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  1. Hey, I am considering getting a season ticket next year as I''m going to uea. It looks like it''ll cost £195 for a season ticket but I wanted to know how much a normal ticket would cost. Cheers
  2. After Charlton we should be able to get 7 or 9 points from Barnsley, Soton and Donny (A)Could be better to save the grumbles till after then?
  3. [quote user="bobfleck"]I think this thread is a complete wind-up personally. [/quote]So do I.
  4. i think you mean clint eastwood he plays in america with dirty harry and josey wales
  5. [quote user="seat124"]the following should be banned from all football grounds: Drums bells (together with that portsmouth tw*t ringing it) Trumpets (toether with that porstsmouth tw*t blowing it ) big hats, unles your head actually does go all the way to the end of it Coloured wigs on adults or children over 5 (what on earth makes people think that these are funny/clever/original, remember they are worn by clowns, nuff said). And you just know that the match of the day cameras will pick out the most "quaint" group of NCFC fans wearing the awful coloured green/yellow ones...........for all the nation to "enjoy/take the p*ss out of (delete as appropriate) the horns you blow into (especially if you are sitting in my proximity as they are a tuneless banal waste of time) and above all pointless bl**dy half team scarfes although no doubt there will be many ncfc/chelsea ones bought on saturday (in gods name, why?) give me good old fashioned singing and banter any day, at least D & E block still make the effort (occassionly)   [/quote]I think u missed FUN out on ur list
  6. did it against southampton when we were in the prem- good idea!
  7. Where is David James in this list he''s been so good this season - its crazy wen hes rubbish hes in the squad when he''s on his game he''s left out!
  8. [quote user="Ash"]soz but ure wrong mate, ive seen etuhu in his bentley and earnie in his hummer!!! they do have nice cars mate trust![/quote]yer soz m8 but yer etuhu ent got a bentley like its just a wanna be bentley a chrysler or sumthing innit u - get me? brap!
  9. Again, i havent seen Chris Brown play so its hard - for me- to judge his ''calibre'' hopefully we can see what hes like on saturday
  10. Loads of people on here seem quite cross that we''re not gonna get these two-which i can understand if you know they are good but im guessing hardly anybody has actualy seen them play-so how do you know they are worth ''breaking the bank for?''...
  11. Are we talking about blackburns or pompeys todorov who is on loan 2 wigan - neither would come here surely.
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