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  1. I reckon we might be seeing big Chris Sutton back here in the summer, especially if Brum come down. He would be class at this level for a couple of seasons winning headers left, right and centre for Earnie to run onto.
  2. Chris Shuker is a right-mid as is Matt Jarvis. I think its Kevin Foley, the young Irish right back at Luton and since when is Hucks the toublemaker. I would be happy with Foley, Jones, Jarvis, Vaughan, Thornton and Henderson. Lewis Foley Jones Shackell Drury Jarvis Thornton Safri Vaughan/Hucks Henderson Earnie/Mcviegh
  3. Agree the defence in no1 priority for next season. I have a feeling that Greeny wont be here but believe we have a very good promising keeper in Joe Lewis and he should be given his Chance. I would go for; Lewis Wright Jones Shackell Drury Danns Spillane Safri Vaughan   We can not have Hucks on the left next season as he does no tracking back whatsoever. With Crewe looking as if they are going down I think we should pounce and try and get Billy Jones and David Vaughan on the cheap who are both ''Hungry'' players who would IMO improve the starting 11. Maybe also look at Kenny Lunt aswell who could be a very good sqaud player.
  4. First Team; Green Foley Jones Shackell Drury Mcviegh Koumas Safri Vaughan Earnshaw Hucks Hucks is nowhere near defensive enough to be an out and out winger but playing him and Earnie up front would be pure pace and we would skin up defences with through balls from Safs and Koumas with balls also getting sent in by Macca and Vaughan. Billy Jones has looked solid at Crewe even though they have been rubbish and Kieth Foley has been outstanding for Luton this season. Cant think of any right-wingers that are available but do think that Carlilse lad would be a good signing.
  5. Hopefully going; Gallacher Ward Louis-Jean Charlton Fleming Hughes Jarrett Thorne Hopefully coming in; Right Back Left Back Centre Back Right Mid Left Mid Centre Mid Striker all of good championship qaulity.
  6. Who are they? To be honest Im a little dissapointed with that because I believe we have mpre players than that who could mae the grade ie. Cave-Brown, Eagle, Spillane, Fisk, Asmat, Martin, Smart, or are some of these kept on youth contracts rather than released.
  7. Green Caveman Doherty Shackell Drury Mcviegh Spillane Safri Huckerby Mckenzie Jarvis We have to plan for next season as thier is nothing left to play for this season. Cave-Brown, Spillane, Eagle and tje Jarvis brothers IMO are the furure and should be given a chance.
  8. Two players we should definately be looking to bring here for next season. Both Miles to good for crewe who look set on being relegated and both would improve ouiur team immensly. Maybe Dave Williams knows Vaughan from couching The Wales youth. What dya reckon?  
  9. Planning for next season I would go for; Green Caveman Doherty Shackell Drury  Mcviegh/????? Rossi Safri Huckerby/Eagle Ryan/Mcviegh Earnie
  10. He was in our academy before being released at 16 for being to short??? Jussi Mills Ferdinand Shackell Drury Beckham Zidane Safri Huckerby Ashton Bellamy We had half the Real Madrid midfield on trial, thats crazy. Bring on the Chelsea.
  11. Green Edworthy Mackay Fleming Drury Mcviegh Francis Holt Huckerby Roberts Mckenzie Subs; Crichton, Shackell, Mulryne, Henderson, Svensson.
  12. Green Caveman Doherty Rehman Drury Johansson Robinson Safri Huckerby Thorne Earshaw Subs, Lewis, Shackell, Etuhu, Mcviegh, Mckenzie. Maybe start with WLY instead of Hux or Thorne.
  13. McVeigh is ineffective on the right side of midfield and with him and Earnie upfront, Worthy would have to play passing football s they are both 5ft6. My starting 11 would be; Green Colin Doherty Rehman Drury JJ Robinson Safri Huckerby Mcveigh Earnshaw
  14. According yo Colchester fans Halfords best position is up-front. He wins almost everything in the air, is good on the air and has one hell of a shot on him. They compare him with Peter crouch The right-winger we desperately need is also at colchester. Niel Danns scored twice against Dearby today from the right and has run defences ragged this season icluding Sheffield Utds in the F.A cup. A double swoop for these two players and getting a decent right back in on loan like Stephen Kelly would make our starting 11 qaulity; Green Kelly Doherty Shackell Drury Danns Robinson Safri Huckerby Halford Mcviegh
  15. IMO he had left to free up wages for the soon incoming Dean Lewington. He is a left back/ midfielder for the MK Dons and one of the best in the league one, and unlike Brennan is the most enthusiastic, determined individual I have seen. Future captain me thinks.
  16. Greg Halford is IMO as big as a talent as Ashton and younger. His best posistion is probably up front as a target man as he os great in the air and good pn the floor, he also has a wicked shot on him. I would rather see Mcsheffry or Eastwood here for 1.5million than Jerome for 3.5million but would be happy with any of the tree. A double bid for Halford and Danns should IMO be done as both are players who would improve the team dramatically.
  17. We should not let Worthless near that money and IMO when we lose to Reading and Ipswich he will be gone anyway. We should the offer the job straight to the best coach at the club, Mr Dave Williams who can then spend the rest of the season bringing through youth and getting to know the first team and looking for transfer targets for next season. Then next season give him the 5million to spend how he sees fit and we can have a fresh start. Starting 11 vs Reading; Lewis Caveman Doherty Shackell Drury Youth Rossi Robinson Huckerby Ryan Mcviegh IMO Green will be gone and Id rather let Joe get some experience than have Ward or Gallacher in goal. We need to build for the future. PS Have we got any natural right-mids in the youth set up.
  18. Right Back - Kevin Foley of Luton, David Wright or Stephen Kelly. Centre Back - Elliot Ward, Gary Cahill or Paul Reid of Barnsley. Right Midfield - Niel Danns, Dave Norris or Chris Shiker. Centre Midfield - Sean Thornton, Akos Buszacky or Giles Coke. Big Striker - Greg Rasiak, nough said. Pacey Striker - Gary Mcsheffry, Freddy Eastwood or Cameron Jerome.
  19. I would tell him straight up as would a lot of my friends and Im sure over half the people on this board would. PS Great call on Danns, Halford and Eastwood but add Thornton, Boyd and the Clarke brothers to that list.
  20. Where have you heard this, I cant see this anywhere. If it is true though we have missed out on a great player and Im sure we could compete with the saints on transfer fees and wages. Wake up Nigel you fool.
  21. Who has been one of our best players this season, Paul Mcviegh and look at the size of him and whos put in some of the worst performences this season, Big Dickson Etuhu. I couldnt care less how bid Akos Buzsaky is, he would improve our team and promotion chances greatly so IMHO we should try and sign him. If a player is good enough it shouldnt matter how big/small they are, look at the likes of Juninho and Makelele.
  22. The attacking midfielder to partner Safs weve been looking for. 1million + Jarrett = solves 2 problems at once!
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