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  1. Jezzard

    Palace penalties

    There was one very good angle from above shown ten minutes later on the international feed that showed the Palace player, knees buckling, going down prior to contact with Amadou. Still can’t expect VAR officials to consider all available information
  2. Jezzard

    New goal kick rules

    Can’t you still waste time with the keeper taking a slow goal kick that doesn’t leave the area and the defender refusing to touch the ball despite it being in play?
  3. Jezzard

    Last game on TV?

    Chosen for international audience for us outside UK so won’t be on ifollow but you should be able to find a dodgy stream. Or take out a 14 day free subscription on BeIN NZ and VPN/ DNS it.
  4. Well Sheffield Utd could do a Huddersfield or Bradford in the first season and stay up whereas Leeds have all the potential to do a Fulham. Regardless think we’ll be on 50 points and above either.
  5. Jezzard

    Season over

    The season was over on Boxing Day when we beat Birmingham to avoid a relegation battle. WIth one of the strongest squads in the league and probably the best player, it''s some achievement to be 14th and to have scored an average of one goal per game - well done Farke. Still the beauty with Webber''s strategy is it''s repeat-ability. No matter how many Borussia Dortmund reserve team coaches and lower league Bundesliga players he takes, they will be replaced so can end up at Carrow Road in the future.
  6. "The season is not over. We still have another 4 1/2 months of you throwing temper tantrums like a 3 year old girl who didn''t get the dolly she wanted."

    Yes, and I''ll certainly be making the most of it. After all, we won''t have the opportunity to waste such a good opportunity for a decade or so.
  7. Each of the 24 teams in the division has a plan and philosophy but what is more important is the players on the pitch. I agree we cannot afford this squad, but it was together for this season for the final time and much stronger than most of the other teams''. This is the point of difference; not a philosophy. So this season was not the one to gamble on Daniel Farke, Mario Vrancic and Franke tearing up the championship. If all had failed being conventional this season then next season was the one to change philosophy.
  8. The 3 Chelsea diving bookings were theoretically all correct on VAR as there was no evidence of a clear error to overturn the on-field call. This will nearly always be the case in most penalty decisions; William''s penalty was about a 75% penalty, but he was going down. However, in the shoot out, (which I assume is a goal and can be overturned?) Caballero left his line before Oliveira struck the ball. This isn''t an opinion, this is fact. Now, in all 9 penalties this happened and would be a shambles if in each save a retake was applied. But you can''t introduce VAR, expect all bad decisions to be eradicated and the good things of the game to remain the same. Referees don''t apply all the laws in order to allow flow and common sense. Introducing VAR requires laws to be applied to the letter, and the game would change. Is football really that bad as it is? I notice it was quite a common sport pre-VAR....
  9. The season is over, we’re 13th, 9 points off (only) the play offs and it’s mid-January. Webber has been very good at saying we’ve got no money and we need four transfer windows but this doesn’t wash. Having no money is problematic when in most cases it goes with having a very weak squad. This is not the case – we have one on the best squads in the championship (don’t tell me Bristol City, Cardiff, Sheffield Utd., Brentford are stronger); each transfer window it will get weaker and weaker. The ‘rebuild’ is a fallacy – next year no Maddison, no Oliveira, no Klose, no Pinto – how will we have a chance of anything other than mid-table? This season was our best chance of promotion, indeed automatic promotion in the next 5 or 10 years, and Farke has wasted it.

    Last season Neil failed (but saved us before and is doing well with Preston), but we were the top scorers and every 3 matches or so we absolutely wiped the floor with teams. And when Alan Irvine came in, we were mainly excellent. We’re hardly weaker than last season (pre-transfer window, when if we''d been performing adequately we may have kept Pritchard) Murphy, Howson but Gunn, Hanley and Maddison. Unfortunately we have a second rate, reserve manager in charge. On the whole the Bundesliga signings have been woeful – we waste half a season playing with ten men (Vrancic being the 11th), and playing the strongest team in ALL cup games has cost us further points. I’d guess that any other manager in the championship would have us in the play-off picture, but it’s Webber who appointed Farke and oversaw the signings. I was very sceptical of this one trick pony who thought he’d cracked the football business. Seems that there isn’t a limitless ‘arbitrage’ from the lower reaches of German football.

  10. Think I''ve given it sufficient thought....so there weren''t offers for Pritchard, Klose and Oliveira in the summer? And next summer we can expect higher offers (plus their wage costs for this seasons) for them when they''ve finished mid-table in the championship with one year less left on their contract....how is any one of these players going to be worth more next summer?
  11. Jezzard

    webber... not Farke

    Totally agree. Just posted something very similar before I saw this
  12. as he explains at every opportunity, why has he settled for a season of re-building whilst maintaining one of the highest paid squads in the league? His permanent signings have on the whole been cheap and not up to standard. If the objective was to come tenth and re-build for some non-explicit future, why pay millions in wages to Oliveira, Pinto, Naismith, Klose, Pritchard, Jerome, etc. and loose out on several million in transfer fees when we sell/ release these guys next summer? The alternative, more ambitious and indeed pragmatic approach would have been to spend a little more on better players, a striker and a better manager (like Heckingbottom or even keep Irvine), and aim to be as good as, er Sheffield Utd, Cardiff and Bristol City in what is final chance of promotion for many years. Sure we can fire-sell our high earners in January, but then we''ve paid 6 months of wages and will receive less in a fire sale.

    This guy is a one trick pony who employed a "look at me" strategy at a club where is doesn''t really matter where they finish in Championship or League 1. HUFC did great and scraped through the play offs after he''d left, but it was naive to think he''d get that lucky again...there''s a limit to the talent in Bundesliga zwei drei vier.
  13. Not disputing Watkins'' red card, but wasn''t the foul on Maddison worse? Watkins was going for the ball but had neither foot grounded and was reckless, although his opponent wasn''t hurt. However, the Van den Berg wasn''t even going for the ball meaning Maddison wasn''t aware of any challenge so couldn''t ride the impact and was injured. So in probability of being injured, an off the ball foul is worse. So shouldn''t all off the ball fouls be red cards. After all, as it''s deliberate so the perpetrator can''t claim to be unlucky.
  14. Yes, it''s very impressive at the moment, particularly as this has been achieved without possibly two of our best players. However, it seems now we are "on target" for the play offs. We should be aiming for the top two; not a lottery of facing a 75% chance of still being in the same division next season. Despite talk of rebuilding and needing time, our squad is stronger than nearly every other in the division, certainly stronger than teams above us such as Cardiff, Sheffield Utd., Leeds, Bristol C, Preston and errm, Ip5h1t. Last season was a spectacular failure for this reason. We weren''t a terrible Premier League team in 15/16: 23 points from the first 20 matches; failing to hold on to consecutive two goal leads at home in February, and getting done by Fat Sam buttering up referees; it wouldn''t have taken much to stay up rather than go down with one game to spare. Most clubs that come down from the Prem are terrible and do poorly in the Championship (Sunderland this season, Villa last, Fulham and Cardiff when they came down with us in 13/14). However, most clubs that just narrowly get relegated - Newcastle in 15/16; us in 13/14; Hull in 14/15 - tend to go straight back up. For reference Middlesbrough were also terrible last year and down by Christmas. So last year was a huge failure, yet we still finished eighth. So if we perform only slightly better than last year, we should be top six, and if we perform to our potential we should be near the top two. While we''ve not got as good a chance of automatic as last year, we''ve got a better chance than nearly all other teams in the division....and a hugely better chance than next year. Next year a) better teams from the Premier league than Hull, Boro and Sunderland will come down and b) we won''t have Klose, Pritchard and Oliveira. Last chance basically.