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  1. Wow, managed to cover a whole range of topics and have a wrong take on each one. Just to pick one thing - given that you're (presumably) not BAME, what makes you think "racism is rare", indeed if you're not ever a victim of it, what gives you the right to even make that claim?
  2. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/the-wireless/373065/the-pencilsword-on-a-plate
  3. In other words, they should be grateful regardless of their treatment. Does that apply to descendants of those colonised who had no choice to be taken over and exploited, or shipped to another colony as cargo? Does it apply to those fleeing hideous regimes set up by western "democracies" to further geopolitical goals? Welcomed? Don't make me laugh.
  4. All Lives Matter is a right wing movement attempting to counter Black Lives Matter. Everyone knows all lives matter, the point is that in many, if not all, countries where black people are a minority, their lives do not seem to count for as much. People may not like to accept it but the wealth and status of Britain is built on the slave labour of millions of people. The industrial revolution and modern state was fuelled by a machine the UK invented and exported round the world. The sad thing is that the very same cretins who are upset that a statue of Colson was pulled down or wandering around London abusing women picnicing in Hyde park are the descendants of the same who were also exploited by the rich in factories, mines, mills and trenches. The reality is that those who benefited most from slavery and the industrial revolution were the bankers, politicians and landed gentry. They're still taking the **** out the ordinary people now, and half of you still can't see it. They've been laughing at you for a thousand years from their shooting and fishing estates.
  5. Where is your evidence that BLM have any links to SWP? A newspaper article claiming that an SWP member attended a rally doesn;t count by the way, as I expect there will have also been a Scientologist or two there too.
  6. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]I wrote a thing about this: https://www.alongcomenorwich.com/articles/best-of-luck-paul-you-need-it#[/quote] Good read. I''m trusting Lambert can take them down and perhaps finally he''ll realise it was a mistake to have left the fine city for a series of s**tholes
  7. Putting some shares (some or a majority) up for public sale could generate some income and show confidence that supporters also can be trusted to keep City''s status as a community club. Passing them over to Tom, with no proven competance is what sticks in the craw for many. It smacks of a patronising attitude. Its a business and they''re free to do what they like with their shares, but the running a football club comes with the pros and cons of celebrity, so they can''t complain when many in the "community" don''t like some of their decisions.
  8. ......... Agreed. With Aluko being black, a woman and having an unknown sexual preference there was only ever going to be one side that the PC fascists would support. Regardless of whether her allegations were accurate or if she was just being a b**ch. ...... So you think its ok if its true what he said about her relatives or is that hilarious bantz? Have you not realised that being black, a woman and (if true) LGBT might mean she actually is pretty likely to be discriminated against - by actual bigots and other assorted morons.
  9. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]It doesn''t make any sense at all that he isn''t ''ok'' to work for the FA but he is for any other club. The fact is that several investigations (led by women) supposedly cleared the guy. None of us know the ins and outs but it looks like he''s been made a scapegoat as the story just wasn''t going away, whether justified or not. Whatever, it rather seems that this Aluko player has a huge chip on her shoulder about being left out - just look at her comments when England beat Russia - imo that in a neat nutshell sums up precisely why she''s not been part of the team.[/quote] No. When a head coach suggests a black player if her family might have Ebola, or wants to know how many times they''ve been arrested, that''s not having a "chip on their shoulder" that''s calling out unacceptable behaviour. You might need to ask yourself why your reaction to BME people questionning discrimination is termed having a "chip" rather than something amazingly hard to do, given the fire they''ll get
  10. Diane Abbott has long been the target for those who just can''t cope with the idea that a black woman could be more intelligent, work harder and be more successful than them. End of.
  11. [quote user="Mike "]Or the real world where living standards have dropped for the first time since the 1930''s, food banks have risen beyond control, wages have stagnated, basic needs such as Gas, Electric, Travel have increased in cost by a huge amount (despite wages not increasing), the 1% have seen their wealth go up by 15% in a year and it is seen as sensible that our "leaders" say they will use a nuclear weapon first (if Islamic terrorists dream of going to heaven, how is the threat to bomb them back to the stone age a deterrent...oh it isn''t)... that real world? One nation conservatism does not exist. as the wife cheating idiot Boris said... Greed is good. Turkeys voting for Xmas springs to mind...[/quote] This
  12. [quote user="Molly Windley"]So when Israel were kicked out of the AFC for political reasons, FIFA then kicked the AFC out of FIFA?[/quote] What''s that got to do with political or personal messages on the field of play?
  13. [quote user="daly"]Perhaps the players should have worn Burka''s and Turbans No wonder Farage has become so in demand[/quote] Only by idiots Political and Personal messages are banned by Fifa, the FA were at the forefront of that rule. War is politics and glorifying the war dead is a personal matter. You may not like it, but would you feel the same if Serbia were wearing emblems to honour the Serbian dead in the 90s civil war? You nationalists are obsessed with finding any opportunity to be offended.
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