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  1. i think the company concerned are wrong using the crest , it is a company logo , without permission off the club first.surely if the ale sells well , a small commision to the club would have been a better idea ,especially if the club gave the money to a  local charity .i think this would have put the club in a better light i can understand the clubs position within this situation,maybe both parties coming to some sort of fair agreement would have been more beneficial to both of them .it seems to me a real shame that a local company were not given the opportunity to use this brand name with Norwich City football club as he is a very avid Norwich football fan and would have been proud to think that Norwich City football club had thought he was onto something that would have been advantageous to themselves as well as him .But then again i am not involved with Norwich City football club to understand the ins and outs regarding their copyright ..
  2. funny you should say that .. i was having a very late spring clean and came across it .i can recall coming back from the game ,in a foul mood as you can guess , and wrote in it worst game ive ever seen on the inside cover .i thought today , this team has come leaps and bounds due to your manager .i am more than happy to send it to you , i dont think it will happen again so its all yours
  3. firstly ... i must say well done city for the great form this season . and happy new year to all of you .. i need some help , or a proposal if anyone is interested . i had the idea of www.ontheballcity.com ,i was working with web designer at the time ,not having any internet knowledge ,and being on here ..he decided to build a site on the concept of a blog forum ,i did not have the knowledge at the time to do anything about it. i wish him well with it but as you can imagine gutted as i found the name and the idea since then i have self taught myself and decided to carry my thoughts alone and have carried on with my websites . i bought the name norwich-city.com and put a site together as well as my other sites www.usedcaradvertiser.co.uk and championshipfixtures.co.uk and many more. im not working at the mo ,and put great time and effort into the sites i have , im no web designer i admit , im happy if someone can help me and play a part in a site that has gained great interest . or play a part in other sites i have that i feel could make good revenue before anyone find fault , i admit i am no web designer but salesman by trade . and had to learn and some things im not clued up on ,and can not get help with it . please feel free to take a look . www.norwich-city.com www.usedcaradvertiser.co.uk www.norwichhouses.com www.horseracing-results.co.uk and many more ps i hope all of you are well and had nice xmas singing canary
  4. i think we may have a decent pairing at the back today ,Earnshaw will always score goals at this level .
  5. This bloke is crazy. Check this out. http://www.ontheballcity.com/i-hope-i-am-wrong-but/
  6. hes a bright bloke to be fair ,and made his name on tv . hes worth money and i have no doubt he will be good for the club .
  7. ???? did southampton beat ipswich with ease..?
  8. and to you . i still have fond memories of the play-off final with you guys ,and how much of a good day it was . even though it was my birthday and we lost ,and got a parking ticket ...!!!! all the best for next season .
  9. 200k is not a huge gamble for a proven 27 year old striker . i would pay 200k for him ,hes a decent player
  10. good idea .. the only problem Manchester United and Chelsea will be the only teams to have their name on it !!!!
  11. pre-season means alot . yes we had a good one ,and lost to colchester. but then went on to lift the trophy
  12. agreed , we have a very strong squad . as i said friendly or not Newcastle would not have wanted to lose this game . good result and i think martin Holty, and the rest of our forwards will get plenty of goals this season . i may place a little wager with the bookies i think .
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