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  1. We have given up our two seats lower barclay block E
  2. The Jam Cocteau twins The Smiths The Sundays Alanis Morissette Ultravox The Chords O.M.D
  3. Tell you one city player who had a real hard shot on him John Ryan anyone remember him ? he could smack it !
  4. Standing there in block E it looked a great goal but after watching it about 20 times it just looks an out of this world finish i can''t honestly remember seeing a better goal anywhere ever the technique needed can''t be understated.
  5. I''ve been going to CR for 40 years and i have never seen a better goal than that
  6. I can remember well how the old river end looked like with it''s grass hills behind,me and a mate used to sneak in the ground some match days about 12 hide under the south stand then appear once people started to come in ! you would stand at the back of the south stand and think right where am i standing today ? and for us it was usually about 10 yrds from the old south stand/barclay corner bit.Years later i would stand over the tunnel in that corner where we had a good view of the away fans too and was there for the 1975 league cup semi v Man u when Suggett scored great memories.
  7. I was at the home game when Suggett scored to take us to Wembley,it was only the 2nd game i''d been to and i remember the atmosphere made the hairs on your neck stand up 35,000 there i think ,i seem to recall Suggett saying he sort of handballed it into the net.
  8. Don''t go along with this not changing a winning team idea.we have a big squad we need to use it,yes the present 11 are doing well but it can always be improved that''s why we bought people like Pritchard and Olivera.
  9. If we had no other options i''d stick Dorrans at left back
  10. Been trying to get to the bottom of the head to head up to date,Wiki says 45 wins each but I''ve also read that if we win on Sunday it will be 50 each ?
  11. 2-2 Howson and Wes with the goals Ruddy to make a howler
  12. From what i''ve seen of Pritchard this is one hell of a signing and i have no doubt he would become of no 1 midfielder he oozes class even if he isn''t the striker we all want.
  13. If Olsson goes how about we go for his brother Marcus ?
  14. I sent you a PM yesterday with my number i''m not gonna give it out on here with all these pink un weirdo''s, the site seemed to be playing up yesterday as i couldn''t put a reply on
  15. Hi Change of plan i''m working in Norwich on tue morning now,Kerrison road near the ground if you can get down there i will take it with me
  16. I''m bringing the missus up to the fine city for an anniversary meal on friday anyone got any suggestions for somewhere good to eat in the city centre? I''ve read a few reviews on trip advisor for places like The Library,Brummells,Assembly house,Tattlers and the Dining rooms but really i haven''t got a clue
  17. He played against us for Fulham when we beat them 2-0 last game of the season two years ago and he stood out for them said at the time that we could do worse
  18. When BJ left we lost the one player in the squad who was prepared to shoot,the rest of them want to walk the ball in,Bradley got several gaols from outside the area and we just don''t have anyone quite like that.I''d have him back.
  19. In Jan AN wanted a french striker valued at 15 million,the board agreed,the player came and was happy only for McNally to say no 15 mil was too much.
  20. Wes was superb last night and we need him next season
  21. Johnny Howson wins player of the month with the announcer pointing out that he had played every minute of every game only then to get injured and miss the final two games,that pretty much summed up this season for me.
  22. £30 If anyone interested.Barclay lower block E . just send me a pm
  23. Liverpool were 2-0 up at home to Sunderland and screwed it up same today,don''t get much help from other teams do we
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