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  1. CH has made 63 substitutions so far this season. A whopping 0% of the subs have scored or even had an assist after coming on. It says a lot really !
  2. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]You''re still alive![:D][Y] [/quote] Oh Yes....
  3. Cardiif haven''t won in the league since early December. About 8 league games I think. You just know there poor run is going to come to a end this weekend!
  4. My old mans a Fulham supporter but I cant say ive been able to take the p1ss out of him for a while :(
  5. Looking at the League Table and the fixtures i''m really struggling to see us avoid relegation. I am basing it on the last 4 games of the season being no brainers and zero points and personally think we will get about 22 points from our remaining fixtures giving us a total of 39 points. Will that be enough? I hope so! Either way its going to be a nail biting finish. Yes I know all the other teams have got to play the big boys again, but not the last 4 games in a row. Its a daunting thought....
  6. Urmmm yes I do, which is irrelevant as I said ''word'' not song....
  7. Im sure the Board have somone in mind to take over from him. Theres no shortage of managers out there.  If they look on this website they would have at least 40 or 50 candidates.....
  8. 10th or 11th is possible if the league is as tight as it was this season...
  9. Well the time has come to have a nice long break from this message board and anything associated with NCFC. Time to recharge the batteries ready for the next long season ahead Have a great summer everyone and see you all in August!.
  10. Kathy for Chairmanwomanlady! Certainly easier on the eyes than the two fatties and the dragon!
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