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  1. ...or woman. Sarina Wiegman? She's got the Lionesses playing some good football
  2. I have disliked some City managers before, but I have never, ever got to the point when we have yet another poor performance with yet another poor result and my biggest reaction is to say "meh" and carry on as if nothing had happened. I hate the fact that Webber and Smith have taken me to the point where I don't seem to care any more.
  3. Funnily enough my lad and I were having exactly this conversation the other day. FIFA/UEFA cannot afford for Barca to go belly up and thus, just how much are they willing to fiddle the system to allow that to happen. This had the potential to create a beast though. Fiddling the system won't remove Barca's debt, but will will allow the likes of Man City and PSG to abuse the system even further. Furthermore, the ripple down effect will (in my opinion) be catastrophic to lower leagues as part of the likely solution is things like European supers leagues, etc, etc with no relegation. As painful as it may well be, the best long term solution for world football will be to let Barca go to the wall and fight their way back, like Rangers did.
  4. Sorry if this has been posted before, but this article popped up on my newsfeed: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-dean-smith-norwich-25358744?int_source=amp_continue_reading&int_medium=amp&int_campaign=continue_reading_button#amp-readmore-target Not too sure whether their "source" is real, but it's an interesting read nonetheless.
  5. So, as long as we have a fully fit squad Smith will be okay...phew, and there was me thinking he was just a crap manager.
  6. Hopeless all over the park. Last 10 mins have been better, but haven't really looked threatening at any stage. Disappointed with Sara so far, who has offered Aarons no outlet on the right and, when he does get the ball, runs straight into a West Brom player
  7. I was intrigued by the line: We must also show belief in and respect for one another. Maybe suggests there might have been an incident after the match where things were said in the heat of the moment you can't take back.
  8. I was there with my lad. It was a great day out. Seem to remember stopping at the closest Little Chef as they were selling memorabilia from the day. Can't for the life of me remember what we might have bought though. Also remember a chap in the stand behind me winning a rather large bet on the scoreline.
  9. I'm impressed. The boys look good in possession and solid(ish) at the back...they'll be famous last words. It's a little more direct than we are used to, but that's not a problem as long as it's balanced...which it seems to be. Looking forward to next season, especially what Sara can do in this team.
  10. I thought England looked really good in the 2018 world cup...right up to the second half of the semi-final when Croatia changed tactics and Southgate had no response. That single game seems.to have changed his entire approach to management and since then we have been on a downward tragectory. Yes, I know we got to the finals at the Euros, but it was at home and we had a pretty easy draw. We were pretty dull throughout the tournament. We have played exactly the same way now for 4 years and I think we have been rumbled. Sides know how to play against us (and worryingly fluster us). Last night's result has been coming for a while. Without a change to our approach, we will continue to struggle to score and we will continue to concede cheap goals. Question is, does Southgate have the nous to change the system. Personally, I doubt it.
  11. I don't blame Smith, equally I have seen nothing from him that gives me any confidence that he will do much next season, even if we do give him money to spend.
  12. What a load of old Bo**ocks. All slashing parachute payments will donis end up with a succession of different underfunded clubs getting promoted for one season. It seems that all the pundits really want is a premiership set up as an exclusive rich owners club - god forbid if you actually try to do it the old fashioned way.
  13. It's got so bad that it's no longer about where the next point is coming from. It's about where the next goal is coming from.
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