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  1. Got to say today was the best performance (taking into account the opposition) since god knows when. I think Ruddy looks solid under crosses (although expect the occasional calamity during the season), the back 4 look solid under Ward''s guidance, the midfield imo comprise of 2 gifted footballers (Surman and Hoola), and exceptional defensive player in Crofts, and a developing player in young Corey. I think by the turn of the year Jackson will be a starter (and the expense of I don''t know), but Holt and Martin look like they will score a few goals to guide us to mid-table. Just want to say how far the club has come since the start of last season. Well done everyone!
  2. Pointless thread. What exactly is the point in protesting to get rid of the board and Roeder? Sack the board! Well....the board own the club, and are trying to find new investment. What exactly are the board going to do? - walk away from a masive investment in both terms of money and time? Sack Roeder! And then pay him off with the money we haven''t got? Only way of things improving is if the clubs goes into administration, or a huge back comes in.
  3. Yes, but Ashton was bought when in the Premier League, Earnie was paid for half of the Ashton cash, and Hucks cost 750k, and remember how drawn out that was in that we could barely afford it. I''m certain that our wage bill, and cost of signings, would work out pretty much equal between Worthy, Grant and Roeder. If you remember, the backbone of our Championship winning team cost a couple of million at most. Francis,Svenny, Leon and Hucks are the only guys i remember, probably for a combined cost of £2 mil at most. I don''t disagree that Roeder hasn''t been backed, but he has been backed the same amount as Worthy and Grant (very little :-))
  4. Worthy had no more money than Grant or Roedor had when he took us out of this league. So are you going to tell me that the combined loan fees of Hucks, Crouch and Harper were greater than that of the current 8 odd loanees at the club?  
  5. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_19940204/ai_n14855946/pg_1?tag=artBody;col1 Only difference between then and now is that now we don''t have a pot to piss in, no players of any value to sell, and no youth players coming through. This club is a disgrace. Bad decisions should get punished. Would administration be the worst thing that could happen? I''m no fan of GR, but he is just trying make best of what he has. Very little
  6. Really don''t want to hear the PC brigade get on my back here, but I have this story which I thought was superb at the home game against QPR earlier this season. Akos Buzsaky goes to take a corner, when the entire Barclay stand up shouting "Akos Buzsaky, what a Wayne Kerr, what a Wayne Kerr". At this point the lad next to me with special needs stands up and shouts "Say something different, he''s foreign and won''t understand". Barclay went silent. Thought that was fantastic
  7. Have to agree entirely. For most clubs, loan players fill in the areas of the team where the current squad are not good enough / their isn''t anyone else out there available to buy. In Norwich''s case we are building a team based around loan players. The whole loan scenario is designed for players who need match experience/fitness, etc. The worrying thing for me is that everyone seems to think that because we are paying these players 10k a week, they have to come and perform like their life depended on it. Wait, these players get paid 10k regardless. It is in their contracts. If someone in a department at work gets moved to a different department, do they suddenly increase performance? Some may do, but most others do not. Lets look at our loan players - Bertrand, Kennedy, Fulham lad. Between them about 10 first team games in 3 years. If they were any good they wouldn''t be at us. They do a job, but would anyone be surprised that if after leaving us they end up playing at Kings Lynn in 3 years time? Lita - could probably cut it in the Premier league, but has always been known as a trouble maker. Why change now, and why at Norwich? Sibierski - Again, does a job but does he have any real motivation? Lupoli - I was excited when he signed, but what exactly has he ever done? Wenger is a good judge of character so why let him go. He hardly scored at Derby and in Italy. Koroma - Who? Harry picks up some random guy and then sends him on loan straight away. What the hell do we know about this guy? My main worry is that we have no one of any worth in the team. In years gone by, there has always been an asset to sell if needed. Sutton, Fox, Eadie. O''neill, Bellamy, Green, even Shackell. Now there is no-one, and I wpuldn''t pay to watch any one player in this current team
  8. I have. This will be my last ever post because I have had enough of the dribble that now appears on this message board 24/7. It is getting worse than the wotb message board. This board used to be a place of opinionated, but sensible debate. It is now just a rumour board for the Worthy outers to spread rubbish about Nigel, the players, and now even Delia. I am sure some of the posters have noticed that some of those who originally used this board contribute less and less these days (DD to name one), and I am sure one of those reasons is that the board is going downhill. I feel the messages need to be moderated more in terms of what is being written in terms of content, rather than just removing offensive words. The majority of posts now contain material that in court could easily be described as slander.. This is nothing personal, but one poster who now constantly flushing this board is Paul Rankin. I have nothing against him or that he should not be allowed to share his opinions, but in the last 3 days he has started 9 anti Norwich posts. http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/614046/ShowPost.aspx  Title - "Appalling" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/613789/ShowPost.aspx          "lets play the blame game" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/613818/ShowPost.aspx          "Worthy out chants" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/613989/ShowPost.aspx         "Worthys managerial record getting worse" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/613546/ShowPost.aspx         "3 million for Jerome is mad" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/613533/ShowPost.aspx          "poll - are you happy with management" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/612994/ShowPost.aspx          "Poll - worthy out now" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/612574/ShowPost.aspx          "Passing team, are you kidding!?" http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/612118/ShowPost.aspx         "Poll - worthy or Mcveigh"   So its goodbye from me, Hope to see us in the Premiership soon  :-)
  9. Problem with Reid is that he is a Left Winger, and reputedly in talks with Pompey over a 2 million move. Would be a decent signing, but there''s no point in having your two best players in the same position. At least no one has mentioned Jan Krsitiansen  :-)
  10. Akinbiyi has played well over the last 2 seasons. Looked strong and quick when he came back to FCR earlier in the season. I''d prefer to buy him for a reasonable price than shell out over the odds on Jerome
  11. I think JJ is the only "newboy" who can possibly be a good signing. Hughes isn''t good enough, Etutu is Francis Mk2 (but not as good), Colin was released by PSV for a reason, and Thorne is coming to the end of his career
  12. Agree about Earnie, the reason why I didn''t include him was that he wouldn''t get a sniff as we play the long ball. McKenzie isn''t a target man so can''t really say he is. Brown now starts for Spurs and so we wouldn''t get him. Miller would cost more than 500k
  13. Given that we will receive around 5.5 for Ashton, who would you buy? key areas we need players are a Right Back, Central Midfielder/Creator, Right Midfielder, and a Target man. I would go for: RB - David Wright - did a solid job for us, will cost no more than 300k. CM - Jason Koumas - Unlikely to get him...but we can hope. 2 million RM - Gary McSheffrey - Argueably a striker, but often slots into midfield, and started his career their. 1.2miilion. CF - Ade Akinbiyi - Big and Strong, what you need in this league. - 1.5 million This will leave us with 500k, that i''d like to be used on a lower league player, such as Eastwood, or one of the Col U boys
  14. Fair point Oldboy, if Worthy brings in 3 top players, and we go on a charge for the play-offs, it will be a case of Dean who? Would disagree with the dross comment though. There''s as much deadwood here now as there was 5 years ago
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