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  1. Another option at right back is Rupp, Farke said as much when we signed him.
  2. The fact that numerous other vaccines, medical procedures, medications and even dentistry, body piercing and tatooing hssn't already given Gates and the Kingdom of Lizards ample opportunity to control and track us seems lost on the anti vaxxers. Nope, its 2020 and its only now dawned on them they can do so with a Covid vaccine. If they're all that slow on the scaly uptake, then we don't have much to worry about. Mind you, there's not much to fear about any species that can't even move in the mornings unless it lies on a rock in the sun for an hour or so...which might be a bit of a giveaway.
  3. Yep and I'll be one of them. Can't wait. And if it puts me under the control of Bill Gates else introduces a tracking mechanism into my body, so be it.
  4. Ideally when we play them in the PL-don't think they'll go down. Reckon they'll need a new coach for next season though.
  5. Getting Paul Cook in would, I suspect, work very well for them indeed. He's a firefighter but he can also go beyond that and start to build a team. Pompey miss him.
  6. Yep, don't have a problem with Leeds either. Loved O'Leary's side from the early 2000's. Talk about going for it. They did and paid a massive price. But a central defence of Woodgate and Ferdinand plus attacking options like Keane, Fowler and Viduka. Michael Bridges earlier, we had him on trial under Gunny. Would happily see Ipswich fall apart and enter oblivion. Ditto Liverpool. Not fond of Man Utd either. But Leeds? No. Good luck to them. Except when they play us next season again.
  7. He takes a lot of time out to talk to fans. If he hasn't done so with you, that's only because you're probably waiting for him to get in touch with you about it!
  8. Better stick another star on their shirts then.
  9. Yep, you and numerous others, all of whom would have thought, pre-season, that points 1-3 were highly likely. No credit to you, or thanks, for 'predicting' the football equivalent of saying the sun will rise tomorrow. 4 and 5, what cobblers, anyone and everyone could claim that a particular result, would mean something. Spending £150 million proves nothing other than you've spent £150 million. Keep contributing the ****, at least you believe it.
  10. ...and now for something completely different. A man with three buttocks.
  11. Couldn't quit. In it for life-and there are times when I want nothing more than to be one of those people who supports no club or has no interest in football....but will never happen, curse their blasted yellow and green hides!
  12. Yep, mine arrived today. Looking forward to reading it.
  13. Yes, Stringer for me. Succession planning had worked well-Bond to Brown to Stringer and, of course, then to Walker.
  14. Norwich have said nothing at all. The claim is Archant's. And no-one who makes such decisions at the club has rung up the EDP to say "...just to let you know we're going to demand £50 million for Ben Godfrey". The problem is, if we do now sell him for £20 million, people will be on the clubs back saying, "....so much for them saying they wanted £50 million".
  15. Even Sheffield United fans are laughing at the price quoted. Gist of the thread on their forum is they's love him but Norwich will ask for, and get, at least £20 million.
  16. Amen to that. The sad thing is that he was very obviously a decent footballer-titles and cups at club level in Yugoslavia, played in a World Cup and Euro finals. But when he came here, oh dear... Think it was Fash who said we hadn't signed him, we'd signed his milkman....
  17. Yep, football has packed its bags and left him way behind. He's gone from a revolutionary coach to a dinosaur in a very short time. Maybe he started to believe in his own legend so much he felt he wouldn't need to adapt, to change his methods, particularly the way he deals with his players and his, still often, ridiculous outbursts to the press. Is he still referring to himself in the first person? I think when we came to Chelsea for the first time he was happy to be there and wanted to make the best of the opportunity he'd been given. With Man Utd and Tottenham it felt/feels as if he thinks they should be happy he is there and should be making the best of the opportunity they've been given...
  18. Tottenham under Pochettino would have been a good move for Max. He'll encourage, trust and nurture younger players- Winks, Skipp & Walker-Peters given their debuts, both Prem starters this season, albeit KWP at Saints. A few he gave debuts to haven't yet progressed-but they're playing at a high enough level- Onomah at Villa. But Jose? Rashford found it hard under him at Man Utd but you could argue that tough period was the making of him. If he goes, the fee will be the classic "...up to" figure-which will look good, although the immediate down payment or initial fee paid will probably be nearer to what we got for Josh. Time will tell.
  19. This. How much to buy the club? £50 million? £60 million? Then how much more on top of that to add in order to bring in the players and wages required? And how do they then get a return on such a massive investment? Who has that kind of money to throw away?
  20. That back 4 picks itself really, doesn't it-peerless in every position, plus both the full backs and central defenders worked well together and had a good understanding. Would have gone for Phelan as well but David Williams was such an elegant and calm presence, I am sure he'd work well just sat in front of the back 4 (who provide the requisite physical presence) and bringing the ball forward in the manner of a Welsh Baresi!
  21. Woods Culverhouse Bowen Bruce Watson Williams Peters Drinkell Sutton Crook Huckerby 4-4-2 but what the hell...
  22. Us, Bournemouth and Watford go down, Leeds, West Brom and Forest promoted, Sky Sport's wet dream....
  23. Agree with sonyc. Scientists, like (medical docs, rarely get publicly excited about anything-its worse case scenario first and work your way up from there. They always deliberately water down optimism of course and that's no bad thing, but, even so, there does seem to be a lot latent optimism re.this vaccine-reason for hope... Good luck Sarah. May you soon be a household name all over the world.
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