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  1. Devils Advocate.

    'Malky Out'

    what, Malky out, I don''t believe it, who outted him ? he always seemed so straight when he was our captain
  2. Devils Advocate.

    Eddie Howe

    I spent a year in Bournemouth one day in the 70''s
  3. Devils Advocate.

    Eddie Howe

    He left Burnley and went back to Bournemouth because he had some kind of family problems we had enough of that when we had Paul Lambert
  4. Devils Advocate.

    Director of Football

    It sounds good on paper, but it didn''t seem so good when we had Bruce Rioch and Bryan Hamilton. It must undermine the confidence of the coach unless you choose wisely. Lambert and Martin O''Neil could work out though.
  5. Devils Advocate.

    Would you take Pardew if he is sacked

    Haven''t we learned our lesson with Newcastle''s old cast off managers?
  6. Devils Advocate.

    Manager shortlist

    An in your face manager like Glen Roeder ? perhaps not ?
  7. I wonder if there was a misguided attempt to cut back on the compensation fees we have been forced to spend over the last umpteen years. Money that could have been spent on buying some decent players.
  8. Being a football manager is such a temporary job these days, I would be surprised at any manager buying his own house, what happened to the house at Cringleford that was supposed to have been bought by Chris Hughton just before we sacked him?.
  9. Devils Advocate.

    Moyes Getting Sacked

    How dare they, he is such a nice man ! perhaps CH will get the job ?
  10. Devils Advocate.

    Hughton to WBA

    Surely this is just a re-hash of a story that did the rounds a couple of years ago, he has done little to enhance his employment prospects whilst with us

  11. Devils Advocate.

    Paul Parker attacks McNally...........

    Not that it''s anybody elses business than the boards, but maybe they should let slip one or two statistics about the Hughton years. How many games did we win ? how far did we progress in the cups ? How many goals have his wonderful signings scored ? What is the estimated value of signings now. We gave him a very long period of grace and it simply has not worked out , whether it does , who knows ?. I mean no detriment to Chris Hughton, but it has not been a marriage made in heaven.
  12. Devils Advocate.

    Chris Hughtons Statement

    What a shame that Hughton and the board couldn''t have seen the writing on the wall and had a mutually agreed parting of the ways instead of a sacking. Neither board nor Hughton have emerged with any credit, the club has attracted needless bad publicity from the media etc and Hughton appears "Clueless".
  13. Devils Advocate.

    Don't you get bored with Paper Talk ?

  14. Devils Advocate.

    Will the wounds ever heal?

    It''s nothing like the Chase years though is it !
  15. Devils Advocate.

    Quite Peeved at Skybet actually!

    Would they have paid out ? He is not the permanent manager. yet ?