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  1. [quote user="NegativeVibes"][quote user="suffolk canary"] Quotes from the article about our chances of avoiding relegation: "And with several of the six teams below Norwich still to play each other during the remaining three weekends, Leicester and Blackpool are tipped to slip into English football''s third tier once the summer arrives." "With Scunthorpe''s fate virtually sealed..." Are there four teams being relegated this year?  Colchester, Scunthorpe, Leicester and Blackpool? Also, aren''t Scunthorpe mathematically relegated after their defeat to Palace - or have I missed some important maths? Both statements seem more than a little misleading and easily rephrased for accuracy, but then maybe I''m just being picky... [/quote] First of all, there''s nothing wrong with that. If I said Chelsea and Man Utd are both tipped to win the Premier League. Doesn''t mean both of them will? Just both of them are favoured to. The Scunthorpe thing is incorrect though. [/quote]See now i dont want to be picky negvibes but didnt you say at the begining of your reply ''theres nothing wrong with it'' and then at the end say there was??? Just askkingOTBC
  2. wow oh woundefull hex god you really are going all out on this one. I trust you completly but are you sure something this doubled up and potent wont affect jamies great form??? ;-) God speed to you boy and god save us all (well the nc fans n e way) hope your right!!!!OTBC!
  3. sorry that should have read top 10 worst team to ever grace the premier league
  4. No4: Ipswich (1995) Swindon’s stint in the Premiership was soon in the shadows thanks to Ipswich’s desperate season. Not only did they muster just 27 points from 42 matches, they suffered a humiliating 9-0 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford - a record Premiership loss. Out of the sun for the top 10 teams to ever grace the premier league The 9-0 is almost better than them being the 4th worst team ever in the premier league!!
  5. Fair play to that mate. KEEP THE KNOLEDGE AND YOUR O SO POWERFULL POWER COMING!I was a doubter but now im beliveeerr! Yes im a believer. Also my neighbour has got a hampster and a cut little puppy. would theese be any use if i was to get them to you? I dont think there dead yet but it could be arranged for a guaranteed norwich win! Keep up the good work lad!
  6. Murrays is up in January i thinkDocHucksJarvisJarvisDion DublinFozzeLappinCant remember who else
  7. wiz, i get on my knees and bow down to you. Your are the greatest. I think your hex also got sheffield wednesday seeing as they were water logged and couldnt play. well done wiz. Can we be expecting a hex for the colchester game or u almost out of virgins in lowerstoft?
  8. if u read the post neg vibes u would see i said most!
  9. We loan a player from a club and more than 90% of the time the manager is in line to lose quit of on the verge of getting sackedThe 1st team we play each season seems to get relegated or is in a relegation battle(theese figures only work with the last 2 season. Pehaps we should move the curse!
  10. as listening to radio Norfolk at about 6:30 this evening, after talking about G Paddon they came out with a ''headlne'' Taylor has made it clear he plans to return to birmingham at the end of this loan spell. Sorry Guys, Im gutted but who knows 1 more miricale for roeder to work shouldnt be 2 hard! OTBC
  11. Taylor signals his intent to leave norwich at the end of his loan deal   Radio Norfolk Its a shame, Not sure what we will do without him!
  12.  so im gueesing ones meeting at the west side one at the jarrolds and every one else at the barclays for the protest!?!   Its ok now i have a seat arranged cheers peeps
  13. cheers Hughsey can you e-mail me   Ben98155@aol.com   Cheers lad
  14. Has anyone got a spare seat for the stoke game and if so how much My e-mail is ben98155@aol.com if you have   Cheers Guys
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