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  1. Yup, I'm a season ticket holder. Hmmm, wonder why I didn't get this email? Thank you CP - appreciated
  2. Thank you. Bo11ocks, so it's too late to register again?
  3. I thought that was just for the Derby game because it was on Sky. Didn't work for me for that game as I missed the deadline to apply.
  4. Has anybody received their email for tomorrow's game from the club yet? They have been coming out a couple of days before recently.
  5. 2 seasons? He did well for 1 season.....
  6. Couldn't agree more. We should have buried a very poor Derby side today.
  7. Same here. Just checked the email from Monday. You had to register before 30th September....
  8. Getting really pi$$Ed off with our club now. Want to make as much money as possible by selling our star players but they have millions of our money in season ticket sales.....and still we know nothing. So much for claiming your money back after 10 days. Perhaps they want the happy clappers to give the money to the club?? BoIIocks to them now, I want my money back in full, that's 8 months of DD and they can shove my season ticket up their @rses!
  9. Agreed. He wouldn't be in a photo shoot if he wasn't staying.... Would he??
  10. Bearing in mind that we have 354 midfielders on the books, I'm sure we can cover Dowell's injury?
  11. Nope, it was quite clear in the documentation from the club. Season ticket holders will get home games and all away MIDWEEK games for free.
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