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  1. If we can get the right manager and keep the core of our current squad with a few more quality additions then we really should be up there at least. We should aim for play offs minimum next season.
  2. Following City''s rejection of Rangers'' bid for Grant Holt yesterday, it is interesting to reflect on how times have changed regarding the relative stature of Norwich and Rangers in the last 25 years or so. Over a five year period between 1986 and 1991 City lost no fewer than three star players who all joined the Gers. Chris Woods in 1986, Kevin Drinkell in 1988, and most sickeningly of all, Dale Gordon in 1991 all went to Ibrox. At the time, as soon as it became known that Rangers were interested in those players it became depressingly inevitable that they would leave. Rangers really were a massive club at that time, regularly signing big name players from south of the border and doing reasonably well in European competition. By contrast, City were relative minnows, often playing in front of less than 15,000 spectators even at home, so it was little wonder that a move to Rangers would have held such appeal at the time. Look at the difference now. Rangers never last beyond the early stages in Europe, play in a devalued Scottish League, and are reduced to bargain basement signings from the continent or the Championship while Norwich now play in front of 25,000 every week in the Premier League. Finally after all those years it has become conceivable that some players would actually prefer to play for us - unthinkable at one time. As soon as I heard that Gers were interested in signing Holt I was confident he would stay - this would never have been the case in 1991. It just goes to show how far Norwich have progressed, and how much British football has changed over the years.
  3. Yes it was Bond who laid the foundations for the club as it is today. Before he came the club had no youth policy to speak of, had a somewhat dilapidated ground and a reputation for playing dour football. He changed much of that round.
  4. John Sissons was only at City for a few months before joining Chelsea in the summer of 74. I remember John Bond saying that he was his worst ever signing for Norwich.
  5. Just had another look. Yes it is Colin Suggett. I was confused because he was wearing number nine and Boyer was number ten. Normally it was the other way round!
  6. I think it was March 1974. It was the last season until more modern times that City wore a round collar. I seem to recall that all the goals came in the second half but it was not enough to prevent City being relegated from the First Division at the end of the season.
  7. It''s Norwich v Stoke in the 1973-74 season. City won 4-0 (all the goals were not shown).I think it''s Phil Boyer scoring one of the goals.
  8. The current badge was first used in the 1972/73 season and yes it was chosen in a competition. I believe the man who designed the badge was interviewed by the Pink Un about three or four years ago. I must admit that I personally prefer the old style badge but the modern one seems most popular with City fans nowadays.
  9. Interesting that there don''t seem to have been as many applications for Man City as there were for Man U and Liverpool even though they are top of the league. I guess they have not quite got the glamour of the other two yet.
  10. Blackburn looked at skilful team who kept possession very well and made it very difficult for us to force the pace of the game. Definitely not the worst side we have faced this season and I expect them to climb away from the danger zone soon.
  11. It may have seemed harsh but how many times have we seen a penalty awarded when a player has his arms up and the ball accidentally hits him? Nearly every week! The message is clear - keep your arms by your side in the penalty area otherwise you may have to pay the consequences. Rest assured Blackburn will get one in their favour before long. These things are part of football and you just have to get on with it as we did after the West Brom game.
  12. It is worth remembering that when Merson played for Portsmouth against City at Carrow Road in 2002 he suffered a torrid reception from the Snakepit when taking a corner at their end. I remember seeing him almost wilt at the barrage of abuse. Perhaps he still holds a grudge.
  13. 1. 14 years next month2. Probably Wes Hoolahan3. Darren Ex Scum tw@t Bent4. Tbh, not a big fan of Villa, remember a couple of years ago when they were challenging for a Champions League place, the players were booed off the field after a 0-0 draw even though they were only 5 points off the top of the league and sitting in 4th. Really? Talk about getting ahead of yourself? And as for charging us £40 a ticket and your own fans £24. Well that''s pretty disgraceful don''t you think?5. Don''t make predictions6. 14th7. 12th8. My dad9. Bury at home, November 1997, 2-2 draw after being 2-0 up within 10 minutes, my dad then took me to a few more in the next season and a half then got me a season ticket and i''ve only missed one home game since. 10. Probably Loftus Road, Craven Cottage or the Emirates as London away days are always the best. 11. Normally about 10-15 but this season might be a task to get to that due to ticket prices etc. Been to 3 already though.12. Probably not, they seem to take us for granted so they don''t need to.13. Staying up ofc14. Yes everyone seems to think so.15. Yes, was pretty inconsistent with Blues but with a better squad of players should be able to guide you to some success. I think the fans reaction to his appointment was pretty pathetic tbh.
  14. [quote user="flecky76"]The best save I''ve ever seen live was Bryan Gunn at Everton in Jan 1993. We won 1-0 (Sutton) and Gunny''s save was from a Tony Cottee overhead kick from point-blank range. Gunn''s reactions pushed the ball onto the post and he managed to pounce on the rebound.[/quote]Ah yes - I think that was right at the end of the match too.Also there was Greeno''s versus Stoke in 2004.
  15. Absolutely fantastic save by Ruddy - one of the best I''ve seen in my 41 years following City.Older supporters might agree with me about this - it was remarkably similiar to Chris Woods'' save from David Moss for City against Luton Town at Kenilworth Road in April 1983. City were leading 1-0 when, in the dying seconds, Moss caught the ball on the volley from close range and it seemed a certain goal only for Woods to stretch himself acrobatically to tip the ball round the post, much as Ruddy did today. This helped City to a vital win in their relegation battle in the old First Division that year.
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