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  1. Got a coach ticket from county hall for sale at original price for Monday''s big game! Friend of mine is no longer travelling by coach. If anyone''s interested, preferably a collection from Lowestoft over the weekend, then let me know - squall936@gmail.com
  2. Completely agree with the positive comments. Redmond spent far more time taking on his full back and trying to get crosses in (some of which were excellent today!). Great display from the lad, if he keeps playing in the style he did today we''ll have a top player on our hands in the future.
  3. There was a spectacular moment from Lafferty about 15 minutes into the second half when he made a 40 yard sprint back, dived into a tackling and won back the ball to set us up on the break, then legged it up the field again to try and join in the attack. If he continues to perform in the way he did against Watford he will be a fantastic addition.
  4. Surely an announcement at 9 or before 9? If not I sense the entire radio interview will be McNally saying he can''t comment and they''re working hard. Will be a bit of a waste of time...
  5. He said in interview this season he often shakes hands before the final whistle because he leaves immediately to phone his wife, some tradition he always does. I smell an excuse for being a bad sport...
  6. The substitution was absolutely 100% the right call. Elmander was getting scraps and doing a good job of holding it up, but the pure pressure we were under meant nobody was getting up to support him in time. How deep we were essentially made the target man role redundant, so putting the quickest player we have up front instead and trying to run at them was the only way to go.
  7. If we are forced into playing Garrido this week I don''t see it as a problem. Garrido will be forced to play for the left back spot with a new manager in charge, I''m sure he''ll be desperate to play the rest of the season out and give whoever the manager is in the summer a dilemma about who to choose.
  8. Thanks Molly that''s great, not too clued up on such things. Was fortunate enough to win one of the Forbes charity shirts on ebay, Big Dunc''s name deserves to be framed!
  9. Hi all, is anybody aware of a local business around the region that offers a football jersey framing service? As far as I am aware the club shop itself doesn''t offer this service for signed memorabilia. Any help would be great!
  10. Martin was the most likely player to make an impact going forward against United, was very impressive, despite Whitaker being classed as the more attacking fullback. Bennett unlucky to be dropped too. We have players slowly coming into form, suppose this can only be a good problem for Hughton.
  11. Unless Martin has picked up a knock I think he will be extremely disappointed to not be starting after his performance against Man Utd. Thought he linked up very well with Snoddy first half.
  12. I feel slightly insulted that the OP classes the Lower Barclay in his little hierarchy of fans. It also took about 16 minutes and 25 seconds for the so called "real" fans in the Snakepit to sing "we''ll sing on our own" followed by the Lower Barclay replying with "we''ll sing for our team". I wouldn''t be surprised if the OP is one of these idiots in the Snakepit who thinks he is a better fan than everybody else.
  13. we are hanging on for dear life at the moment... need to get the ball wide to Remond again and push them back!
  14. Could line up in a number of ways... no idea how theyre gonna start! Diamond? 442 with Johnson on the left? 451 with Elmander out wide where, apparently, he can play?
  15. Hooper says he prefers to play with a partner, Elmander says he prefers to play with a partner, one of the best players in the world in Ibrahimovic says Elmander is a brilliant striking partner... yet still for 90 minute Mr Hughton thinks 1 up front is the way to go... totally and utterly baffling...
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