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  1. Wouldnt miss it for anything....long trudge back to the station being ridiculed last year a touch of a downer though...but who can resist looking into the milling soup of blue all trying to work out which planet they are on...Bring it on...
  2. I was there and yes it was as bad as you have read. They deserved the points I am sorry to say opened us up at every turn.Patty was excelent especially following his pretty poor showing against Barnsley. Did himself a power of good, worked hard with some crunching tackles, battled for every ball and showed real passion. Croft played well but certainly not up to his usual par. But the guy who rarely gets a mention who didnt put a foot wrong all afternoon was Doc, really solid .
  3. Not saying, so other areas please dont get me wrong as we are all passionate about our club as we wouldnt have stuck with it through thick and thin. But the raw passion comes from the Barclay and the  Snake Pit , thats where the noise is and where the chants start. I stand as much as I am able in the Pit. These are the areas where the players turn to for noise and   the best place for them to celebrate the goals you dont get that in the areas where people want to sit. Nothing against people wanting to watch thier football like that, I dont want to which is why my seat is where it is. If you dont like the way it is move to where you feel happier. The standing crowd creates the outflow of passion far more effectively than the sitting crowd. The atmosphere created in The Barclay and The Snake Pit is second to none in the rest of the ground and that partially comes from the standing and giving it large. Dont wish to offend but please get real.
  4.          '' Your Mums Your Dad''         Your Dads Your Mum           Your All Inbred             ''Your Ipswich Scum''
  5. Well done Mal  14257 hits so far.Do you think you can make it past 20000 ?
  6. Struggled to open mine but then when I read the instructions said you you had to use all twelve fingers !
  7. Agree with most of that Thorpe but think the support behind them of Taylor whose contribution and solid performance gave the midfield more confidence should not go unmentioned. My only concern with Chadwick is that he does tend to drift in a touch to much, there were times yesterday when we looked crowded centrally with a lot of space out on the wing where once or twice we could have broke from had Chadwick been running the line a touch more. Overall looked very encouraging though did it not ?
  8. Was at the game and from what I witnessed if it aint broke dont fix it !Put him on the bench in the event of Pattison tiring. After all two 90 min first time games after just playing reserve football might be telling.Think the guy, whilst not having Hucks pace has far more to offer. Not afraid to track back and put his foot in, made some crunching tackles from all over the park that Hucks would have stalled on.I know this thread isnt about this but felt we have a great future partnership with Fozzy and Russell and with a really sold Taylor behind them who imo was close to Rusty as motm thought our defence looked the best it has for 3 years and from where I was sitting especially in the last knockings looked like they could soak up anything that was thrown at them. Would love to see Taylor and Pattison as permanant fixtures after Jan.
  9. [quote user="Cluck"][quote user="Hardhouse44"] Ok I''ll probably get shot down in flames for this one but it does puzzle me. This is not one of these thread about real fan or not real fans. And it isn''t directed at any one person alone. But If you don''t actually attend “any” of the matches a season then how can you get so wound up and be so vocal about the club and it running. Now for me football is a part of my life and Norwich City is the club I support. I attend all home matches and have a season ticket. I get to a handful of away games theses day. Not as many as when I was a young man (I,m only 35 BTW) but family, money and all that. If we lose I''m pi$$ed off big time. I don''t want to watch a losing team but I get over it. We are not performing well full stop at present and a turn around looks a long way off and that pi$$es me off. WHY? Because I dedicate time and money to watching the club. Saturday is a precious day if you work hard all week and £600+ pounds a year is a lot of money for me and my son to pay for season tickets. Now I understand there is another argument to that. If I don''t like it I don''t have to pay and I don''t have to go. Fine I agree. However If you don''t ever go and it doesn''t cost you anything I can''t for the life of me see why people have such strong feeling about the current situation. And that work in both ways, the ultra positives and the ultra negatives. Yes we all want Norwich to be Premiership winners and we could all say that until they are we won''t set foot back in Carrow road. But we could also say until Norwich airport is upgraded so we can fly to Australia we are never going on holiday again. For me supporting the team is to attend matches. I know I''m getting dangerously close to the I''m a better fan than you thing, but I honestly feel that only those who attend and pay can really be affected. Right here comes the abuse and posts about how you''d attend if it wasn''t for the fact your head was blown off in the war.   [/quote] It''s takes more bottle and effort to make that difficult choice to stay away rather than simply continuing a habit selfishly.... Just like it is easier to continue smoking than give up....Just like it is easier to carry on drinking than give up.....Just like it is easier to stay in a dead end job than start elsewhere.....Just like it is easier to stay in the same relationship rather than meet someone new. Just like it is easier to stay in the same house rather than move....Just like it is easier to give in than to fight.... Going to games is very easy...staying away is the tough part. That''s the difference between the individual who cares about the club enough to act...as opposed to the creature of habit who just wants nothing in his/her life to change.....Some of us want to go...but are concerned enough to make a small sacrifice to bring about change. If there were enough of us....Smith would have left town by now...... [/quote]Oh Dear  How funny, the History books will abound with heroic stories of one who has made great sacrifice for the good of the common man. Let us raise a statue and a toast To Cluck ,Selfless Martyr of our time with the above quoted on a nice shiny plaque to remind us in future generations of this giant of our cause.You should write comedy Cluck it would be far more less patronising and believable if you say you cant be arsed instead of coming out with this egotistical rant.
  10. Good points Rud Old as you I am not one for street protesting and I will not boycott games but respect the individuals right to voice thier opinions however they see fit. The proof in the pudding will be the next two to three games to see if our new manager is given the backing and is able to attract some quality in. If Roeder goes who else are we going to attract to manage our sittuation ? only a manager who would be prepared to play Div 1 football. If he leaves it would only advertise to pottential replacements that he has not recieved the support from funding and the fans and we would therefore find it impossible to attract a quality manager prepared as he thus far he seems to intend to give it his best shot.I like everyone else am very dissappointed in how affairs have been managed since our fall from glory but feel that we are at the cusp of a change that will see us rise or fall further and that is. Will he be supported by the board and will the moths be released from the wallet.Have the board learned from the cruel lessons and are prepared to speculate.And if he is backed will he have the metal to bring the change about.And will our players show the heart needed to perform.This is not just about the Board, the manager, the players or the fans as individual entities but is about a collective of all the elements together and if one of the elements falters the machine will break into a state of disrepair.Until such time we see concrete evidence the protest boat has sailed there is however another one on its way if we dont see backing and effort in the coming fortnight.Will be an interesting few weeks where we will see our demise worsen or improve with little room in the middle ground. Acceptance of our sittuation is no longer an option as we are fastly running out of time.
  11. Posted a similar post a while ago and feel that she is keeping her head down as we are no longer brave little full of heart Norwich battling against all odds with 20.000 plus loyal supporters singing our way to winning the championship and promotion.giving her and Worthington god like status in the tour around the city.Now the glamour and media attention  has gone so her head is tucked well back into its shell.We see no press calls or statements from her !Do you all remember her standing at the games responding to chants of ''Delia Delia give us a wave'' ! she loved it and now that has all gone and we are in the s**t her profile is not so high she seems to have lost her passion as the publicity machine does not serve her as well as it used to.She is losing more and more respect and support as each day goes by  not coming out and publicly pledging her commitment to our club.She has done great things for the club in the past but if she really has lost interest sell up or commit.
  12. Just listened to his interview doesnt sound any where near as positive as he was with regards to loan players I get the impression he is hitting a brick wall.
  13. Now we will see if Roeder is as influential as we hope !What do we have to attract loan players in ?Nothing to attract them in our position ,What do you think will bring them in ?
  14. Cluck, Smudger and Two Sheds on the bench
  15. Never !Once bleed yellow always bleed yellow through thick and thin.Without a following there is no club at whatever level we find ourselves in.Waiting for the Baaaah ! comments but dont give a s*** Sat afternoons are for standing proud in support.
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