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  1. Yeah not criticising their design, they've always been pretty decent. I'm more concerned that the club are getting the best kit deal? 4 more years would be 12 years with the same kit manufacturer!
  2. How long is this Errea contract? I work in the contract business and anything over 5 years is not good for business!
  3. Mulbarton Co-op will he pleased to see him back! To lazy tracking back so I can't see him in Farke's plans to be honest.
  4. I like the new Palace kit. Does anybody know when the Errea kit deal ends? Seems like an eternity that we've been woth them...... Who signs a deal this long??
  5. I wouldn't necessarily say he was a disaster but he certainly was first outta the door once relagted. Given the support the club had given him following the 'betting scam' scandal that left a real bad taste in the mouth. So for me..... No thank you
  6. Just checked and you’re 1,269 in the queue. hope that helps?
  7. I think you’ve just made that up?
  8. It’ll be interesting to see who Scunthorpe sign!?
  9. Disgraceful stuff. I'm so fricken angry about this first half performance. The lot of them and the management team can f*** off as far as I am concerned. We are an absolute embarrassment.
  10. The only input in the first half was to be sent off.
  11. Drmic you ****. Never ever don a yellow shirt again.
  12. It is a red card offence. Any intentional challenge with an elbow will have one result. As if we need this, petulant little ****.
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