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  1. Looking for 1 adult ticket for Crystal Palace away game. Would be good if it’s one of the front rows near the pitch. Not interested if it’s a restricted view. Text / call me 07772677031.
  2. Does anyone have 1 spare ticket for Brentford away game? I don’t care if it is standing up. Please call / text me on 07772677031 & I will give money for the ticket. regards Craig
  3. Hey guys I need some help - could anybody offer me a car lift from Norwich to Kings Lynn on Friday night? I would be willing to contribute petrol money. Please call me on 07772677031 if you can help. Regards Craig
  4. I am looking for 1 adult ticket for the Arsenal league cup game. If anybody wants to sell their ticket - just call me on 07772677031.
  5. Is anyone recording the Reading vs Norwich game on Sat Sept 30th? I would love to have a copy of this game on DVD
  6. I have brought a ticket for Fulham away game - it cost me £36 but the only problem is the seat is in the mixed end near Fulham fans. I don''t want to sit near Fulham fans - I would rather sit with Norwich fans. Does anyone want to swap their ticket with me? Please contact me on 07772677031
  7. Does anybody have any VHS tapes of Norwich games from 1970s and 1980s. Please let me know.
  8. Has anybody got the 1986-87 Norwich shirt I would like to buy this shirt. Anybody want to sell one?
  9. Yeah I already have got some VHS tapes of 1988-89 & 1989-1990.
  10. Has any Norwich fans got any more VHS tapes of Norwich City games from the 1986-87 season or from 1980-1987 not interested in YouTube videos - only VHS Tapes.
  11. When Ipswich fans sing You have never won f**k all You have never won f**k all Norwich should fans sing We know what we were We know what we were League Cup Champions In 62 we won the cup In 85 we won the cup Sing You don''t know history You don''t know history You lying bastards You don''t know history
  12. Yeah I know the Norwich City 2-1 Liverpool - April 11th 1987 is on YouTube - so somebody has it on VHS. Some those videos are quite hard to get hold of...
  13. Does anybody have a copy of Norwich City 2-1 Liverpool - April 11th 1987. There is a video of it on YouTube - but I would like a copy of it on VHS.
  14. @yoda have you got a mobile number so I can phone you on Tuesday? Because I have no idea what time to meet you & where you work on Kerrison Road? Could you please respond - so we can sort this out.
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