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  1. [quote user="Stuart Clark"] why are we offering him a new contract? I have seen the boy play on a number of occasions and i have always thought he was the worst player on the pitch, he is simply not good enough for this level, even torquay wouldnt play him and they got relegated to the conference!! Hes a shocker [/quote] CAN''T AGREE MORE I THOUGHT LAST YEAR IT WAS A TOTAL WASTE  GIVING HALLIDAY AND FISK PRO CONTRACTS NEITHER OF THEM WERE GOOD ENOUGH.   
  2. I think you will find that is the same for both of them both very lazy trainers, I also believe that shows when they play, they always look to be labouring around the pitch.  I feel they both need a rocket up their a*** as they do have talent.  But imo neither at Championship Level.  
  3. Think PG has already said its likely that Rossi will go out on loan for the whole of next season.  From that I take it he watched him in training and thought others were better, maybe he will come back from a loan period a better player.  But at the moment imo he is not better than Michael Spillane.  Ryan should be released from his contract, I see he has now gone back to his usual "lazy" self and has been substituted in Orients last few games getting low marks in all the Sunday newspapers.  Rossi may look good at Reserve and England Youth level but imo he has probably found the right level for him as a professional footballer.  
  4. Theres a name from the past!!!! didn''t get much of a look in when a pro at Norwich, worrying if he is quitting his club (Barnet) I think and we are interested.  Quite a big step up, as I don''t recall him setting the world alight in Div II.   
  5. [quote user="savenell"]ive been thinking about this for a while. the only reason he is backing youth is because he has no one else left.[/quote] It may only be "because he as to" but at least the Academy players may begin to believe they do have a chance at  Norwich which certainly wasn''t the case whilst Worthy was in charge.  I am sure it will be very good for the future of the youngsters.
  6. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Play whichever team you like in the senior cup, you''ll never prize it away from the mighty Dereham Town F.C !!!![/quote]   Thought Dereham Town FC were the ex Norwich City Reserves (Adam Gusterson, Danny Self, OllieWillis, Nicky Howell, Sam Willis)!!!
  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] we still arent safe from relegation... best not to blood the youngsters until we have NO CHANCE of going down... survival is still to be played for. jas :) [/quote] Lucky he didn''t play Chris Martin until we had NO CHANCE of going down then.  Cave Brown is a decent player and should get a chance now ready for next season imo  
  8. If they had read anything on the Torquay website they would not have seen anything to to make them excited.  Both Rossi and Matthew Halliday were not rated by the Torquay fans so maybe they think Rossi isn''t going to be much of asset.  
  9. I bet you Chris Martin don''t hate Grant, at least he has given him a chance.
  10. [quote user="no1 donny fan"]his the goalkeeper for the youth team and imo will be the only one of the second year scolars to be given a 1year extension on his scolar agreement he shows real promise .Also a very well built young boy he must be using the gym unlike the rest of them who look like they should ,would really like to see him pushed  on with the first team[/quote]   He may be offered a 1 year exension to his scholarship which in lay mans terms is next to nothing, he should be hoping to get a 1 year pro deal at least, surely Chris Martin a 2nd year scholar will be getting a proper 3 year contract (i hope).  But as far as seeing him pushed on with the first team I would imagine he is still behind Joe Lewis in that depatment and it appears that every time Joe gets a sniff of first team action they get another keeper in on loan. 
  11. [quote user="Jamie Wright"]Jarvis and Martin for me.[/quote]   Cant see these two playing together no pace.  imo you have to balance up can you put into jarvis the workrate, aggression etc of martin and can you put the technique, skill of jarvis into martin? I don''t see how you can drop martin at this moment as he is proving he can score at this level and I dont think I have ever seen jarvis run about for a whole game.  Maybe jarvis has finally realised he has got to fight hard if he wants to play for Norwich and the loan spell may be just kick up the back side he needed.  I personally think sending all the players out on load that grant has, can be nothing but a good thing.  It seems that only Ryan Jarvis is making any impact.
  12. [quote user="Kolin Kob"] can anyone give any updates on fisk, halliday, cave-brown and rossi jarvis? Last I heard none of them had set their teams on fire exactly. [/quote]   Saw Hartlepools goal on the champship on Sunday Halliday got totally outstrengthed, and outpaced turned like a tug boat.  Rossi Jarvis didnt play.  Halliday got a 5 mark in 2 sunday papers!!
  13. I have been impressed with Chris Martin for some time now, I have always thought he had great potential.  I am just wondering if it has helped him somehow not being in the limelight like Jarvis x 2, Spillane etc. so much was made of these boys from such an early age?  Chris has just worked his way through the youth, reserves pretty much unnoticed although always consistant.  There has been no "hype" about him playing international football although I am sure he would be good enough for England U18''s and Scotland U18s but possibly this has been good for him.   
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