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  1. The new Manager will be a god by the end of November then!!
  2. Not often I agree with you, but I've been thinking this for a few weeks now. I firmly believe that this could be our last chance at a stab at the Premier League as evolution takes over and we are well and truly cocking this up. Our only saving grace is that we won't become a Portsmouth, Bolton, Sunderland or Derby.... But we could quite easily become a Charlton, Forest or Bradford.
  3. Do me a favour and patronise me a litle more could you? I was asking why?
  4. I can't believe that 25% of our supporters think that we should stick with Farke. What on earth are they thinking??
  5. Different manager by then hopefully, so mindset will be very different. I predict a man of the match performance for Todd next Sunday!
  6. They are literally lining up to shoot. This is a fricken embarrassment. Farke needs to go with immediate effect.
  7. Joe Cole insinuated at half time that we are playing like Farke has lost the dressing room. I feel its now time up for him, especially if we lose this 6 or 7.
  8. Saw Cantwell at the rear of the Barclay at the end of the game. He was parked in a 21 plate Bentley (I think it was) and was trying to get through where the coaches were parked but the Police wouldn't let him through. Had a face like thunder..... Could be something to do with one fan shouting ''you're 3 f***ing hours late Todd''. Made me chuckle.
  9. For anyone old enough.... Gunn (Bryan) Culverhouse Polston Butterworth Bowen Newman Goss Crook Fox Ekoku Sutton Oh, those were the days.
  10. Whatever we all think, he's probably as frustrated as what we are, and at times like this passion will show.
  11. With the performance of Hanley and Gibson this evening is there any chance of getting Klose or Tettey back as the third? lol Seen milk turn quicker than either of them tonight!
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