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  1. [quote user="Ricky"]I think that may be nearer the truth Jim, I do know that the players were not happy with the way they were being asked to play, form the horses mouth, but I have no idea how this manifested itself, what is absolutely clear is that there seems to have been a transformation in our performances for the last two games. Whatever has changed and for whatever reason, lets see it again next season![/quote] We played two teams who had noting to play for and for once our front line took there chances. This cannot be called a transformation just a bit of luck for us to be playing these sides under this scenario. As for the OP........ Bilge....
  2. Hoots is a remarkable manager and person. I have never doubted him. He has focus and conviction that will win eveybody over in the coming years. He is gona be our Fergie!
  3. Agree with the OP. Never in danger. Always odds on to stay up. To many pant wetters on here. They had better get used ot it - we have a few more seasons of the same while we establish pourselves. Now Wigan...... They are in DANGER!!!!!
  4. Yes, remarkable season considering. Thanks Hoots. Your focus on the dream has kept us up. Time for a Hoots love in!!!!!!!
  5. We have just secured premier league football for another year. That was my expectation, or more of a hope. We have one of the weakest squads and the third lowest wage bill so what Hoots has acheived this year is remarkable! Now, next years expectations. Much the same! What you say????!!!!! Well........ Even with all the money coming our way we will still have one of the weakest squads in this league. We are playing catch up and must not forget that EVERYBODY else int eh league will be getting loads of dosh toooo!!! So.....All of you who think top 10 are getting carriied away. Our wage bill will still be bottom 6. We will still be carrying some chempionship players (Holt for one) and the club will be run on sound finances. It wil take a few years in the premier league to get to the next level so all I can ask is that all supporters of NCFC take a chill pill and support our club while it takes the long term view. Hooten i believe is the man to give us that long term sability and will build a great team over the tears. All those saying give him 10 games are off their bloody heads! Give him many years as, without that elusive rich backer, that is what it is going to take, Have Faith, we cruised it this year. Next year much the same but with a more balanced side. Five years to get to top ten side that everybody in the league will fear year after year. Have a little patience!!! PS Yes, spelling is not my strong point!
  6. yes, shoul have said pacy skillful striker.
  7. and we played well today. Good starting line up and the sub made a difference. We were undone by a skillful striker that we can only dream of having, or will have next season I shouls say. We were unlucky today but another strong performance next week and we should win to secure another year in the promised land...........or is it?............much more FUN in ther cmampionship!!   OTBC
  8. Yep, Amazing when you read the negative comments on here. We have been out of the relagation scrap all year yet you would think we were nailed on to go down. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are cruising to the land of plenty and a season to look forward too and get excited about. We are a bottom 6 club when you look at the squad we have and have managed most of the season to stay higher up the league than I expected. Until it is sertain we will stay up there are always going to be the mathamaticians amongst us who will find a series of results, however unlikley, that will put us down. Mathamatically Swansea in ninth could go down. Realisticaly the bottom 3 as they are now will go down. Keep the faith. OTBC
  9. The OP needs to go see a shrink. We are not in a relegation battle and have not been all season. Until it is out of our hands we are cruising to the promised land. There are 6, yes six, I will say it agian SIX temas beneath us. All worse than us. Thats alomost a third of the league!!! We wil not lose on saturday and we might win. it is up the the others to catch us and not all of the 4 chasing teams will. 38 poimnts will see us safe but we will finish on 42 . Vile are worse than us by a long way. 2 - 0 to the mighty Yellows
  10. [quote user="Daniel Brigham"]Here''s my latest blog for the Pinkun - can Norwich handle the pressure of the must-win game against Reading? It''s not about getting stuck in, it''s about keeping a calm head. You can read it here if you have a spare minute! [/quote] Its not the club I am concerned about - its the supporters!!! People like your good self are ramping up the pressure and stress which other supporters are feeding on. The Reading match IS NOT a must win. If we loose the next two matched THEN and only THEN it MIGHT be a must win and only if other teams pick up points. The concern on this board is so far from the reality that we, Norwich City, are ABOVE the relegation zone and in a position that is better than some expected. We are not in a relagation scrap, we are cruising to the riches of a new season in the premier league. I am getting frustrated with many supporters, including family members, who are so down on our beloved NCFC. I am dreading going to the match on Saturday as I will, again, have to put up with the hegative rantings of unsuportive so called NCFC and, again, end up having another argument over what supporting your team is about. But I will be there shouting louder and over them as the rant away until they shut up and get behind the team. Great end to a Great season with glimpses of what is to come next year with the new manpower that will be bought in. Rant over.
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