a squad tomorow then they can't on Tuesday! Just call a halt on the whole thing until after the New Year
  3. Who knows. Perhaps we took a gamble on a loan player that could be pretty much an injury prone player? Comparing him to a Byram is a little harsh though!
  4. Are you serious? Best keeper that we have had in many years..... Which, sadly will be shown over the next week or so. Could be more the poor defensive in front of him!
  5. OK, not City related but is playing more as a box to box midfielder for Spurs at the moment rather than defensive midfield and looks very dangerous. Shame we couldn't get him to return but pleased that he's very much a regular in the Spurs team.
  6. If we're gonna take him off loan from West Brom, he's just taken a nasty knock and taken off injured. Would defo been a red card challange under VAR
  7. Sorry but I have to feel sorry for how this great club has fallen. They have great heritage and the fans are fantastic and this kind of result must hurt. Only joking....... Plenty fuc£ing good enough... Tinpot club that will be playing Kings Lynn in Southern National league soon. 🤣🤣
  8. Sign of the times unfortunately, especially when so many professional players refuse to be vaccinated. Im sure our testing regime will pick up anything pretty quickly?
  9. Perhaps we're missing a trick here? Especially during the duller moments of a game. What's good for the goose.......
  10. Cool, I'll dust the boots off and at least I have 4 weeks to lose 2 stone! Sh1t it's Christmas!
  11. Agreed, think he may have got those 2 games mixed up?
  12. Idah and Sargent are not the answer, I'd rather have Hugill back. He was pi$$ poor today and I'm not sure that he's even championship level. Shame though as today was his chance to impres.
  13. They've given them 2 back now so all is good in the world again.
  14. Sorry, I thought this forum was about opinions? We were rubbish tonight and didn't deserve anything from it.. That said I am happy with a point.
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