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  1. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    OT: damien francis on channel 4

    [quote user="colneycanary"]He had an affair with Leon Mckenzie''s wife! Broke up their marriage! It was a real shame because they were a very happy family, kids and everything until Francis got his way. He is the biggest womanising pr*ck you will ever come accross in your life! And no that is not her in this TV show! Once Francis had broke up Leon''s marriage, he moved on too.[/quote]

    They couldn''t have been too happy if Mrs McKenzie started playing away...

  2. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    Our greatest ever Import?

    From when I''ve been watching city (2001 onwards), can''t say there''s been too many worth mentioning!

    For me, Matt Svensson was a very good forward, as was David Nielsen (at least before we signed him on a permenant basis). The best one though was Steeno, a superb crosser of the ball, and remember that scorcher from 40 yards?

    As for the worst, there''s about a million candidates. Of those who actually got a chance and proved rubbish, Jurgen Colin was terrible IMO (yet went on to play for Ajax? Strange...). Never thought much of Libbra, but the award surely goes to Big Dave Strihavka. Oh dear Peter Grant!

  3. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    The strange things people say....

    ''I''ve got a feeling we''ll do well this year''.


  4. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    Jamie Cureton getting booed

    [quote user="Iwan is God"]I heard nothing but cheers for him![/quote]

    From the away fans?!

  5. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    A decision after game tomorrow!

    [quote user="Canarydan82"]

    I think the best we could hope for is a proven manager at this level - Perhaps Curbishley? Jewell? Coppell, ?????


    No chance whatsoever. We missed our chance appointing Jewell when we sacked Worthy. All 3 could get jobs in higher divisions, when the vacancies arise, that is.

  6. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    So, here we go again...

    Well, we''ve been here before haven''t we.

    The timing of the decision is shambolic, no matter how much a relief it is that Gunny won''t be in charge any more. Why give him pre-season, why let him bring in 12 players, etc, etc, to sack him just 2 matches in? And more importantly, why the day before a feckin'' match? Why wait for us to thrash Yeovil, why not do it on the sunday morning?

    For all these reasons, and so, so many more, I, along with thousands of others, am not expecting the board to appoint the right man. I don''t care how much percentage of wealth they''ve put into to this club, Delia, MWJ and co have made ridiculously poor decisions time and time again. Why should they do any different now?

    Thanks for trying Gunny, you just weren''t up to it, much like your former employers. Who still, somehow, ''run'' this club.

  7. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    Footballers Facebook updates

    Mike Ashley joined the group ''I now realise sentimental managerial appointments don''t work''

    Delia Smith joined the group ''I now realise sentimental managerial appointments don''t work''

  8. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    "This result will soon be forgotten"

    It will be forgotten. We''ll concede 10 at Yeovil.
  9. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    Any match day rituals????

    Lay down without putting up a fight. Often allow the opposition to pass the ball at ease, whilst worrying how my parent club are doing (after all, they''ll be paying my wages next year).

    Okay, maybe not my match day ritual, although I''m pretty sure quite a few went along similar lines last year...

  10. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    What went wrong with Norwich City - a NEW conspiracy theory

    [quote user="Barclay hero"]Behind them was wasteland - a foul, diseased bit of ground full of chemicals [/quote]

    Otherwise known as the town of Ipswich.


  11. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    So where's all this rebate money?

    [quote user="Smudger"]

    [quote user="Hucks is Legend"]if gunn''s bringing in players who want to play for the club and are half decent whats the need to spend money, it''s always good to have some money to spend in the january window! however, i do think we will sign dickinson![/quote]

    Norwich City will not spend money in January while Delia Smith remains at our club... [:$]


    Darren Huckerby, Dean Ashton, Robert Earnshaw...

  12. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    Doherty is Staying!

    Gary Doherty will never be that pleasing on the eye, and he''s bound to always have his critics for one reason or another.

    However, he''s a decent defender (he makes the odd mistake, that''s why he plays for Norwich not a premiership side), has been by no means our worst player in recent years, and wants to play for city. That''s good enough for me.

  13. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    Carrow Road matchday playlist

    Surely this has to be the entrance music:

    Click Me

  14. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    The Logic is Simples...

    I''ll pay League One prices for League One football...

    Just like when I paid Championship prices for (poor) Championship football, and same with Premiership football.

    Just one question though Mr Foulger, why now? Yep, nice gesture ''n all. But why now? Wouldn''t that money have, possibly, been the difference between lower mid-table and relegation last year?

  15. The Voice of the Thorpe Area

    Jon Otsemobor

    Hmm, that deadly combination of Otsemobor and Croft down the right...how on earth did we go down!