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  1. CH has made 63 substitutions so far this season. A whopping 0% of the subs have scored or even had an assist after coming on. It says a lot really !
  2. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]You''re still alive![:D][Y] [/quote] Oh Yes....
  3. Cardiif haven''t won in the league since early December. About 8 league games I think. You just know there poor run is going to come to a end this weekend!
  4. My old mans a Fulham supporter but I cant say ive been able to take the p1ss out of him for a while :(
  5. Looking at the League Table and the fixtures i''m really struggling to see us avoid relegation. I am basing it on the last 4 games of the season being no brainers and zero points and personally think we will get about 22 points from our remaining fixtures giving us a total of 39 points. Will that be enough? I hope so! Either way its going to be a nail biting finish. Yes I know all the other teams have got to play the big boys again, but not the last 4 games in a row. Its a daunting thought....
  6. Urmmm yes I do, which is irrelevant as I said ''word'' not song....
  7. Im sure the Board have somone in mind to take over from him. Theres no shortage of managers out there.  If they look on this website they would have at least 40 or 50 candidates.....
  8. 10th or 11th is possible if the league is as tight as it was this season...
  9. Well the time has come to have a nice long break from this message board and anything associated with NCFC. Time to recharge the batteries ready for the next long season ahead Have a great summer everyone and see you all in August!.
  10. Kathy for Chairmanwomanlady! Certainly easier on the eyes than the two fatties and the dragon!
  11. Sorry........couldnt think of anything else to post!
  12. Im really hoping i can make the meeting tonight so just wondered what pub some of you will be meeting in beforehand???
  13. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="Kathy"][quote user="PhatCanary"][quote user="First Wizard"] Every day now, in the letters column of the EDP, letters are appearing in support of Delia Smith and Gunn. Jaqui Smith and her friends tried the same tactic when she looked like going under during the expenses scandal! Hmm?[:|] [/quote] I''m afraid to say that some fools out there still believe Cooky and co will turn the club around but as i''ve said on other posts they are fast becoming the minority,the more fans you speak to the more you get the feeling Cooky time is up!! [/quote] Phat have you seen the EDP today? You are in there in full technicolor. The board will have your card marked now! [/quote] When we were there on the open day, i heard a steward saying he had a few fans covered, and would like to "toss them out!!" [/quote] Bring them on!
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] we probably all know them.. the Manchester utd, Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelski "fan". the person who sits in the pub or office and bleats on all day about Wayne rooney.  At work today i was sitting on a break with some colleagues, around 14 o so discussing their team.. all them "support" big 4 sides.. only 1 of them has ever been to the emirates to actually see their team. I decided today i have actually had enough of their bleeting on about a club with which 1. They have no affinity 2. they dont go and see unless Sky shows them and 3. they know very Little about. so i decided to speak my mind... most of them just gave me a bewildered look. one of them tried arguing about how devestated he was about Chelski losing last night.., he is 30 years old and has been "supporting" chelsea since 1999!!!!! hardly bloody impressive at all! Where were these fans when Alex Ferguson was just 1 game from the sack in the 80''s? Where were the chelsea fans when Kerry Dixon was scoring in front of 10,000 people at the bridge in the 2nd tier of English football in the late 80''s and early 90''s? Did they actually realise that Arsenal existed before Wenger came along as a boring mid table side managed by boring managers who hadnt had any success in years? they all said to me it was sour grapes... until i pointed out that i can actualyl watch my team, i am proud to be associated with them and as the Countys only side am proud of the clubs history. I admitted that i was disapointed that we were in league 1 but thought it was bloody pathetic how the Chelsea "fans" were c omplaining they had lost the semi final of the champions league.. but were still in the FA cup final. How truly heart braking it must be supporting 200 million quids worth of talent who win every week? who are covered on TV continuosly, who are treated as gods when they overcome Barcelona in the FA cup. Boo bloody hoo if they lose in the champions league.. they really have no idear how to appreciate the team they supposedly "support". the only money they spend on fllowing their team is sticking it in Rupert Murdochs back pocket for his white elephant cash coo that is sky. B****ks to the top 4 its plastic fans and europe. bring on league 1 and the fact i can see my team, can be proud when we do acheive success and dont for a second take it for granted.... the sooner the big 4 go away the better jas :) [/quote] Totaly agree! Villa would have finnished in 2nd place if those 4 went
  15. [quote user="glove1"] if they are i personally will tell them what i think of their gutless performance on sunday. would you tell them or happy clap them like a seal??? CTID OTBC [/quote] feck the players,im on the piss!
  16. [quote user="Dogger in Div 1"] I''m sick of fans taking the p**s out of our nickname, we don''t sound very brave do we? We need to change it to something a bit more manly, it will be a start, anyone agree? [/quote] how about ''The happy clappers''
  17. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] A selection will be printed in Monday''s EDP.... Keep it clean. [/quote] Mine would be to Michael Foulger asking when they are going to tidy Banham Poultry up as it looks a fecking dump!
  18. [quote user="PhatCanary"] Will fans stand up and be counted now,Brian Gunn is not a manager and the board are just taking us all for fools the only way forward is a mass protest we must make a stand, not just 50 or 60 we need thousands to make change happen, i read loads of posts from unhappy fans but when it comes to the crunch how many of you will stand with us and get this bunch of idiots removed!!!!! This club is on it''s knees and the only way to drag it back to it''s feet is to get rid of this board and the Cook. [/quote] Agree 100% Only problem is where and when do we protest. Training must have stopped at colney by now and there will hardly be anyone kicking around the football club! Where do we go from here??
  19. I''ve seen naff all to do with it anywhere,including the tv
  20. Thought it would be a good headline if Mark Robins got the job here Oh well back to reality!
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