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  1. We just need them to announce that nepotism Tom is taking over the running of the club and our demise will be complete 2 things needs to change 1) stinking rich Chinese investor need some to be found 2) return of the Messiah That will sort us out good and proper innit
  2. I can see the logic in the structure it''s just we have appointed the wrong people in terms of Farke/Webber A Nigel worthington/lambert combination now that would be great
  3. This is turning into a bit of a shambles so much for the bright new start
  4. To little to late I am afraid our problems are much more fundamental than one experienced defender
  5. Funny how pre season you couldn''t stop him communicating but now not a word
  6. He is a narcissist with inclusion issues
  7. With the new season just over a week away, what improvements do you expect to see this season. I have noticed the following in the pre season games to date 1) the pre match warm up is a hundred times more thorough and professional 2) the defence has to improve on last season not sure it could get much worse 3) ball possession and pass accuracy is clearly something they have been working on One thing that hasn''t necessarily improved yet isn''t the shot to goal ratio Anything else you have seen?
  8. This is a real morale dilemma A truly worthy charity doing brilliant work have just announced a sponsorship deal with that lot down the A140 It is one of the charity''s that I support locally but am I even tenuously supporting the binners by supporting them Having considered, my support for this charity is stronger than my dislike for that lot so will continen That said I still won''t spend money in a coop because the sponsor a stand in their hole of a ground
  9. He is the replacement for perennial sick bed user Matt Jarvis You couldn''t make it up could you
  10. [quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]Places such as Beccles, Bungay and Lowestoft have an NR post code. I work in Lowestoft, based on that experience I would say the split between Norwich fans and Ippo fans is about 60/40 in favour of Norwich......[/quote] Wow you work in Lowie I had no idea Lowie had employment? Do you work in the job centre or sports direct?
  11. Why do your posts always end up attacking the individual. If you haven''t got anything sensible to say you should remain quiet and leave the serious debate with us the real fans
  12. What has killed woman''s sport has been the developments in recent years of the sports bra
  13. [quote user="Red Rufus"]I am an avid, regular reader of this forum and the guy is a complete and total bellend, goodnight Vienna, it will be a far better place without you![/quote] This! ^^^^^^^^
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