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  1. Sideshow Tim

    Score predictions v QPR

    Good to see that you’re positive about tomorrow
  2. Evening punters! I have a feeling that QPahahaha are in for a hiding tomorrow. Im going for a 6-1 City win and Teemu to get back on the scoresheet with a hat trick
  3. .......hang your heads in shame.

    In Hughton we trust
  4. Sideshow Tim

    Exclusive - you heard it here first

    Super job loops!
  5. Sideshow Tim

    Exclusive - you heard it here first

    That was bloody lovely. Any Holt news?
  6. Sideshow Tim

    Exclusive - you heard it here first

    Cod and chips for tea. I''m made up!
  7. Sideshow Tim

    dalglish gone?

    Funny that, Mick Dennis said on talksport this lunchtime that he''s more likely to go to Liverpool than Villa. I think he may well be right
  8. Sideshow Tim

    Those Drums at Bolton

    Surely banging two massive drums right behind the home end goal every time the away team takes a corner, free kick or goal kick up that end cannot be right?

    I was in an executive box right up that end (and almost got ejected for celebrating the goals too much!!) and the away supporters even mentioned that they get lots of complaints about it.

    The funny part is that we scored from 2 set pieces up that end.
  9. I''ll see if i can get the exact wording from him tomorrow Broad
  10. My mate that sits behind me sits in the Cathedral Lounge and it was inside his programme, so it wasn''t just the 59''s lounge
  11. I can confirm that this is true. it even goes on to state that you could be ejected or even banned if caught!
  12. Sideshow Tim

    Tempting for McNally?

    this has Peter Kenyon written all over it
  13. Sideshow Tim

    Stoke: Potential injuries

    Kenwyn Jones and Thomas Sorenson gone off injured!!

    Injury problems are mounting!!
  14. Sideshow Tim

    Cheers SDP!

    Pete - you have missed a category!

    What has happened to the pointless game threads?

    Thanks Pete