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  1. Ulf Ottosson

    Irony of Tevez golf swing

    Agreed what a prat if I saw it right he cupped his ear to the city fans after his first

    Any player who in his prime deliberately trades man u for man city is a prat end of personally I hope man u win the title

  2. Ulf Ottosson

    Chris Martin

    Good for him

    I think his problem isn''t lack of something it''s that what sort of player is he not a target man, not a poacher, not a channel runner not a true number ten.

    Saying that u could have said the same thing about all the other players of his generation at the academy the Jarvis brothers I mean where the f was Rossi natural position, Henderson, Spillane etc...

  3. Ulf Ottosson

    ryan bennett that was unacceptable

    It was odd really odd so think this discussion is valid never. Seen a defender just give up on a chase like that before ESP when it was his error.

  4. Ulf Ottosson


    We are all assuming that drury wants to stay and be second or third choice left back.

    Would imagine there will be a host of championship clubs lining up to offer him a 2 or 3 year contract something he might not get if he stays on the bench at Norwich next year

    I would like him to stay but would you turn down 250k to stay loyal to your employers just saying
  5. Ulf Ottosson

    Steve Morison

    Here here

    People seem to forget the guy is still very raw and was playing non league not so long ago and is playing under jacket at millwall much different?

    There is a chance that Steve is just physically and mentally knackered and needs a break but due to our small squad has to remain in the squad.
  6. Ulf Ottosson

    Just back from Craven Cottage

    We can''t play holy as a lone front man and never have this season? He has no pace and any opposition will push up to half way
  7. Ulf Ottosson

    Tactical approach next season

    Lambert has continued to shuffle his pack this season with lineups including:





    Basically I feel he wants to play wes behind a front two hence the trusty diamond this though seems to have had its day with Wigan match seeing us overrun again. The 4411 has not appeared for awhile mainly as we lack a striker to hold the ball up and run in behind (but who doesn''t). The latestest solution was the 352 which is kinda the diamond but. With an extra defender will be interesting if we see it again. If we don''t then are wes days numbered? How do you think we will line up next season?
  8. Ulf Ottosson

    Adam drury and the teams he has played in

    Marshall is a bit of a classic example of what I am talking about was he good and his problem was a back 4 of ostembor shack Doherty drury or was he just as bad and his back 4
  9. Ulf Ottosson

    Adam drury and the teams he has played in

    It''s in general not really drury just good players trapped in bad Norwich teams and bad players in good teams.

    Lupoli was a player I had completely forgotten about!

    Not sure about shack he''s still playing championship football. Something which cannot be said of messers goss, sutch, coote, mulyrne etc
  10. Ulf Ottosson

    Adam drury and the teams he has played in

    Askou good one! Agree entirely not a popular one but maybe korey just a little over hyped wes and Russell partnership was too good 4 league one.

  11. Ulf Ottosson

    Adam drury and the teams he has played in

    Adam drury ten plus years have got me thinking. Adam is clearly a good player and has been a wonderful servant for the club. Despite this he has been criticised in the past. Basically I think he looks a good player in a good team and an average one in a bad team. Which made me think do we have any bad players in the current good team and did we have good players in previous bad teams.

    I think David Marshall was a lot better than is given credit for ditto etuhu. Anymore??

  12. Just a quick one but people forget Morison was a non-league not so long ago. He is still quite raw really and I think the 4 games in two weeks

    has caught up with a few Norwich players Morison included

  13. Ulf Ottosson

    Why can't Surman cut it in the Prem?

    I would''nt write him off he''s hardly had a sniff this season.

    But he''s always kind of reminded me of Clint Easton
  14. Ulf Ottosson

    Mark Lawrenson, you arse.

    MOTD it''s been awful for years you can get much better insight in any of the broadsheet newspapers.

    Anyone else remember the world cup when Danny Baker walked in and gave more energy and opnions in five minutes than the three wise men did in the entire tourament. Shearer response was "can I have some of what he''s been drinking". The only thing i would say is Lineker is wasted as the anchor. He''s one of the best players England has ever produced and he askes Mark "quip" Lawrenson how he thinks

    I''d advise anyone to check out Football Weekly on the guardian with James Richardson or Sunday supplement on sky.
  15. Ulf Ottosson

    An Idea following our Penalty Dramas

    I''m a bit late on the draw here -

    but would I loved to have seen 6ft4 Steven Reid take the penalty after he threw himself to the ground like a big girl.

    See it''s a really good idea!!!