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  1. Yes my memories as a kid of mid/ late 80s to pre Mike Walker was matches where we created loads of chances, Fleck netting one in four and the opposition getting a lucky point. We’d have maybe gone even further with Rufer?
  2. And we were possibly close to signing Patrik Anderson in January but outbid by Blackburn…another if only had we strengthened the defence
  3. I would have been excited if it was or before 1998, after which we realised that there were also crap Brazilian footballers.
  4. Not that I particularly want to watch the last match, but it looks like the club aren’t hosting the full stream of matches a few hours after the final whistle - anyone found/ know anything different?. They did it for all games in 20/21 for free but I guess this was due to covid. Last season there was full 90 for EFL cup matches. But behind a paywall this year?
  5. Yep. Last two years in the championship we’ve been on the international 3pm match 10 times plus about 10 on sky so you’ll only get half the games live.
  6. But Unlike Gilmour at least he played well a few times
  7. Yes and Southampton too. They’re playing Brentford this weekend so if there’s a positive result, whoever looses could be still on 40 points going in to the final weekend needing something. If that was Southampton, they’d only have two to play and the home match is v Liverpool.
  8. For a second I was sure Dean Smith was talking about Billy Gilmour.
  9. VAR can consider any potential red card, which this was; if it decides it is not a red card, does it then award the perceived correct decision - yellow and free kick in this case if no red card, or does it just stick with the referee's initial incorrect decision….? In practice this would never go to VAR as keepers are always annoyingly favoured for out of box handballs - it should nearly always be a red if an attacker is in the vicinity
  10. Yes but it is a potential red card for denying a clear chance - if he doesn’t handle the ball at all ( i.e. slides passed the ball as he knows he won’t be able to handle the ball without taking it outside the box) Pukki has a tap in. So it should be looked at, even if the outcome is a free kick and yellow card. But that’s probably too complicated for an offical or match of the day…
  11. Funny one the Alison one. Looked a clear handball outside the area so which counter-factual (i.e. he does not deliberately handball it outside the area) do we use say whether he stopped a clear opportunity or not? If he slides passed the ball and doesn’t touch it Pukki has a tap in (so red card). Or do we say he picks it up and releases it on the line and Pukki has no chance (yellow card). Or do we ignore the laws completely, not use VAR at all for a possible red card (as it is one scenario..), and move on.
  12. And had Rashica put that chance away in the first minute v Man City, would it have been allowed as yes he was in an offside postion , but the defender made the next and deliberate contact with the ball? Hate this interpretation and it has no logic but it has been applied this year - France winner in Nations League final, an own goal Watford scored v Liverpool, and I think an Everton goal v Leeds last weekend that wasn’t even mentioned as possible offside.
  13. Joe Royle came in in a background role month
  14. Weren’t West Ham linked with McLean in 2020 just before we went down? Guess they were relegation candidates at the time.
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