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  1. This isn't the worst football I have seen at Carrow Rs in my 35+ years of supporting, but it is the most disconnected I feel from the club. Won, draw or lose, I just shrug my shoulders these days. It's so sad...and sadder that so many fans feel this way, yet the owners are totally dismissive of it.
  2. Thank god for that. Let me rephrase the question. What's Webber going to do after the first 5-6 minutes after he has imparted all of his useful knowledge?
  3. What's Webber going to do after the first 2-3 minutes when he has finished imparting his infinite wisdom?
  4. In a few years time when we talk about this era, human nature dictates that we will forget the good early years and, instead, we will focus on the last year or so. Thus, Webber's legacy will be one of poor transfer windows, catastrophic reduction of quality and results on the pitch surrounded by arrogance and contempt.
  5. 90 minutes non-stop of "Stuart Webber, what an anchor, what an anchor"...if you know what mean
  6. I seem to have a memory of Newman scoring an incredible own goal...the sort that any striker would be pleased to convert from a cross. It screamed into the back of the net past Gunn.
  7. Sadly they chose the final to put in a hugely sub-par performance, especially by the midfield who seemed to be absent for the entire game. Looks like the occasion got to them. Very proud though.
  8. Not surprised, but interesting nonetheless that he doesn't mention the fans once in his statement. For what it's worth, it wasn't his relative lack of success in the last two transfer windows that turned me against him. Rather, it was the incredibly arrogant way he seemed to distance himself and the entire club from the fan base.
  9. I wonder how many times this season we have seen the statistic, 1 shot, 1 shot on goal, 1 goal against City. I think we can guarantee it's the worst in the league...by some margin
  10. Nor does our current one, but that doesn't seem to bother the board or our owners
  11. It's a local thing. It's how it sounds when Bristolians refer to Bristol and it's become a bit of a local joke. I have lived here now for 30+ years and along with "gurt lush" and "cheers drive" is one of the local things.
  12. The closest you will get is if you imagine someone from Birmingham saying "Her Ness" 🤣
  13. "Reflecting on the decision via the City's official channels, sporting director Stuart Webber believes it is in the best interests of the club to appoint a new head coach geared towards repairing relationships on and off the pitch and pushing for promotion back to the Premier League" I thought this was an interesting quote from the Pink'un. Are they reading between the lines or is this actually something Webber said. If the latter, it's potentially good news as this is an acknowledgement that all is not well between club and fans. It's also not exactly a ringing endorsement of either Webber or Smith's recent performances.
  14. https://www.gov.uk/sportsperson-visa Looks like coaches are governed by the same regulations as players...which means that this will be much more strict than a regular company recruiting from overseas.
  15. I was gonna say, Euro Pro licence is a minimum requirement for working on the playing side across Europe. Shouldn't be a problem finding someone if that's required
  16. What are the Brexit regulations with regards to non-playing staff? Are they any different from any other business? Brexit hasn't stopped companies from recruiting internationally.
  17. If any players do read this then I would add a plea that you do anything you can to get this useless fcukwit thrown out of our club.
  18. Tonight's quotes have put him perilously close to Roeder though.
  19. It's the total lack of understanding of his own part in this which is staggering. If we had played decent football, the fans wouldn't have turned, but somehow, in this deluded fool's mind, it's the fans fault for the players' poor performances. There is clear cause and effect here...and the fans didn't cause it
  20. If I had any sympathy for him (which I didn't) it's gone now. Can you imagine any other industry where you would get away with treating your customers that way. What an absolute wa....ker!!!
  21. Smith isn't most managers - he is mostly definitely completely useless
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