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  1. Yep going to get nasty when he’s at his fourth choice club solely for the money
  2. I’m sure everyone will be together, we’ll play football the right way, play the youth. And finish lower than the previous season.
  3. If he stays on at Ipsh1t as his fourth choice, not going to be very pretty next season as spirit was the main asset last year.
  4. Yep mad not to take an established prem job. He’ll either be sacked with Ipsh1t on 3 wins by February or if they stay loyal sacked ten months later with them mid-table in the championship in 18 months time. He’ll have seen this happen to many other next best things in the last decade or so. the only way of becoming a successful manager is to get into a top 8 team asap
  5. These situations are almost always given onside. Guessing something to do with the Lino thinking a) a pro footballer wouldn’t misjudge the line and b) the attacking team gets no advantage from being 50 cm further forward. Of course neither should be relevant to the decision making.
  6. I’ve never said it before, but impressive refereeing. Unlike all the others, he correctly gave yellow cards for the first deliberate foul regardless of the minute which meant that Plymouth couldn’t keep doing this throughout the match. Another great decision was giving Stacey a free kick when he was knocked off balance outside the box but tried to stay on his feet so fell down a second or so later. All other referees seem to punish players for trying to stay on their feet. Re the penalty it was a great call as the Plymouth player instigated contact, but I was surprised as this is always given as a penalty, even after VAR. It’s the sort of non award that I’d hope VAR would have solved, but of course has made it worse by encouraging players to make contact.
  7. There goes that dream European Formula 1 position at Stoke City
  8. I’ll have five and no one will agree with number 5. 1) Wynton Rufer’s non work permit costing us more trophies in the 80s and 90s. 2) Blackburn gazumping us for Patrik Andersson in 1993 costing us the title 3) The ITV digital ‘money’ and Worthy taking the club to a permanent higher level. From that season we gained another 10k fans who have stayed with us and seemingly means better good times and in the bad times we can only fall so far. 4) Alex Neil constantly playing Jerome over Mbokani costing us prem survival in 2016 5) that Chris Hughton keeping us up in 2013 starting with no momentum and with refereeing that cost us 10 or so points, through making solid premier league signings was a bigger achievement than Paul Lambert’s and the best managerial achievement this century.
  9. The most positive thing from the match, loved this brave refereeing. Chiellini should have been off in the Euro final for the assault on Saka but sadly the referee wasn’t brave enough. Really any clear delberate foul anywhere on the pitch should be a red as a) it’s deliberate so a player can decide against it b) there should be no incentive to make a foul and take a yellow and c) these are amongst the most dangerous in terms of muscular injuries as are unseen and unexpected by the opponent who may not be able to take avoiding action
  10. Yes one midweek was tough; fast and slightly behind him though a top striker would have cushioned it in. Yesterday’s was woeful. It wasn’t in front of him. Just a lack of ability
  11. Possibly, had the same thought. Once the three foreign player rule was removed in the late 90s, it decreased competive balance between European leagues and within them. At the same time more and more money came in, to the greatest extent in the PL, allowing clubs access to unlimited talent pool with high spending power. This really affected clubs like NCFC. If the Saudi spending lasts (or if other leagues catch up with PL spending power) it will decrease the talent pool whilst inflating prices of all including average players. You’d expect this will increase competitive balance, so decrease the gap within the PL and between the PL and championship. Maybe significantly, maybe not but could help NCFC. Ignoring the unpleasantness of Saudi sports washing, I’d be more than happy for NCFC to be a mid table club in poorer quality PL.
  12. Yes my memories as a kid of mid/ late 80s to pre Mike Walker was matches where we created loads of chances, Fleck netting one in four and the opposition getting a lucky point. We’d have maybe gone even further with Rufer?
  13. And we were possibly close to signing Patrik Anderson in January but outbid by Blackburn…another if only had we strengthened the defence
  14. I would have been excited if it was or before 1998, after which we realised that there were also crap Brazilian footballers.
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