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  1. Maybe Archant should start hacking into PL''s voicemail or listen in to McNally''s calls... There''s no harm in that ''investigative journalism'' right? Right?
  2. Can anybody tell me where the ''My dad''s car is better than your dads...'' thread is? Sooner this international break is over the better! My dad drives an Audi A6 by the way ;-)
  3. The team played well against Gillingham tonight but Elliot Ward has looked suspect in all his games, including this one. He doesn''t appear to have the physical presence required of a dominant centre - half, and his tackling, heading and distribution are all distinctly average. Yes I know its early days and I hope to be proved wrong, but so far he looks to be a weak link in an otherwise strong team.
  4. Get real - these two idiots were responsible for our total demise over the past two years. I think others persuaded McNally to come whilst ushering Delia & Michael away where they could do no harm. Yes Delia is Norwich through and through, and deserves credit for financially supporting the club through tough times, but she has made a host of managerial errors, the worst of which was bringing Doomcaster to the club. The credit for this season''s fantastic achievements must go firmly to McNally, Lambert, the players and superb fans. OTBC.
  5. http://www.juliereinger.co.uk/ Have you tried the ''Contact'' details on here?
  6. Good point but not so sure its arrogance but extreme relief at having our club back and being given a reason to believe we actually have a future. We have just put up with four years of total mismanagement so might be forgiven for crowing slightly at the fact we have an excellent board (apart from two), a superb manager and a talented team. Lets all enjoy the ride but in doing so show due respect to all other clubs (again, apart from two!!).
  7. Definately not meant to sound antagonistic Forever Yellow; just making a point to those who state teaching is a breeze. I''ve had to listen to these clowns for the past 38 years; time to change the record.
  8. Posted a comment today and fourty - five minutes later it had mysteriously disappeared. Does this site have a supervisor who removes posts they consider unsuitable or irrelevant? My post earlier today contained no offensive language or comments, and I''m a bit miffed it has been removed.
  9. Nice to read a reasoned response. I didn''t go into teaching in 1972 for the money, but it was a career I always wanted to enter. Twenty years into my career I became a senior manager and the salary reflected the additional responsibilities, so by the time I retired I had accumulated a good final pension and lumpsum. Its a face that the teachers pension scheme is one of the best, but we do contribute to it from day one of starting the job. I use to manage new entrants into teaching and know that the vast majority work very hard for what they earn, and managing pupils takes real skill and subject knowledge. Most parents I chat to wouldn''t swap their job for teaching, and are petrified at the prospect of a class full of teenagers!
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the informed observations about those of us fortunate to teach. Theres no doubt I consider myself very fortunate to have spent my working life teaching. I do a job I love, its pretty well paid, and it has been rewarding to see the majority of pupils make good progress and get on in life. I''ve worked with some great colleagues and have been able to take early retirement on a good pension. I still teach part - time (not because I have to but want to), and have time to enjoy following the canaries and getting into the gym to try and keep fit! Of course like all the contributors on this forum I had a choice regarding what career to follow, and was prepared to undertake whatever training was necessary to achieve it. I was also lucky enough to have the qualities required to teach and manage a class of thirty plus 16 year olds, and to take on senior management responsibilities as my career progressed. So if some of the contributors on this forum are cheesed off that teachers have such a great job with fringe benefits, and actually enjoy what we do, then get applying for training, but make sure you can not only control a group of thirty plus 16 year olds last thing on a Friday, but also have the subject knowledge and teaching ability to keep them interested. Finally, try not to get all bitter and twisted about a job you know nothing about, and in return I''ll not comment on your occupation. OTBC!
  11. I love it when people who aren''t teachers have a dig at those who are in the profession about holidays, snow days etc The best thing to do colleagues is let it go for two main reasons: 1) Unless you work in education you have NO IDEA how hard you have to work to be an effective teacher. I second the question put to ''Ex-teacher'' Coney''s Boots as to why is that the case? Excluding retirement it''s probably because you didn''t put enough time in out of hours and enjoyed the ''perks'' too much! 2) This complaining is, at the end of the day, jealousy. Perhaps instead of complaining so bitterly put in the time and effort yourself to become a teacher. Or perhaps you can''t because you didn''t work hard enough at school and are now frustrated in your work with 20 days holiday a year? School closures are decided by the Headteachers of schools and very often their hand is forced by bus companies stating they will not travel to villages etc. At the heart of the decision is ALWAYS the well-being of YOUR children. Believe me with all the targets we are set to imprive standards and pass rates we want as much time in the classroom with students as is possible. I wouldn''t dream of commenting on any of your jobs, please try and afford myself and fellow professionals the same respect! Cue sarcastic responses...
  12. What a boost it would give the team if fans in other areas of the ground could match the enthusiasm and noise levels of those in the Barclay and Snake Pit. What if they could not only match it as the teams come out at the start but also sustain it throughout the game? We sit at the old river end (where I watched the ''59 cup run as a child) and often wonder how we could encourage a more vocal support from all areas of the ground; our fellow supporters ''down the far end'' put us to shame!
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