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  1. I imagine it was a McNally led initiative and i have to say that in general i dont applaud decisons made on such haste...but in this case, its exactly what we need. Any incoming manager will know that failure will not be an option, and it also sends a messgae to the players. This is a fanstastic move to start to rid us of the little Norwich mentality and it doesnt matter if we get hammered we still get 25,000 thought process. The next major step will be who we bring in, and if we are successful in bringing in a name,then we are more likely to attract an investor
  2. maybe his injury was a foot injury - after dropping something on it
  3. a new owner is the only thing that will bring in the wave of optimism we need to rid us of the last few seasons, a complete change of mentality, fresh cash and then critically stability.
  4. if he loved the club more than himself he would have declined the opportunity for this season
  5. Considering fellow pros normally stick up with each other especially when you are still actively around the club eadie was about as damning as possible without calling for any action. To my ears he: Questionned the thought process around signing people not good enough for the Championship if we really want promotion Questionned why no subs were made at or before half time Questionned the lack of craft and guile of the squad Questionned why gunny apparently said we played well in pre-season, but played how we were not going to play  in this campaign Noted that it was probably the worst goal keeping display he had ever seen On the people throwing season tickets at the dug out said he''d have done exactly the same Praised Wes and Cody
  6. two weeks elapsed at the board didnt want wolves to know how much we desperately needed the cash.
  7. The club quite rightly haven''t interferred ( as far as we know) with player purchases and have stepped back and say they''ve backed the manager with as much funds as possible. Whilst they are busy making sure as much cack doesnt stick as possible they forget that financial backing = support. Dont blame the manager for wasting money, blame the people that allow him persistently buy duds. Say, sorry chap, prove what you''ve brought so far warrants extra cash, and if you cant there''s the door. Yes, not every player will be a success, but are ratio of duds is bang up there. People whimper about how much money it would cost to get rid of a manager, but we forget the sums of money the players pick up every week anf that a 3yr contract on £6k a week will cost us like it or not nigh on £1m. Prudence is not a test of how little money you can survive in this league on, it s finding the right manager and investing in him and constantly reviewing those investments. Hindsight maybe an exact science but if we''ve wasted an unbelieveable amount of money on journeymen and flop loans in the past few years and no there is none. The board are absolutely to blame - they are the ones ultimately responsible.
  8. you''re quite right, lol, but hey, with a bit of investment..............
  9. yep, you get a discount from paying tax and normal pub prices
  10. of course Yankee, the other thing it highlights is what two good wingers and a target man can do for you when they posses quality
  11. respect and fair play...I''m not saying those that go shouldnt
  12. sorry nigel you''ve lost me....you say we have to accept buying bargain basement and selling them on......and i agree, then when i say we havent done it often enough or for a while you say footballs changed. i agree with you again, transfers are far more worldwide and top clubs buy from abroad or foreign players the majority of the time.....but the notion of buying a player and selling them on is still  prevelant, maybe more so than ever, its just that the pond of available talent is that much bigger. With players moving on so quickly in todays footballing climate, the sheer number of transfers is more than ever. My point remains, if we are able to spot, play and sell on then brilliant, and the fact that we havent really had enough recently thats come and set the place alight isnt a symptom of buying cheap players, or of a changing way of football, its a lack of willingness to pay the going rate for a player showing promise. instead we''ve opted for far too long on journeymen and players that havent shown that they are on their way up. we;ve bought the ones to a certain extent that clubs just want rid off, the type of players you get at knock down rates, summer and winter sales.Roeder was told as he has stated in a press interview that when he went for the norwich job if he kept us up he could have as much money as he wanted. ok even if its a bit tongue in cheek, the board havent made it possible so far for him to go and and buy the type of player we need to move forwards....and he''s also said its because we dont have the money. Roeder has done enough to convince the vast majority that he''s a good judge of player. if we cant move forwards until we spend money and we cant spend until we move forwards, then its upto the board to put up or get out, or at least make it more possible for investment to be able to be introduced to the club.
  13. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Rossi - This football club has always "shopped at Primark". It''s not this last few seasons and not just this board. It''s kind of written on the tin when you buy your season ticket that we will sell players for top prices and replace them from the bargain basement. You probably need to find another club.   [/quote]i accept what you say nutty but i feel we''velost the ability to spot a player and then sell them for good money - i dont mind that and would rather we did that than buy land for example.quite frankly your suggetion about finding another club is pathetic and nonsical, but does follwo our clubs pr rush over the past few years, you''re either with us or against us, just looks like you''ve been brainwashed - poor chap
  14. was fortunate to see galaxy and san jose - i couldnt believe how god awful both teams were, Beckham was terrible too. What you have to take into context is the level and standard of this type of football. Just because Huckerby played well doesnt mean he would have set the championship alight. Also have to add that he lost the ball so many times it was untrue
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